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On the Nature of ‘Sanity’ and ‘Insanity’

July 28, 2012 18 comments

Since the recent Aurora shooting, people and so-called “experts” have started speculating on the mental state of James Holmes. One the popular “theories” floating around the intertubes is that he was somehow mentally ill or becoming mentally ill. I saw a recent post on metafilter where one of these so-called “experts” tries to say that any essentially any version of “reality” that is different from the so-called normal version is somehow pathological. He also goes on talk about cross-cultural differences in perception and prognosis of mental illness, but seems to miss the bigger question. What is ‘sane’ or ‘insane’ and why? I believe that answering that question is far more important than rambling on how to detect and treat ‘psychosis’ and here is why-

If you look at the world around you or read enough history it is obvious that so-called “normal” human beings are, for the lack of a better word, delusional.

Let me explain my points with a few examples-

1. The majority of human beings believe in the existence of an anthropomorphic ‘god’ who just happen to be very interested in the daily lives and beliefs of human beings. But have you ever wondered why an entity who could create and destroy universes might care about the sexual or other “moral” choices of human beings. I mean.. do you care about the sexual behavior of termites or bother yourself with whether they might worship you or not? Do you measure your success by how many termites believe that you are the one true god? Are you concerned about the termites worshiping any other human as a false god? Do you consider the residents of one termite mound as the ‘chosen’ ones? and yet you are only human. So why is belief in any religion, traditional or secular, not considered a serious mental illness?

2. Consider the sordid history of “medical science” which until the last 60-70 odd years could not effectively treat even very common diseases and disease conditions such as various bacterial pneumonia and hypertension. Did the inability of physicians to effectively treat diseases stop them from coming up with various fanciful notions of the etiology of diseases and methods to treat them leading to the premature death of most patients? It is only in the last ~ 60 years that going to a doctor has finally become less dangerous than not going to one. But have you ever wondered- why did physicians keep on believing in theories and treatments that plainly killed many more patients that helped them?

3. Human beings, throughout history, have fought wars amongst themselves. In almost all wars and armed conflicts throughout human history, active participants stand out as the one group that consistently loses the most- even if they are on the so-called “winning” side. While these losses take myriad forms from death, disease, injury to PTSD, other personal losses and financial losses- active participants are always the biggest losers. But has that stopped people from fighting wars, joining the military or otherwise answering the ‘call of duty’. It is very odd that we celebrate people who will screw over their own lives and future happiness to enrich a few cynical moneybags or mollify the egos of a few sociopaths.. I mean leaders. Are those who fight wars on their own accord sane?

The insanity and self-destructiveness of so-called “normal” human beings and societies easily surpasses what the most “mentally ill” and “delusional” individual is capable of.

What do you think? Comments?

NSFW Links: July 27, 2012

July 27, 2012 1 comment

These links are NSFW.

CFNM POV BJs: July 25, 2012 – All girls in this series are partially clothed.

Sideview BJs: July 27, 2012 – Because POV shots can become repetitive.

Closed Eye BJs: July 27, 2012 – Concentrating on the task at hand.

Enjoy! Comments?

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James Holmes Was Likely Not Nuts

July 25, 2012 8 comments

After reading a few more news articles about Jason Holmes, I can say with a high degree of certainty that he was not any odder than your average guy. Here is why-

He used escorts! While some people on alt-right and ‘game’ sites have speculated that he was celibate or virginal, it appears that he used a different route to get pussy. Ok, so he probably did not fuck whores every night (too expensive) but it is not like he was a shut in either. His and profile suggests that he was actively looking for women

Holmes was no stranger to sex web sites … and sources tell us he also frequented a message board where potential johns posted reviews for hookers in the Colorado area. We found the message board … and discovered several posts written under James’ supposed screen name … in which he details multiple sexual encounters with different prostitutes.

TMZ spoke to three of the women Holmes supposedly reviewed. Hooker #1 told us she meets with lots of men and couldn’t confirm she ever did business with James. Hooker #2 said Holmes “looked very familiar” but couldn’t say for certain if he was a client. But Hooker #3 was POSITIVE she had met up with Holmes … not once, but twice … as recently as August 2011.

He was smart enough to make himself look mentally ill. Think about it, why would any person send his plans out to a shrink working in a university? He knew that most people in those positions usually ignore mail from people they don’t know, if they collect it regularly at all. The guy had a very clear vision of what he was trying to achieve.

The man accused of killing a dozen people at a midnight screening of the ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ sent a journal detailing the rampage to a University of Colorado psychiatrist prior to the attack, only for it to go untouched in a campus mailroom, according to a Fox News report. The diary of 24-year-old James Holmes — “full of details about how he was going to kill people” — was discovered Monday by authorities investigating another package at the school’s Anschutz medical campus in Aurora, a law enforcement official told the network. The source also said that the package had been in the mailroom since July 12.

He planned the whole thing for months. I believe that his planning started before his less than stellar performance in his PhD program. The possibility that his loss of interest in academia preceded his planning is looking very likely. And we all know how well he was dressed and prepared for his theater shootout.

Holmes apparently had prepared the attack at the Aurora theater well in advance, receiving multiple deliveries by mail for four months to his home and school and buying thousands rounds of ammunition on the Internet, Oates said. “He had a high volume of deliveries,” Oates said. “We think this explains how he got his hands on the magazine, ammunition,” he said, as well as the rigged explosives in his apartment.

While many people and so-called “experts” are still pretending that he was mentally ill, the evidence strongly points towards very careful and systematic planning. Anybody who can concoct and systematically execute such a long and convoluted plan is not nuts. You might also remember that his last adultfinder profile had something along the lines of “will you visit me in prison”? Moreover, he carefully covered his intentions and planning from others around him.

I am curious to know if he frequented ‘game’ or manosphere type websites, blogs and bulletin boards- because i have a gut feeling that he did.

What do you think? Comments?

The James Holmes Meme: Too Soon?

July 25, 2012 5 comments

I am posting some of the better examples of the James Holmes Meme.

What do you think? Comments?

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The Most Peculiar Similarity Between Hitler and Stalin

July 23, 2012 16 comments

I am certainly not the first person to note that Hitler and Stalin shared some similarities- from their humble origin, extreme paranoia, rapid and somewhat unexpected rise to power, total domination of the government to the large genocides perpetrated under their rules. But there is one more similarity that is rarely, if ever, mentioned.

They did not use their power to accumulate and hoard wealth.

Leaders throughout human history have consistently looted their own countrymen. The post-looting behavior of leaders is also consistent and involves some combination of hoarding money, investing it outside their own country or using it to build extravagant palaces or venues for their recreation. Most totalitarianism leaders also use their power to bed tons of attractive women and helping their progeny inherit their wealth. This pattern is seen in groups as diverse as members of the Chinese Communist Party, Politicians in India, Arab Kings and Dictators, African Dictators and Warlords to old-money WASP and other influential families in the USA and UK.

Hitler and Stalin stand out as two of the very few leaders of note who did not use their power to enrich themselves. While they certainly lived very comfortable lives compared to their countrymen, it never approached the level of obscenity seen in otherwise comparable rulers. They also never used their position to get endless amounts of hot young pussy or try to install their children and relatives into positions of power.

What do you think? Comments?

A Relevant Movie Trailer: July 21, 2012

July 21, 2012 4 comments

Have a look at this trailer of a recent movie, that is relevant to Aurora shooting. Yes, it is somewhat of a repeat posting.

A couple of quotes from the movie-

Frank: My name is Frank. That’s not important. The important question is: who are you? America has become a cruel and vicious place. We reward the shallowest, the dumbest, the meanest and the loudest. We no longer have any common sense of decency. No sense of shame. There is no right and wrong. The worst qualities in people are looked up to and celebrated. Lying and spreading fear is fine as long as you make money doing it. We’ve become a nation of slogan-saying, bile-spewing hatemongers. We’ve lost our kindness. We’ve lost our soul. What have we become? We take the weakest in our society, we hold them up to be ridiculed, laughed at for our sport and entertainment. Laughed at to the point, where they would literally rather kill themselves than live with us anymore.

and this one.

Frank: I know it’s not normal to want to kill people but I am no longer normal.

What do you think? Comments?

The Most Troubling Part of the James Holmes Story

July 20, 2012 25 comments

I am sure that most of you must have heard about a 24 year old guy named James Eagan Holmes who decided to go all nihilistic on an opening night show of the new batman movie. Anyway, I found this story interesting because it fits into an emerging pattern of mass killings. The most odd yet consistent pattern of people in such killings is-

The killer, is almost always a young to middle-aged guy, who did not have any significant prior criminal record.

From the Wikipedia entry about Holmes from the 2012 Aurora shooting:

Holmes was raised in San Diego, California. He graduated from San Diego-based Westview High School in 2006 and obtained an undergraduate degree in neuroscience from University of California, Riverside in 2010. Holmes had difficulty finding a job after obtaining his masters. He then tried to obtain a PhD in neuroscience from the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Aurora but dropped out in June 2012. Acquaintances described Holmes as a generally pleasant person and as a “really smart” student who showed no signs of violence. He was also described as an introverted and shy person, and as strongly involved in his local church.

It seems that James was a nerdy and smart guy, raised in a middle to upper-middle class family, who seemed to do pretty well in school and university. His biggest run in with the law as an adult apparently involved a speeding ticket. Now there is some information to suggest that he was not doing too well in his PhD program, but hardly enough to explain what he did.

Holmes did very poorly on his comprehensive exams last semester, the instructor told the Post, and the school was considering placing him on academic probation, but was not considering expulsion.

and here is an interesting comment from that same article-

A student who lived across the hall from Holmes at Cal-Riverside, who asked not to be named, said Holmes completed the honors program and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Golden Key honor societies. “I always thought that he was a little strange. I could never put my finger on it, but something told me to not get to close to him, female instincts I guess,” the female student told NBC News. “I had tons of classes with him and lived across from him in the Honors dorms. He was a very smart guy though. He was a little bit of a weird guy, but we were honors students, so weird people were kind of common.”

and here is another interesting quote, if you can read between the lines.

A neighbor, Tom Mai, told reporters on the block that Holmes was a shy, well-mannered kid, clean-cut and responsible, who was very active in the church. The Associated Press reported that the family attended a Presbyterian church and threw a quiet Christmas party for neighbors. Holmes had trouble finding work after college, Mai said, and then went off to graduate school.

and yet another one-

A woman who said she knew him in high school told NBC News that Holmes was a good person, but oddly always rooted for the villains in superhero movies. “He was a nice guy. Who very much wanted to be liked and wanted,” the woman said. “He was a very, very smart guy. I honestly can not believe he could do this. I know, I know, everyone says that. But it is truly devastating to me. “He did not have many friends for someone who wanted to be liked,” she said. “He loved all the villains in superhero stuff, which I did point out as odd. Most people enjoy the hero!

it seems that he remarkably inconspicuous.

Melvin Evans, who was a bouncer at a karaoke bar near Holmes’ apartment, said he recalled Holmes as a patron from checking IDs. He said Holmes would stroll into the Zephyr Lounge, sit quietly in a corner booth and have a Budweiser,but never joined in the singing. “He would just sit by himself. He wouldn’t talk to anybody,” Evans said. “He was really, really mellow, really calm. You wouldn’t even look twice at him, if you passed him on the street.”

and here is the kicker..

“He looked so calm when he did it,” an eyewitness told NBC affiliate KUSA. “It was like scary. He waited for both the bombs to explode before he did anything. Then, after both of them exploded, he began to shoot.”

In my opinion, James Holmes is a newer version of George Sodini. This version does however come with a few upgrades, such as body armour, much better planning, more guns and leaves behind many more body bags. It is interesting that both Holmes and Loughner did not kill themselves after killing multiple people.

What do you think? Comments?