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Why Women Have Become Fatter AND More Choosier

June 13, 2012 30 comments

Much of my free time is spent surfing the web. Over the course of many years, I have seen many interesting things and noticed patterns that are not that obvious. This post is about one of the not-so-obvious patterns, namely that women have gotten fatter and choosier over the last 3 decades.

It all started with links to photographs of bizarre hair and dress styles from the 1970s and 1980s. While many of the styles from that era are truly bizarre and not worthy of emulation, I noticed two other trends in those photographs.

1. Until the mid-1980s even average women were quite slim and pretty. I am not implying that all women in that era were supermodels or even hot, but the majority were thin and attractive enough to fuck without resorting to mental tricks to justify the decision.

2. The men in those pictures were not particularly handsome, super masculine or even that well dressed. It seemed that even a fairly average guy in that era could get a reasonably attractive and slim girlfriend or wife.

This got me thinking- Why have women become fatter and more choosier over the last three decades? I could understand if they had become hotter and more choosier (more intrinsic value = more choosier) or fatter and less choosier (less intrinsic value = less choosier).

But how can a group lose intrinsic value while become more choosier? Something did quite not add up.. Now, there are already many theories on the intertubes about how women can become fatter and more choosier at the same time. Most of them revolve around how the status consciousness of women prevents them from accepting a relationship with an average guy at their level of attractiveness, even if they themselves are below average. There is, however, one problem with any theory based on changes in the status consciousness of women. It goes something like this- Women have always been supremely status conscious and narcissistic. It is hard to go faster if the vehicle is already at its maximum speed. Therefore we must consider other explanations for this phenomena.

While laws that are heavily tilted in the favor of women and a generalized anti-male social climate can explain some of the behavioral shifts, they cannot explain why the shift seems to accelerating rather than stabilizing at a new equilibrium. There are those who believe that technological changes such as online dating and facebook are to blame- but once again, the chronology and speed of the change in women’s attitudes and the date of introduction and wide-spread use of various attention-whoring technologies does not add up. Let me remind you that the internet was not that big of an influence on women in the late 1980s- early 2000s.

Now, let me tell you my theory about the real culprit behind this change. Are you ready?

Did you notice that the 2 points I made at the beginning of this post also used to once apply to black Americans. There was a time when most black women in the USA were not clinically obese nor was it necessary for a black guy to act hyper-masculine to get them. But then something changed and black women kept putting on more weight and it became harder for the average black guy to get their attention.

Some alt-right morons believe that civil rights movement of the 1960s was behind the destruction of black families. Other morons blame it on government policies that subsidized young and single black mothers. However statistics suggests otherwise.. The vast majority of black women are gainfully employed, as they have always been. So what changed?

Two things.. The first was the negative effect of exporting manufacturing jobs and the war on drugs on black men in general. The second and probably more important change was that an average black woman could now make enough money to support herself and her kids. In my opinion, it was the second change that made it possible for average black women to simultaneously not care about their general appearance while simultaneously demanding hyper-masculine men.

The reason that white women in the 1980s started behaving like black women in the 1960s was that they went down the same path as far as income and social expectations are concerned. In a previous era, white women did not usually work full-time after marriage and their husbands had relatively stable livelihoods. However as the 1980s wore on, both these assumptions underwent the same changes which the black community had experienced two decades earlier. To put it bluntly-

Women who can earn enough to live comfortably will pay lesser and lesser attention to their looks while simultaneously demanding ever more hyper-masculine men for sex.

The reason they behave in this manner is that they can get away with it- for a couple of decades, at least. Face it, a woman with a decent lifelong job has no reason to settle for a guy she considers less than “optimal”. The hypergamous tendency of women also tends to make things worse- as far as men are concerned.

What do you think? Comments?