Miley Cyrus Likes To Flash Men: Apr 11, 2012

As many of you might remember, I once posted a very good Photoshopped image of Miley Cyrus without panties. Though I did say that the person in the image resembled her, I hinted that the real deal would look very similar

Now we have confirmation that I was right!

It seems that the starlet was recently photographed in a very short dress and clearly not wearing any panties. Based on the available photos, it appears that Miley does indeed have a nice shaved slit, without any protruding lips- just like a hot 19-year old girl should have. BTW, I found the photo here- Miley Cyrus Caught Going Commando (NSFW). Enjoy!

and let us be clear about one thing- she knows what she is doing.

Miley might be allergic to panties..

What do you think? Comments?

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2 Responses to Miley Cyrus Likes To Flash Men: Apr 11, 2012

  1. P Ray says:

    Parents want Disney to raise their kids.
    Of course, those (most) parents are no paragons of virtue either.
    apple don’t fall far from the tree, but as long as you don’t play Snow White you won’t get the big sleep.
    Is Kendall Jenner next to join Disney?

  2. hoipolloi says:

    The allure is there. But you are essentially looking at it for something that is not there.

    And you look at people who believe in god and don’t understand why they do.

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