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1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick: Luka Magnotta

May 30, 2012 10 comments

It seem that cannibalism is now a hot topic in north america. We had two highly publicized incidents of this phenomena in this week alone- one involved a guy eating a live human being and another apparently involves a guy killing and then eating another person.

Anyway, the video of that incident was apparently posted on Best Gore before the body parts started popping up in the mail. Since the video is a bit too long (almost 10 minutes), I will post a now famous screenshot from that clip. Don’t forget to read part of the description from that particular webpost below the picture.

Screenshot from Infamous Video

The 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick Video is filmed in a dimply lit room. A naked male is seen tied to a frame of bed while his captor stabs him in the abdomen with an ice pick. The victim is them seen with his throat slashed as his captor proceeds to slowly slice various parts of his body with a knife. Later in the video, the victim is entirely decapitated and the captor uses his kitchen knife to cut into the muscles and dismember one limb after another. The murderer plays with severed limbs and even rubs his crotch area with them. It must have turned him on because the next thing he does is flip the dismembered, decapitated corpse on its front and fuck it in the ass from behind. Using a knife and fork, the murderer then slices a piece of fatty flesh from victim’s ass and presumably eats it before bringing a hungry dog in to also feast on freshly killed man. The black and white pooch could not resist the smell of raw flesh and bit right into the stump. Once pooch was done, the murderer stuck a bottle neck up dismembered man’s anus and repeatedly assfucked him with it. Putting the severed hand into use once more, the murderer laid on his bed pantless and masturbated with it.

Did I mention that Luka Magnotta also liked to torture and kill cats? Here is the proof.

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