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Why George Zimmerman Is Guilty of Murdering Trayvon Martin

April 2, 2012 26 comments

Inspite of the best efforts of CONservative white morons to forget the Trayvon Martin shooting, express skepticism about bits of evidence or justify his murder– new pieces of information keep on blowing holes in their fabrications. But first let us talk about something that most commentators, on both sides, seem to be ignoring- Overall Context.

Imagine that you had to describe the whole story, as we know it today, to an extra-terrestrial.

It begins with a guy who failed to become a cop, George Zimmerman (GZ), with lots of time on his hands enthusiastically tracking and reporting suspicious people walking in and around the gated community he lived in. But how did GZ know who was “suspicious”? Well.. he profiled people based on their race, since most of his previous 911 calls were about suspicious people are black or dark brown.

On the day that GZ killed Travyon Martin (TM), we can be sure that GZ noticed a tall black young man dressed in a hoodie. His (GZs) first 911 call about the “suspicious intruder” (TM) occurred prior to any contact with TM. However his call clearly mentions that GZ thought that the black guy was ‘upto no good or on drugs’.

“This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.” and “He looks black”

Here is the problem. How did GZ know that TM was black? Let me remind you that this incident occurred on a rainy evening in Florida and TM was wearing a hoodie. I find this hard to explain unless GZ was stalking TM- remember stalking not watching. Furthermore how did he know that TM was ‘upto no good or on drugs’? While we could say that somebody staggering on the street outside a pub is probably drunk or somebody smelling of weed has probably smoked it- it is hard to make that assessment under low light conditions from a distance. In my opinion, there is no doubt that GZ did profile TM based on his clothes and possibly the color of his hands- or even more disturbingly GZ was stalking TM for some time.

This brings us to the next part of the interaction- namely, TM noticing that he was being stalked by a Hispanic guy. Once gain, it is clear from the conversation that TM had with his girlfriend that he was being stalked for more than a few minutes. The question is- Why was GZ stalking TM?

If GZ wanted to ‘prevent crimes’, he could have just walked or driven upto TM and asked him if he was lost and looking for any address. Remember that GZ had a gun, access to a car and cellphone. The mere act of asking TM without stalking him for many minutes would have been far easier to defend if things had gone wrong.

This brings us to the whole issue of GZs behavior and mindset. Why was he so interested in joining law enforcement? Was it the money, job security, status or something else? Since his father was a reasonably well-known judge and GM was gainfully employed, it hard to make the case that he wanted to join law enforcement for money or basic status. It is therefore likely that GZs interest in law enforcement was based on non-monetary consideration such as the power to abuse and kill others. It is also clear that he had a history of overreaction which had cost him a job or two.

Now let us turn to the short encounter between GZ and TM, which led to GZ shooting TM dead. We know from multiple phone calls that the actual encounter lasted less than 2 minutes. So what information can you obtain about someone else in less than a minute before the shouting and wrestling started? Think about it- how much information can you possibly exchange with a guy you have never met within a minute, and would you believe it anyway?

As far as TM was concerned- he was stalked and approached by a Hispanic guy with a poorly hidden gun. No uniform, no ID, no nothing.. just a Hispanic guy with a poorly hidden gun. How would you react if you were in TMs shoes and hoodie and were stalked and then approached, in an unfamiliar neighborhood, by Hispanic man with a poorly hidden gun?

In case you are wondering about why his gun was likely poorly hidden, read the news reports which briefly mention how GZ usually carried his gun- in a holster on his waist wearing an open jacket. In any case, there was a struggle which ended in GZ shooting TM dead. Some white morons talk about how GZ was supposedly badly injured. Apart from the now famous post-arrest video 35-40 minutes after the incident, is it not possible that some of the blood on GZ was not his own?

Since there are no independent witnesses to the entire 2 minute confrontation, we do not have the answer to some very important questions such as- Did GZ take out his gun before the scuffle with TM began? Was the scuffle primarily over control of the gun? What words were exchanged between GZ and TM before the scuffle began? Since GZ is both the only witness to the entire event and also the accused- his testimony is effectively worthless.

Then there is the troubling issue of why State Attorney Norm Wolfinger got out of his bed, drove to police station to overrule a detective’s recommendation that the shooter, GZ, be charged with manslaughter. Why did the State Attorney take the trouble to do that?