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Family Guy: Mario Rescues Princess Clip

An exploration of the LJBF syndrome- from an episode of the family guy.

Enjoy! Comments?

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  1. May 19, 2012 at 7:05 pm

    I love Family Guy….

    great social criticism….

    anyways that clip just destroys the White Knights….

  2. May 19, 2012 at 7:25 pm

    here’s one….

  3. P Ray
    July 6, 2015 at 1:14 pm

    There is a very caustic reply to the woman who says “Let’s Just Be Friends”:
    “Buy Your Own House”.

    Over and over in the media I am reading the tripe of “Women buy more houses than men”.
    The funny thing is, women think they’ve bought the house (and the media deliberately trumpet and distort this) when all they’ve done is …
    paid the deposit AND have to keep paying it off for the next few decades.

    Until that’s done, they own JACK Sheiss.

    With the financial squeeze coming on with Greece and China, I suspect a lot more women will be open to the idea of “allowing the man to take her to his home”.

    My statement is a bit cruder:
    “You come in my home, I get to come where I feel at home” 🙂

    Bonus, statement from loveshack where a woman is saying “Let’s Just Be Friends” is a very clear statement:

    dasein 10th April 2012 11:54 AM

    Quote:Originally Posted by xxoo (Post 3929484)
    It honestly never occurred to me that some men don’t understand that “just friends” means “not lovers”. I wonder if other men on LS see it the same way you do. I doubt that your reasoning is the standard of reason.

    Men on here think that a woman likes him if she looks at a clock near where he is sitting or says “hello.” Is it really such a tough notion that people should be direct and straightforward in their intentions?

    Let’s just be friends is objectionable on four different levels. Amazing so much wrongness and confusion can pack itself into four little words.

    1. Friendship does not necessarily preclude romance or sex. In some cases, such as you -yourself- allude to, it can mean sex, but no romance (FWB). Instead of leaving the man to puzzle out what is being suggested by LJBF, whether that includes NSA/FWB or not, whether that includes romance or not, whether that includes even any reasonable definition of friendship or not, why not just NOT SAY IT?? to begin with.

    2. What is being sought when the LJBF is dropped is almost never real friendship, but either a) a distorted lopsided relationship where things all go one way, or b) the absence of someone from one’s life entirely. Are there exceptions? Sure, but not many. For the most part, a) and b) sum it up. That the LJBF dropper wants anything approximating real friendship, or that the recipient would be happily restricted as such, is such a ludicrous idea that they did a Seinfeld motif on it as part of the “bizarro world” episode.

    The Bizarro Jerry – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    3. There is an inherent implication in LJBF that is callous, entitled and cake-eating, showing little concern for the feelings of the other person. Instead of merely parting company (which is ironically what real friends who cared for one another’s feelings would actually do if one were attracted and the other not), “let’s see if I can salvage anything… for me… out of this situation, and turn things to my advantage even in the act of rejecting someone,” regardless of what effect that may have on the other person. Humane people do not try to turn an expression of affection to their advantage if the affection is not returned.

    4. There is an inherent implication in LJBF that friendship (or whatever she is after) is the nobler base condition and that the full sexual relationship between a man and a woman is somehow less pure, that his seeking such demeans her in some way, that he is seeking to take something from her, That if he agrees to remove his sexual attraction from the equation a nobler, healthier relationship will be the result. All bogus notions from the past used to manipulate men and make men feel ashamed of their sexual desire for women, bogus then, bogus now. Complete hogwash, but implicit in LJBF.

    Quote:Originally Posted by xxoo (Post 3929484)
    We do have a commonly used term for friends that are also lovers, but not romantic partners: friends with benefits. That’s different from “just friends”.

    Yep, adding even more layers of confusion to the inherent confusion of LJBF, and making my case that the lie should be entirely done away with.

    • P Ray
      July 6, 2015 at 2:26 pm

      Lovely article I discovered:
      25 April 2014
      Rent sex Offering sex “in lieu of rent” – a phenomenon on the rise in Portugal, according to Correio da ManhĂŁ – cannot be considered a crime. University professor Rui Pereira told the paper that it cannot be taken as a form of prostitution, as sex is exchanged not for money, but for services. Only if it involves minors or victims of trafficking could the new trend be considered unlawful, he added.

    • joesantus
      July 9, 2015 at 8:34 am

      The standard female utilization of the dishonest “let’s just be friends” probably roots in women’s general desire to not be known for hurting anybody. Women usually want to have a reputation for being “nice to everyone” so they’ll stoop to dishonesty to, at least in their own minds, ensure that reputation.

      Of course,

      1) their penchant for wanting to be known as “nice” only extends so far (with the extent depending on the particular woman — don’t we all know the Bitch), so LJBF amounts to putting salve on her conscience when it suits her.

      2) the “let’s just be friends” tactic — even IF utilized without the ulterior motive of “how can I keep this guy in my life for my own advantage without having to give him anything?” — ends up hurting the other person anyway, not necessarily immediately but eventually; so the tactic is not only cowardly and disrespectful but often MORE hurtful since it prolongs the situation for the unwitting guy.

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