Why CONservatives Believe FOX News

The idea that FOX news and other right-wing media figures such as Oxycontin Limpballs are involved in brainwashing CONservative morons is a well established belief among a significant number of the progressive minded populace. But is that true?

Are CONservative morons really the unwilling victim of sophisticated brainwashing by right-wing media? Or is it an excuse to avoid talking about something else?

Let us, for a minute, think about an another explanation for the deep love of CONservatives for right-wing media. Could it be that the right-wing media is just providing a public forum and legitimacy to what CONservatives want to believe? What is so improbable about the idea that CONservatives are a bunch of subhuman scumbags who need to construct a mythology and worldview to justify their existence?

There are many examples in human history where millions of people have constructed entire mental worlds and belief systems to justify their actions. In that respect, the British justification for their theft and genocide based empire were no different from the Nazis desire to murder millions and create more living room. The cheerleaders and supporters of American capitalism were (and are) no different from their counterparts who did the same for Soviet Communism or Chinese totalitarianism.

A significant percentage of human beings prefer to live in imaginary worlds with little connection to reality or real human beings, as long as it makes them feel correct. They prefer to believe in theories and ideas which appeal to their ego rather than care about their impact on themselves or others.

Many progressives prefer to believe that right-wing media is responsible for brainwashes CONservatives because the other logical option, that CONservatives are human scum who let their ego override their own best interests, sounds rather unpleasant. But what if that is the real reason behind their behavior, actions and worldview? What if CONservatives are loathsome subhuman trash who desperately seek external validation of their belief system?

Maybe FOX news, Instapundit, Oxycontin Limpballs, Mormom Beck are just opportunists making money and careers out of using stupid and mean rubes. Remember that porn sites did not create human sexual desire, they just provide for a service for a desire that exists. Similarly, restaurants exist because people want to enjoy nice food without having to cook it. They don’t create the demand, they just service it.

Look, maybe you still want to believe that CONservatives are just nice but brainwashed people. But then again, guys rarely buy tampons for their own personal use, unlike women.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. jackal
    September 18, 2012 at 7:23 am

    For anyone with actual capacity to follow the money, you’d arrive at assessments that are more objective, less subjective. Catalog all the advertisers of conservative and liberal news and opinion outlets, and you quickly see a trend. Talk radio is dominated by conservatives because small business owners — people who actually work and bleed for a living — advertise on radio because it’s more affordable than network outlets, where highfalutin liberals sitting in executive offices earning a million dollars weekly, spend money on adverts as though there is no tomorrow. Every time you respond to one liberal advert by spending one single dollar, you’re in effect bending over, and you are doing so as witlessly as the dumb hooker in “Catch Me If You Can” who thought the counterfeit check was real, from the teenage airline pilot impersonator who got to pork her for free. Your same catalog will point you to the evil that has origin not with small-business owners but with corporate hedonists who have taken over our political process. For anyone believing that people who sweat and bleed for a living are the enemy, well, you’ve been hoodwinked by the very folks whom you worship on altars. In the land of the stupid, he who is a half-wit is king.

  2. ScottG
    September 20, 2012 at 9:11 am

    Regarding statements such as, “millions of people have constructed [made-up] entire mental worlds and belief systems,” “prefer to live in imaginary worlds,” “are opportunists making money and careers,” I couldn’t agree more.

  3. September 20, 2012 at 5:27 pm

    Hey, maxi pads and tampons are super effective at staunching stab wounds, bullet wounds and shrapnel injuries. Any medic or forward deployed soldier with a lick of sense knows to make nice with female soldiers (for more than sex, I mean.)

  4. September 22, 2012 at 4:03 am

    What if CONservatives are loathsome subhuman trash who desperately seek external validation of their belief system?

    In my case, I plead guilty as charged as loathsome subhuman trash, though I leave the external validation to others.

    I ask you, AD, if humanity is as bad as you rightfully and truthfully claim, why sacrifice on its behalf? Join the dark side, man.

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