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Why Ferdinand Bardamu Burnt Out

June 3, 2012 15 comments

I did consider publishing this post after tomorrows (June 4) official announcement by Ferdinand Bardamu about closing down InMalaFide and its subsidiary blogs. However the notice has already been published by another blogger. Therefore I will just go on with my initial take on the possible chain of events that led to this unfortunate event.

While his decision to, at least temporarily, quit the blogging world is unfortunate- it was sorta predictable. So let us analyze the sequence of events which led to it.

I believe that it came down to Ferdinand Bardamu feeling really burnt out.

It began with overcommitment.

1. Overcommitment makes people stressed, unhappy and drains their creativity.

When he started IMF, FB had a boring and easy government job which probably left him tons of time to do everything else. While blogging on topics you like to write about is fairly easy and quick- going through the blog posts of others, writing comments on other blogs, starting flame wars takes time and effort. However such activities can still be accommodated by someone with a normal job without burning out. I believe that FBs burnout began when he tried to do all of the above + maintain an active social life + run a business+ look for new career opportunities + work in a hectic job. It is hard to sustain that level of effort regardless of your age or compensation for extended periods of time.

Thinking or writing creatively and doing so with enthusiasm requires a reasonably stable life. Juggling too many balls at once creates unnecessary stress making the mind less creative.

There was however one peculiar factor, mentioned below, that probably hastened this process – his decision to monetize the blog.

2. Monetizing the blog was probably a bad idea.

I strongly favor people monetizing content based on, or derived from, their blogs. However monetizing the blog itself with ads, especially if you are also responsible for the business side of these deals is a recipe for stress. The reality is that doing so requires the blogger to spend too much time on aspects of the blog which do not contribute to the material. Whether it is buying and modifying blog templates themes, using visitor analytic software, negotiating rates for advertisements or cross promotion deals- it just makes peoples stressed, bitter and unhappy.

FB probably ended up spending an ever-increasing amount of his blogging time on monetization related activities which required hard work but yielded rather meager compensation. I can understand how the bitterness of this aspect of his blogging activities might have sucked the happiness of writing posts etc.

He tried to compensate for that with a multi-writer format thereby giving him some breathing space and hopefully adding some more breadth of topics to the blog. However..

3. The focus of the multi-writer version of IMF was still too narrow and topics were too repetitive.

The breadth of topics and focus of IMF were perfectly adequate for a single or 2-3 writer blog. Switching to a multi-writer format should have considerably increased the breadth of what was posted. However it did not do that and, if anything, made it more repetitive. Reading multiple posts by more than one writer about how blacks are beating up “poor” whites, how masturbation is bad for you or how traditional lifestyles should be restored kinda gets boring after a while. I considered providing FB a lot of material on a range of topics and issues (above and beyond reposts) but felt that the multi-writer blog had already become rather fixated on issues which did not interest me.

When you combine the repetitiveness of the multi-writer blog with the frustration of juggling too many balls and spending most of his blogging time on monetizing the blog, it is no wonder that FB might have started to hate running IMF.

I will write more about this topic in the next few days.

What do you think? Comments?