The Login Attempt Limit is ON by Default

To the moron who was trying to hack into this WordPress install, here are a few things you should know-

1] The login attempts limit is ‘ON’ by default.

2] I back up this blog two times very week- without fail.

3] Find someone less security conscious than me.

and now back to regular programming.

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5 Responses to The Login Attempt Limit is ON by Default

  1. Dude says:

    This is cool. Someone tried to hack you? And you countered him? Even if you were making this up, which I’m sure you’re not, this is still cool. I don’t know anything about hacking, so this probably sounds more exciting than it is.

  2. EvilOne says:

    Im sowwy Unka Diaboli đŸ˜¥

  3. P Ray says:

    Excellent work, the man who speaks the truth … many deceivers try to silence him.

  4. oogenhand says:

    I got hacked too, but I threatened the hacker with eternal damnation. You may laugh, ROFLMAO, but it DID work!!!

  5. anon says:
    Alexa traffic rank: 1,236,324 (also known as: “pleb tier”)

    Oh I know that.. but find it surprising that you rely on Alexa alone.

    Either you have a very pissed off fan (pretty likely, given your content) or this hacker is just playing the numbers game with thousands of wordpress blogs.

    That was my guess too.. some moron trying to make a point or a few quick buck.

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