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Is Black Rage at the Trayvon Martin Killing Really Unjustified?

April 25, 2012 25 comments

After reading a lot of posts by right-wing morons about the Trayvon Martin shooting- a few things become obvious. It seems that all right-wing morons and many whites actually believe that..

1. It is not about race, but about “law and order”.

2. The police are the “good” and “fair” guys.

3. The american justice system is “fair” and “not racist”.

4. If any white person is racist, it is the n*****s fault.

5. Racism is fair and justifiable based on ‘insert reason’.

Inspite of harboring such attitudes, many whites also believe that the strong black reaction to the Trayvon Martin killing is unjustified. Do you see the problem? OK, let me explain. You see, the general attitude of whites towards blacks, throughout american history, can be summed up as- “n*****s are disposable animals with no rights, even to their own lives”. I would argue that every single facet of the american society, from medical care to the justice system, is tainted with this attitude. It just so happens that every non-brain damaged black person can see also see that to be the case. I believe that a lot of black behavior, and attitudes, towards whites are grounded in a very accurate reading of the white “mind”- if you can call it that.

The strong black reaction to the Trayvon Martin killing is, therefore, not so much about George Zimmerman’s actions as it is about the response and attitudes of the system to that event. As you might recall, the system treated Trayvon’s killing as if he was just another n***** who deserved to be dead. The system only acknowledged that ‘something unfortunate might have occurred’ after Trayvon’s parents hired well-connected lawyers.

Prior to that, the system treated George Zimmerman as if he had accidentally run over a neighbors pet dog rather than killed another human being.

Maybe the key to avoiding black rage lies in treating them like human beings. What do you think?