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The Peculiar Linkage of Ego and Systemic Failure

May 4, 2012 10 comments

I have a somewhat unusual, and double-edged, ability to see things without a lot of the instinctual, ideological and cultural filters that distort the perception of most people- especially self-anointed “smart” morons. One of my more interesting observations concerns the linkage between high levels of personal ego and systemic failure of large systems. The basic observation that people who think too highly of themselves are very prone to digging themselves into very deep holes is common knowledge. However most people rarely try to think through the explanations for this phenomena.

The common explanations for this phenomena invoke some version of hubris- either as an affront to some divine and mystical higher authority or irrational exuberance which manifests itself through stupid risk taking. While there is some merit to the second version of the explanation, it is really applicable to only the most visible forms of ego-driven systemic failure. In my opinion, the bulk of linkage between high levels of ego and systemic failure is linked to rather mediocre, but much harder to correct, reasons. Let me explain..

Most of what people believe, live by and for is utter bullshit that has no basis in reality. That is right.. almost every single person- from so-called high IQ retards to drooling idiots and CONservatives live their lives fervently believing in crap that have no basis in reality. Pretty much everything you believe about the world or how it should be is a reflection of the beliefs held by you. The funny thing is that most of your beliefs are not even your own beliefs. You just picked them up in some form, stuck them onto your persona and now they have become part of it.

Ask yourself- Do you really see the rationality behind marriage? relationships? Cheering for your favorite sports team? Calling yourself CONservative, LIEbertarian or LIEbral? Giving a fuck about the views of some dude who lived in a few hundred years ago in a world that was fundamentally different from the one you live in? Do you see the rationale behind most rules, bylaws, laws or regulations? Do you see the rationale behind the way society around you is structured? Do you see the rationale behind pretty much any institution or human system?

There is a reason you might have some trouble seeing the rationale behind most of what is around you. Are you ready? There is none.. That is right. There is no rationale behind most of what exists around you.

But why is it so? Why isn’t there any rationale behind things, institutions and ways that are supposed to have it? Here is why.. Most of what you think is real, solid and traditional is nothing but a mutually shared delusion that has no basis in the world of reality. Now, why any particular shared delusion came into being in the first place, or became commonplace, is another matter altogether.

So how does this play into the linkage of ego and systemic failure?

Systemic failure in a human based system occurs when more than a few people in a complex system act in a manner that destabilizes the rather precarious equilibrium which defines that particular system. Once you perturb the system beyond a certain point, the reaction of the other people in it to that disruption causes it to progressively degrade and come apart. While many of you might believe that new ideas are more likely to cause systemic failure, even a brief reading of history shows the converse to be true.

The principal cause of system failure is an inability to adapt the previous set of delusions (cultural values and institutions) to a newer set of slightly less delusional ones. The usual trigger for such events is an external change in circumstances which make the previous set of delusions utterly unworkable- as opposed to just somewhat shitty. However most people in the decaying system, especially the clever ‘high IQ’ retards, are so attached to the older set of delusions that even suggesting a change to a similar but slightly more tenable set of delusions is met with fierce opposition. Reality however does not care and moves on thus exacerbating the problem, which creates an even fiercer reaction in the delusional morons. Their usual reaction in almost every situation is an increase in zealotry and romanticizing the past, which further problems leading to an accelerating loss of system cohesion until some small event simply tears the whole delusion apart.

So.. why don’t most people transition to a less harmful set of delusions? What stops them from doing so?

The answer is.. EGO. Transitioning into a less harmful set of delusions requires a willingness to seriously entertain the possibility that their previous set of delusions were wrong or incomplete. The reality is that most people, especially ‘high IQ’ fucktards, are utterly incapable of doing so because their identity and position in the hierarchy is enmeshed with the old set of delusions. Unfortunately it is usually too late to do anything by the time system failure is obvious or has already occurred.

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