The American Work Ethic is a Cancerous Ideology

Americans in particular, and West-Europeans in general, pride themselves on their so-called ‘work ethic’. It is supposedly an important reason behind their prosperity. Now I could easily make the case that genocide, enslavement and looting of others were (and still are) the major factors behind western prosperity- but that is not the focus of this post. Instead I will show you how this supposedly superior ‘work ethic’ is a rather bizarre and pathological ideology. Let us begin by asking a simple question-

What do most people actually get out of diligent hard work?

Remember that I am not asking you what you are supposed to get out of it or what you should get out of it- theory and empty promises are not the same as real life outcomes. Religions are supposed to lead to enlightenment, peace and happiness. Eating more whole grains instead of fats is supposed to help people lose weight and become healthier.

So.. let me repeat my question- What do most people actually get out of diligent work? and is it really what they want? You can invoke the writings of any dead white man or talk yourself blue but the unpleasant fact is that diligent hard work by the dupe majority only serves to enrich a few. Did I mention that the dupe majority also assume all of the risks and take the bulk of losses.

Historically, hard work has seldom benefited those who actually did it- even indirectly. Only in the last 60 odd years has there been even a vague connection between diligent hard work and rewards.

Therefore we must conclude that all of those whites who slaved away from whenever till after WW2 were willing slaves. They were stupid enough to justify and celebrate their own exploitation slaving away at something that would not benefit them, their kids, grand-kids… well you get the picture. It is interesting to note that Blacks and Hispanics never had the same childish beliefs about the true nature of the society around them. Even events such as WW1 and WW2 show that most whites were stupid enough to enthusiastically fight and die for causes and institutions which treated them like so much cannon fodder.

But back to the main focus of this post- What does hard work achieve? Why do people work hard or at least pretend to do so? If you think about it, hard work is not (and never was) about doing something useful or beneficial. It is about dull people and willing slaves demonstrating their loyalty to his masters- for a few more scraps from the table. It is this particular disconnectedness of the willingness to work and its purpose that make it a cancerous ideology.

Here is a simple example that will help you understand my point. Let us say I decided to pay a majority of people in a group to torture and kill each others children. Would they do it? In most cultures and societies, they might take the money and maybe pretend to do it, or just forget to do it. Americans, and other assorted west-European morons, are “special” in that they will gladly torture and kill each others kids and then go on to use evidence of their deeds to claim competence and ask for some more money. Most americans, and west-Europeans, lack the ability to actually think through beyond the immediate consequences of their actions. They along with east-Asians are largely incapable to seeing the big picture. I believe that the majority of west-European and east-Asian people lack a theory of mind. Such an aspergy mind is helpful for short-term gains, kinda like cancerous cells demonstrate excellent growth and innovative work arounds the bodies defense mechanisms.

So-called “hard” work that lacks a socially useful component is rather like relentless cellular growth with consideration of its effect on the organism.They are very successful in the short-term, but at the cost of their chances for long-term survival. Social atomization only makes it worse and you end up with a society containing 300 million cancers- if you get my point.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. Ole One Eye
    May 25, 2012 at 4:41 am

    That depends who you work for. If you work for yourself, at least that problem is solved.

  2. Webe
    May 25, 2012 at 5:15 am

    Arbeit macht frei.
    Actually there is a case of hard-working orthodox protestants (from Putten) who took the Germans at face value, and died in far larger numbers than was commonly the case. I do think work-ethic people are more likely to comply instead of to resist (furtively) and try to survive and avoid the worst crap.

    The attitude of “blacks” has always been denigrated (Pay them today, and they won’t show up for tomorrow; they’ll be enjoing themselves spending it). Like animals laze around if they’re not forced to scrounge for food. Historically, hard work is for slaves, and is, just as is “property”, basically and initially a matter of violence. There’s a lot to be said for enjoying today’s money instead of being possessed by the need to do more and even more. In fact, Moses (manna), Jesus and the Buddha basically commanded it.

    Blacks did fight in WWII however, and is one of the major reasons for desegretation. The army was segregated too, but that proved impractical in wartime and combat. It was the beginning of a crack in the system that proved hard to undo when the soldiers decommissioned, or stayed in the army. And many black soldiers did realize that a good showing would help the trend, and thus did more than “as little as possible”.

  3. Jim
    May 25, 2012 at 7:52 am

    The work ethic is fine. Problem is liberalism rewards those who lack it and do the most damage to society on top of the expectation of financial aid as well, thus demoralizing those who work.

  4. May 25, 2012 at 8:08 am

    we’ve already had this discussion….

  5. DieHard
    May 25, 2012 at 6:34 pm

    Many people have been so socially conditioned that they have the annoying habit of asking each other the stupid question, “Where do you work?” If your response is something such as, “I work for X company,” then this is acceptable to them (as if their self-righteous beliefs/perspective is the correct view and because a company also has the social proof in it being acceptable to society) and it thus gains their approval and they (as if they are more important of a human being than you) accept you in their minds. However, if you give a silly response to shut them up or say something about you are starting your own business or doing things you have a passion for doing, then this makes most of them uneasy thus they will judgmentally (because they are the so called authority to judge you) disapprovingly view you as a slacker (for not “working” hard for society like they “did” even if what you are doing that you have a passion for might be more helpful to yourself and others than anything they ever did). Similarly, there are people doing “hard working jobs” that makes them miserable and if someone else suggests to them to change into doing something else that they would actually intrinsically like to do, they cannot get themselves to do the actions to change because of their socially conditioned mental program forcing themselves to continue unhappily “working hard” as a slave (exchanging their decreasing amount of time left in their lives in return for a few decreasing in value dollars) in this job they hate until they retire a few years before their death.

    • P Ray
      December 17, 2018 at 12:16 am

      Actually, one reason why people ask “Where do you work?” is because they want to figure out if knowing you has any benefits.
      If you are running your own business people are a lot more cautious, because they know you have understood there is a gap in the market that hasn’t been filled AND
      you’re probably outspoken because you have struck out on your own.

      Regular workers try to avoid being seen in the company of independent business people, because their boss might think they plan on leaving. Or if you are outspoken, the regular workers are “scared of being seen with a troublemaker”.

      Regular workers are actually the pinata of society, because they can be whacked from so many different angles:
      1. call as an irate customer saying this worker disrespected you
      2. turn up at work saying this worker cheated on his wife (or broke off a relationship)
      3. say that the worker overcharged you and falsified a receipt …

      Ironically, that’s what makes them so attractive to women – the idea that
      1. the person is making money
      2. is dependent on the continued job for the money
      3. she can get money just by threatening to get him in trouble …

      • December 18, 2018 at 3:38 pm


        Alan Roger Currie even finalized that if beta males vanished off the face of the earth, women would snap. Same if betas turned alpha or got passports and hopped the fence. Beta males contribute to the economy, the community and civil-LIE-zation.

        Also, there’s an old cliche that says “men are measured by what they accomplish”. All that Disneyland bullshit. But that just creates a long line of people (society) trying to pimp you and make demands from you.

  6. Matt Strictland
    May 27, 2012 at 11:24 pm

    Work is about the only social glue remaining in America. Its little wonder people cling to it.

    As for hard work, it only rewards you when you work for yourself. Now there have been times in US history where talent was rewarded but those were few and far between. These days unless you are your own boss or have a rare fair boss who can and will promote hard workers, better save your efforts for yourself.

    Also as to the work itself, of course we really don’t have that much that needs to be done. The 40 hour work week and the inequality are as much as form of social control as anything.

    As a general rule the upper classes despise the lower ones and wish they could do away with them entire or enslave them (well more than they already have) . Don’t get me wrong I am an economic nationalist, not an idiot Marxist but there is something to the idea of class warfare.

    Now I favor something different, doing the self reliance /self sufficiency thing as much as plausible and working to build homogeneous post industrial communities.

    Its something like Tom Baugh’s Starve the Monkeys or Grover Norquist’s Drown the Government in a Bathtub ideology applied to both the Government and the State. The less people buy , consume and produce beyond what they need and share with their own folks the less money the corporations and state have and the faster their legitimacy can be reduced.

    Yes in theory we could apply social credit to society but given the constant hunger for status, there is no way that would get through. A revolutionary movement might be able to force change but that movement can’t make wealth to distribute and no one will take their fiat money.

    Personally speaking I am not going to work my butt off to pay children who are not of my race. I suspect a surprising number of other people feel them same way so even if Social Credit did happen, its less likely to be productive. I’d take my money and work under the table to afford a few more kids. That is not productive or tenable any more than relying on the new non White majority to uphold the current social security system . They won’t be peak income till the boomers are dead, so they’ll get it. Gen X and Gen Y will get nothing but maybe a collapse.

    And yes I have said I am in favor of social credit in the past I thought about that for a while and decided it won’t work any more. An 80-90% homogeneous industrial era state with shared work ethic and economic nationalism could make it work.but as I am not going to be living in one of those alas.

  7. anonymous
    June 3, 2012 at 11:12 am

    “Now I could easily make the case that genocide, enslavement and looting of others were (and still are) the major factors behind western prosperity”

    One could make the case and many often do, but prosperity is not really a common denominator among colonial powers — see Spain and Portugal. Germany and the Nordic countries didn’t practice direct colonialism directly, although they benefited from colonial imports, but became far more prosperous than the Iberian powers. The Anglo-Dutch-Germanic-Nordic countries did something right that southern Europe didn’t, but you’re probably right that it isn’t a unique work ethic, considering that the United States is by far the stingiest in terms of paid vacation live, maternity/paternity leave, etc.

  8. Johnny
    April 9, 2018 at 9:02 am

    I think they took the phrase “no pain, no gain” a bit too literally.

  9. December 16, 2018 at 8:14 pm

    Some blacks WERE and ARE stupid enough to believe in those fairy tales. Just under a different name. Hence the number of “black respectability” types, black CONservatives and those “nation builder” advocates.

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  2. June 11, 2012 at 4:59 pm

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