What Has the Rest of Humanity Done for You Lately?

One of the most popular and fundamental scams is that “we” should care about others, whether they return that favor or not. It goes something like this-

You should care about the opinions and general welfare of people around you, “your” group, “your” tribe, “your” class, “your” nation or the rest of humanity.

My question is-

Why should you care about anybody beyond yourself? What has the rest of humanity done for you lately?

Has it provided you anything beyond a fraction of what it takes from you? Has it provided you with inexpensive or free sex and companionship or a stable livelihood? Will it give a crap if you got chronically ill or disabled while slaving away for it? Is the medical care you receive in your best interest or just meant to enrich the provider at your expense? Does it not try to steal from you and screw you over with countless rules and regulations? Does your ‘job’ involve anything performing meaningless tasks which do not benefit you but enriches somebody else? Is marrying anything more than lifelong slavery for a demanding harpy who becomes fatter and uglier with every single day? How do you benefit from marrying or having kids anyway? Do many, if not most,conscientious people get rewarded in life? If not, why not? Why is being a decent human being supposed to a reward in itself? Who has seen the “afterlife”?

What is the rational basis for other demanding your cooperation and hard work, while giving you almost nothing in return? Why should you play along and be a willing partner in your impoverishment and abuse? Why should you keep on playing “nice” and “fair” to others in return for empty praise, token rewards and more abuse. I am not suggesting that you should ‘go galt’ or masturbate to any other fantasy spewed out from the pen of Ayn Rand. I do not believe in LIEbertarianism, or for that matter, any other -ism. This is not about some “self-made” genius taking a stand against a “moocher” world. It is not even about getting back significantly more than you give to society.

I am talking about a long-term balance between the individual and society in which the sum of efforts by an individual for the benefit of the ‘others’ has to rewarded by a proportional reward by the ‘others’.

Some of you might see my demand as naive and unrealistic. But it is not- as the level of dysfunction in any society is directly proportional to the level of abuse of a well-meaning individual by others. For most of the existence of human beings as a species on earth, we used to live in small close-knit groups that were highly egalitarian and provided the benefits of membership to all of its individuals.Even most villages and small towns in the pre-industrial era were far more similar to tribal groups in their ability to provide worthwhile compensation to its members.

There are those of you who might say that “scamming and abusing people on a large-scale has worked for the last ~ 200-300 years”. To which my answer, as explained in a previous post, is – you have run out of the ability to create new and naive slaves aka children. Now combine the inability to produce lots of naive slaves with the ubiquity and ease of communication in combination with the extent and nature of youth underemployment.

Therefore it is not surprising that, under their fake optimistic and extrovert persona, most people are acting in a very cynical and paranoid manner.

The charade has lasted as long as it has because there have been a lack of significant external or internal system shocks to test system integrity. However the expectation of eternal lucky breaks is not a prudent strategy for the future. There is a very high likelihood that the system will not hold up under, what many still believe to be, moderate stresses. Once that occurs, the title of this post might become very relevant.

Individuals will only work together and sacrifice for a ‘greater’ cause IF they believe that the ‘others’ will reward or compensate them to a self-justifiable level. However a functional and trustworthy society is the precondition to any belief in the possibility of reward or compensation. Do you see the problem?

What do you think? Comments?

  1. P Ray
    July 4, 2012 at 2:30 pm

    The rest of humanity gets to beta-test a lot of things.
    “You can tell who the pioneers are … they’re the ones with the arrows in their backs”.
    There’s a cost to being first, since they want that, they should pay the price.

  2. Hungry Dan
    July 4, 2012 at 4:45 pm

    A portion of the rest of humanity made the salami and baked the bread on which I had a sandwich this morning. I appreciate that.

  3. July 4, 2012 at 6:14 pm

    Yes, but religious people produce a lot of naive slaves, aka children.

    • October 27, 2018 at 8:04 am

      “naive slaves, aka children” — fucked up reality about any society… Slaves (children, former black slaves, beta provider husbands, agricultural workers in third world countries, employees and oppressed women in muslim cultures) contribute to the economy and by coercion or faulty social programming.

  4. Joe
    July 4, 2012 at 11:10 pm

    1.At some point, progress in AI will make the majority of humans useless in an economic sense. There will be very few jobs that software or robotics can’t do as well as humans. In addition 3d printing, in its early stages now, may evolve info full scale molecular manufacturing.

    2. These advancements, and the profound geopolitical implications of them, could shape an environment hospitable to repressive measures. There wouldn’t be any need for the public to cooperate with the dying system. They could simply be eliminated en masse. With weapon systems based on nanotech, entire regions of the planet could be sterilized of human beings with little damage to surrounding ecosystems. Smart dust that could record every man woman and child inside and outside the home 24/7 for negative behavior, all able to be cued up and examined for time x day x etc. All that is needed for these things is the will to do it. Considering what’s happened in the 20th century with psychopaths in power, I don’t think this is as unlikely as some might think. What we may see would be an evolution from a propaganda based system ( hard work, school, patriotism) where there is a focus on confusing people, shills and misinformation to flat out despotism. This is how things are now and if you don’t do as we say you’re dead.

    3. I don’t believe these issues will arise overnight, but at some point in the next few decades our species will hit the wall and the current paradigm will break down. What’s unsustainable must go away. In the intervening years, I do expect to see a lot of sacred cows sacrificed as the accelerating rate of technological change creates an environment that forces people to confront the fact that much of our modern society is based on lies and flat out scams. I think we can expect to see a lot of people “losing it” on an individual and macro level.






    • July 10, 2012 at 11:50 am

      I fear the only way not to be considered “overpopulation” is to begin your own culling program.

  5. BrianBlack
    July 5, 2012 at 9:27 am

    Insightful thoughts in this post. However, I should care about others beyond myself BECAUSE if I do not at all then my own free-thinking and my own freedom could very easily go full circle from beginning with my dissention FROM others trying to control me in my quest for personal independence/freedom TO then falling in the trap of becoming “Just like THEM/ being a controlling elite myself who then views everyone else as slaves/scum and using them only to enrich me.” Therefore, I care about others (at least as in not wishing harm on others who are not trying to control/harm myself, and I do not intentionally try to harm others who are not trying to harm me and thus we leave each other alone or maybe we even try to help each other achieve our respective goals). I agree with NOT caring about/not taking seriously/and not giving in to the opinions/beliefs/controlling DEMANDS of other people especially when it is against my own personal well-being and my own goals. Thus, I think there is a (Freedom versus Control) difference between “caring about myself and others” and “not caring about the opinions/beliefs/and controlling demands of others telling us what to do when it is something we do NOT want to do.” Most people can not be trusted. Other people made the room, the electricity, the computer, the internet, etc, and that can be appreciated. I care about myself and others (but I put myself first as I will not let anyone harm myself and my own goals are my priority). I attract women and business. There can be mutually beneficial situations.

  6. Matt Strictland
    July 5, 2012 at 10:52 am

    Humanity in a broader sense is meaningless to me, however people in my family have done many good things for me of late.

    As a more general thing the bulk of people I transact business with have done with they said they would which is as much as can be expected from strangers.

    This is the human historical best that can be expected anyway, ours is a tribal species and no one outside that tribe with room for a few others is truly human to us anyway.

  7. NeHoMaR
    July 7, 2012 at 12:05 pm

    Rest of humanity gave you the life. Your father and mother are part of the rest of humanity. The only reason you exist and are alive is because of the rest of humanity.

    If my existence does not benefit me to the extent I want, the why of my existence becomes immaterial.

  8. April 11, 2020 at 3:28 pm

    Had to read this again. This shit that I heard for years saying “…this is not helping our race, humanity, etc… blah blah blah” has gotten old and played out. Since I was 15, I knew that most humans ain’t worth the fucking trouble they cause. Just live for yourself and don’t waste it trying to build pyramids and reduce yourself to a beast of burden. A herd mentality is for pathetic losers.

    • Yusef
      April 11, 2020 at 7:16 pm

      Yeah, it is a great post. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

      “Just live for yourself” to the extent that no one is reciprocating if you give them something. The weirdness is there’s no straightforwardness as to whether others are giving you something or not. Everyone is pouring their life blood away– into what, we don’t bother to ask. I personally like to think I poured it for the benefit of all, even though that was bull shit. I don’t mean to promote bullshit here. I just want to retain my ability and willingness to pour my life blood — into something. The abyss isn’t something.

  1. July 7, 2012 at 8:20 pm

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