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Hi, Math Geek White Knighters

June 5, 2012 18 comments

I noticed that my previous post has attracted a lot of math geeks who like to play “white knight” to “damsels in distress”. So here are a few links that might open their eyes to the folly of their ways.

Enter White Knight – Rollo Tomasi

The Savior Schema – Rollo Tomasi

Chivalry vs. Altruism – Rollo Tomasi

White Knighting Explained – Heartiste

Chicks Dig Jerks: A Series – Heartiste

Good Girls ‘Do’ – Rollo Tomasi

The Feminine Reality – Rollo Tomasi

What do you think? Comments?

A Group Photo of Aspergy Virgins: 2011 USAMO Winners

June 5, 2012 69 comments

Have a look at these twelve “winners” of 40th USA Mathematical Olympiad in Washington, D.C. Many have commented on the fact that this group fashionably ‘diverse’. But look a bit more closely.. these “winners” appear to have serious deficiencies of personality and presence. I mean would you want to hang out, or even talk, with these aspergy savants? Would even an ugly women experience any attraction to any of the mostly male national level “winners”?

What is the purpose for their existence? They are unlikely to receive even a tiny percentage of the money made by others through exploitation of their autistic abilities. It is unlikely that they will end up with anything other than an aging, sex-rationing, ball-breaking, cheating, money-hungry woman who will take them to the cleaners after the divorce. Have a look at sole female in that group. Do you see why she got interested in mathematics? The answer is staring at you. Could you imagine looking at her face while doing it with her?

Update: Since this post has caused so much butt-hurt and awoken a desire to play ‘white knight’ in math geeks, please read my next post addressed specifically to people like you.

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