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The Fundamental Problem with ‘IQ’ Based Arguments

May 12, 2012 22 comments

As many of you know, I have absolute contempt for people who use any version of the race, “genetics” or “IQ” argument. While the beliefs of these so-called “HBD-aware” and “race realist” human scum can be trashed in many ways, there is one aspect of their belief system that I find amusing and bizarre at the same time.

They expect the rest of the world to give a fuck about their beliefs.

In my opinion- it is this belief of the “HBD-aware” crowd, more than any other, which makes me wonder if they are retarded. Let me explain..

People, regardless of their intelligence, will only cooperate as long they believe that is profitable to do so. Sure, you can terrorize people for a few years or even a generation to make them work hard, but then things start to unravel. Once an entire generation has grown up under such conditions, even tyranny and force can no longer motivate people to work hard. Of course you can keep on increasing the amount of tyranny- but at some point the cost of doing so reaches a level that makes the whole enterprise unprofitable.

The “HBD-aware” crowd seem to believe that “lesser humans” will gladly bow down to and serve them based on spreadsheets full of numbers from concocted and subjective “tests”. I am surprised that they don’t go on and demand that these “lesser humans” slave for them while singing catchy calypso-themed songs. Did you get the point of my satire? In case you did not, here it is-

The “HBD-aware” crowd are a bunch of morons who dream of returning to a nostalgic world which never existed- other than in folklore, movies and novels.

As I have previously said, all appeals for preferential treatment based on IQ are modern versions of an attested certificate of noble birth. While some of you might believe that feudal or slave based social systems were great places to live in, that was never the case- even if you were the local lord, king or emperor. Ever wonder why the majority of kings, lords and emperors from previous eras died from unnatural causes? Have you ever tried to follow the genealogy of various prominent and rich families from previous eras? A lot of them just disappear from history once they have fallen out of luck. Why?

It comes down to the lack of social stability.

A socio-economic system infested with widespread poverty, widespread injustice and systemic rent-seeking is far more unstable than one in which these maladies are kept under control. Dysfunctional socio-economic systems are almost always characterized by the ruling class claiming privilege because of their ancestry, “education” or some watery tart throwing a sword at them. However their ability to rule is always based on their ability to terrorize people- typically for a generation or less. The small percentage of individuals who ruled longer than that were often far less coercive or just plain lucky.

When “HBD-aware” morons make the case for privileges based on some “test” they are making the same basic argument as someone being fit for the kingship because a ‘moistened bint lobbed a scimitar at them’. It comes down to demanding respect and obedience because they say so, without any apparent benefit to their followers. Moreover, they have little or no ability to project force- unlike the tyrants of yore.

Anybody who is stupid enough to believe that people will willingly slave away for them because they have some certificate proclaiming their ‘high IQ score’ needs to have their head examined.

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