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The Pathological Behavior and Attitudes of Handicapped People

June 19, 2012 14 comments

This post was inspired by a few recent incidents involving my interactions with handicapped people, and I am sure that many of you had similar experiences. Have you noticed that-

Handicapped people, in western countries, demand special treatment and consideration yet want other to show deference to them and overlook the fact that they are usually incredibly shitty people?

First, let me be very clear about a few things. I do not blame handicapped people for their misfortunes, even if they were responsible for their disability. I also do not have problems with the use of public funds to make their life easier and more ‘normal’. Nor am I implying that handicapped people should continuously thank able-bodied people for their kindness, consideration and charity.

But is it too much to expect handicapped people to behave like normal people? Why do most handicapped people behave as if their handicap makes them morally superior, beyond criticism and almost holy? Why do they act as if being handicapped is a license to demand that others treat them with reverence, ignore their shitty attitudes, watch what they say around them and generally treat them as the center of the universe?

I cannot help comparing the general attitude and mindset of handicapped people to feminists. It is hard to ignore that both groups demand special treatment because of significant personal deficiencies, which they may (or may not) be responsible for. The similarity between the socio-legal paths chosen by both groups is too high to be merely coincidental. They both started by appealing to the general populations sense of pity, decency and fairness. However once they achieved most of their primary goals, they started to down the path of pushing their agenda through punitive legislation. While such rules and regulations were initially labelled as anti-discriminatory legislation, they quickly grew and morphed into an entire ecosystem devoted to promoting that group. Society went along with a legislative approach because it did help create more well-paid jobs.

The next step involved elevating the handicapped and women over other members of the society. It started with promoting a few as martyrs and courageous people, but rapidly degenerates into a scam where anyone with a disability or a cunt automatically becomes a courageous martyr struggling against the cruel world- even if that was untrue. Infact, the mere suggestion that all disabled people and women are not deserving superheros immediately started marking that person for punitive socio-legal attention. The commercial ecosystem surrounding these groups also became bigger to the extent that the ‘disadvantaged ‘ were promoted over other members of that society.

Most members of these so-called victimized and oppressed group now started seeing themselves as morally superior and deserving martyrs who are incapable of being anything less than a saint. They start demanding privileges beyond those enjoyed by other members of that society. They took offense to every perceived slight and insult. Even the most basic interactions with such people became riddled with pitfalls and faux pas for the unwary person. They now start perceiving themselves as the victims of relentless persecution, discrimination and abuse- regardless of evidence to the contrary.

A person who tries to suggest that these groups are being unreasonable, greedy, litigious and supremacist now faces the risk of being labelled and persecuted as a public enemy, as opposed to the previous charge of simple heresy. In the meanwhile, both groups continue to push an ever-increasing amounts of crap on the rest of society.

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