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Mitt Romney as a Hypocrite: Sep 19, 2012

I am sure that you heard about Mitt Romney’s recent attempt at performing comedy for a 50,000 $/plate dinner crowd. Here is one of his more egregious comments-

Now watch this clip of his mother during a TV interview, during the 1950s, when her husband (Mitt’s father) ran for Governor of Michigan.

Apparently Mitt Romney’s father was on welfare and their family received assistance during his own youth. Did I mention that Mitt’s grandfather went bankrupt twice?

In the United States, Romney grew up in humble circumstances. The family subsisted with other Mormon refugees on government relief in El Paso, Texas, for a few months before moving to Los Angeles, California, where Gaskell Romney worked as a carpenter. In kindergarten, other children mocked Romney’s national origin by calling him “Mex”. In 1913, the family moved to Oakley, Idaho, and bought a farm, where they grew and subsisted largely on Idaho potatoes.The farm was not on good land and failed when potato prices fell. The family moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1916, where Gaskell Romney resumed construction work, but the family remained generally poor. In 1917, they moved to Rexburg, Idaho, where Gaskell became a successful home and commercial builder in an area growing owing to high World War I commodities prices. George started working in wheat and sugar beet fields at the age of eleven and was the valedictorian at his grammar school graduation in 1921 (by the sixth grade he had attended six different schools). The Depression of 1920–21 brought a collapse in prices and local building was abandoned. His family returned to Salt Lake City in 1921, and while his father resumed construction, George became skilled at lath-and-plaster work. The family was again prospering when the Great Depression hit in 1929 and ruined them. George watched his parents fail financially in Idaho and Utah and having to take a dozen years to pay off their debts. Seeing their struggles influenced his life and business career.

If you think about it, the Romney family got a lot of second and third chances because they were white. While Mitt Romney’s parents did not forget their humble beginnings, he certainly has and professes ideologies that stand in stark contrast to the experiences of his own parents.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. samseau
    September 20, 2012 at 7:47 am

    There’s no comparison to the welfare of the 1920’s and the welfare of today. EBT cards, free cars, free housing, free health care, get real.

  2. Ted
    September 21, 2012 at 6:43 am

    “free cars, free housing, free health care, get real.”

    Normally, even outlandish comments merit some reasoned rebuttal. But in this case – what the fuck are you talking about? Who the fuck gets a free car or free health care?

    • P Ray
      September 21, 2012 at 6:48 pm

      You get a free car to the hospital for free health care when you are a university student.
      Since the insurance premiums are covered in your fees.

    • September 22, 2012 at 3:58 am

      Who the fuck gets a free car or free health care?

      In the United States, oldsters get “free” health care — it is called Medicare. There is also “free” health care for low income (heh) citizens — this is called Medicaid. Thugspawn get “free” health care too — this is called SCHIP. We don’t have a trillion dollar deficit for no reason.

      (Don’t know what samseau means by the free car though.)

  3. samseau
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