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What the Behavior of Physicians, Academics and Lawyers Says About IQ

April 10, 2012 18 comments

I have noticed that many white and asian morons have a peculiar and obsessive belief about the supposed benefits of ‘high IQ’. I have previously expressed my cynicism about the rather questionable purpose and supposed benefits of civilization, and views on the dubiousness of the ‘high IQ’ argument are well-known. This post takes yet another angle to expose the fallacy of the ‘high IQ is better’ belief.

Let us look at three fairly common professions which are supposedly filled with ‘high IQ’ types. Most of you will agree that people who become physicians, academics and lawyers do actually score pretty high on IQ tests. But what do their professions, activities, beliefs, behaviors and impact on society tell us about IQ?

Let us start with Physicians. Have you ever wondered about what type of person gets into medical school, especially in N. America? The typical person who does so is good at things such as- writing essays full of the “right” lies, doing the “right” volunteer work, cheating in tests to get the “right” grades, blowing the “right” people etc. The vast majority people of people who go on to become physicians are reasonably clever with good memory and superficial, if somewhat geeky, charm.

But how many of them think beyond what they have learnt? How many of them question dogma? How many of them make the same mistakes that their colleagues make- just to fit in? How many of them ‘just do things’ because it makes them more money-regardless of the consequences for their patients? How many use Google for diagnosing illnesses? Here is my question- What part of their behavior justifies the supposed benefits of high IQ?

Moving on to Academia.. It supposedly contains some of the most intelligent and conscientious people. But is that really the case? What type of people are successful in academia, anyway? Contrary to their popular image as objective, poverty loving and rational truth-seekers the vast majority of successful academics are duplicitous and conformist CONartists who spend a lot of time begging from grant agencies, playing political games in committees, screwing over graduate students and post-docs and pretending to be knowledgeable about their supposed areas of expertise.

The reality is that your typical academic, especially under 65 years old, is closer to a dogmatic and dishonest priest than an intellectual free-spirit. They spent most of their supposed intellectual ability on perpetuating petty scams and acting self-righteous. They are, at best, poorly compensated and willing tools of an educational system that uses them as front men for even larger scams. Which part of their behavior is reflective of the supposed advantages of their high IQ? How does a hard-working and pretentious CONartist who makes the same amount of money as a high school teacher a good advertisement for the benefits of possessing a high IQ?

Now let us turn our attention to Lawyers. How many of you believe that having more lawyers would make the world a better place? If not- why not? Let us begin by, once again, asking ourselves the two basic questions- who becomes a successful lawyer and what do successful lawyers do? Based on what I have seen, people who are successful at being admitted into decent law schools are clever and underhanded workaholics who believe that they are the’chosen’ ones.

While lawyers from decent law schools probably make more than either physicians or academics, it is worthwhile to note that they do so by sucking money out the productive economy. Every dollar earned by a lawyer represents one dollar stolen from somebody who does productive work, and their occupation is not useful to society unlike the previous two occupation categories. If anything, they encourage the creation of more laws requiring even more lawyers and thereby reducing the opportunities and money for everybody else.

Having said that- did you notice a series of common threads which seem to run through the three occupation categories listed above?

1. All of the above mentioned occupations are cartels, which use assymetric information to exploit the rest of society.

2. The structure of these cartels and entry into them requires a very high degree of conformity with pre-existing dogma.

3. They do not participate in innovation or change for the better of society, and if anything vehemently resist it.

4. They pretend to care about the welfare of society while bleeding it dry- many of them even believe their own lies.

The bulk of evidence suggests that ‘high IQ’ people are clever and selfish shysters who are supreme conformists, lie a lot, slavishly worship tradition and have no interest in innovation. Their relationships with society, and effect on it, is rather similar to a slow-growing cancer or tumor on the body.

What do you think? Comments?