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More Money and Less Sex

June 26, 2012 27 comments

Over many years of viewing amateur-generated porn, I have noticed one trend that is rarely discussed.

Amateurs who make porn are usually young and poor or middle-class.

Pretty much all amateur sex seems to occur in messy room, on or under cheap bed-sheets and worn out comforters, with a background of empty beer bottles, overflowing ashtrays and half-smoked joints. Even the other stuff in the room- from sound systems, computers to laptops and TVs is average. It seem that people with clean rooms, quality comforters, high thread-count cotton sheets and high-end home appliances are conspicuously absent from the amateur porn scene.

But why are people who live an upper-middle class, or better lifestyle, seldom seen in amateur porn?

Some of you might say that upper-middle class or rich people are older and therefore have less sex due to oh.. low hormone levels. OK, that explains the relative infrequency of 50- and 60- year olds having sex on camera. But what about their kids, who are in the ‘right’ age range? Surely, we should be seeing quite a few pictures of their children doing it on camera? But expensive rooms, nice beds, leather couches, posh hotel rooms, new dorm apartments, expensive cars are seldom seen in amateur-generated porn.

Some of you might say that upper-middle class people have ‘old fashioned’ values and mores which prevent them from recording or distributing pictures or videos of themselves having sex. But that runs contrary to the suave, ultra-secular and progressive image that these people try to push- often desperately. Others might say that they are afraid of being recognized because of their high-profile jobs, public image etc- but we have had software like Photoshop to easily blur incriminating parts of a picture for over 15 years. The relative rarity of rich people, as a percentage of the population, might make some sense. But 10-15% of the population is upper middle-class, so expecting 10% of the amateur porn to look like it was shot in a nice suburban house is not unreasonable.

So what is behind the lack of well-off people making amateur porn in an era when it could be done without the limitations, repercussions and other problems that might have explained its absence in previous eras?

I have a theory. It goes something like this.. To make amateur porn you have to first have sex with another willing and enthusiastic human being.

The vast majority of people who live in nice suburban or exurban houses are too occupied with studying for multiple degrees, working hard and competing against each other to enjoy things like sex. These highly evolved beings look down upon the baser pleasures of life such as sex. They would rather spend their time prostituting themselves for a little more money so they can buy more stuff and put on airs to hopefully impress people who don’t give a shit.

Moreover, these avid and hopeful social climbers are not very good at invoking lust and desire in their potential sexual partners. When was the last time you heard a woman gushing over an engineer? Do women see doctors as anything beyond a submissive bitch attached to a fat paycheck? Isn’t that also true for most lawyers? Aren’t women who marry high-flying executives looking for nice cars, expensive furnishings, expensive vacations and big houses? When was the last time you heard a man get an erection because of his woman’s intelligence, education or status? Isn’t it usually the opposite?

But wait.. You too can enjoy expensive, infrequent and mediocre sex with scheming partners by becoming (or aspiring to become) a member of the upper-middle class in western countries.

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