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The Non-Existent Linkage of Ethnic Homogeneity and Positive Social Stability

May 23, 2012 11 comments

People of a limited intellectual capacity, aka CONservatives, like to believe in a number of solipsistic myths. One of them is the rather bizarre belief that ethnic homogeneity is the key to prosperity, peace and stability. Let me begin with a simple question-

Where is the historical evidence linking ethnic homogeneity to prosperity, peace or any other form of positive stability?

As I have repeatedly said, in many of my previous posts, civilization has a rather poor record of improving the living standards of most human beings. I cannot think of any era, except the last 60-odd years, when the living standard of the median person in any civilization exceeded that of nomadic hunter gatherers. Feel free to point out evidence that this was not the case.

However the majority of ‘nations’ that ever existed was functionally mono-ethnic and the few poly-ethnic ‘nations’ in history, such as the roman or mongol empire, were exceptions rather than the rule. So why were mono-ethnic ‘nations’ from ancient Egyptian kingdoms to Victorian England unable to provide widespread prosperity, peace and stability for the median person. Can you seriously say that all of the shit, dirt and poverty in Victorian England was due to “darkies”? How was present day Australia populated? What about the extreme poverty in pre-20th century Scandinavia? Ever wonder why there are so many people of Swedish descent in Minnesota? and why did people with almost identical ancestries keep on fighting wars which killed millions of people? What part of the problems in Russia (post-1917 civil war, Stalin’s genocides, WW2) during the last 100 years was due by ethnic non-homogeneity? What part of the deaths and misery caused by Mao`s cultural revolution was due to ethnic non-homogeneity?

What percentage of the serious problems, wars, genocides and other forms of extreme misery faced by western ‘nations’ in the past few hundred years were due by ethnic non-homogeneity?

What do you think? Comments?