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More Updates on the Petraeus-Broadwell-Kelley-Allen Scandal

November 13, 2012 25 comments

Since my previous post on this topic, we have all learnt a lot more about this rapidly expanding scandal. So let me first give you a quick update of new revelations since my previous post-

1] It seems that the other woman in the scandal, Jill Kelley, has lawyered up and hired PR for damage control. While we can only speculate about the reasons behind her actions, some of her past actions and those of her twin sister might be behind those decisions. Let me explain..

Jill Kelley (nee Khawam) was previously a well-known ‘socialite’ in Tampa. In addition to also being married to a doctor, her kids are in the similar age range as those of Paula Broadwell. Then there is the issue of her non-identical twin sister, Natalie, who has a rather interesting life of her own. It seems that she has a rather troubled martital and work life and lost custody of her child to her ex-husband because even the family courts thought she was “unstable”. Oddly enough, both Petraeus and Allen (the other tainted general) submitted letters to the judge testifying that Natalie was a qualified mother. I wonder why..

It is also hard to overlook that both Jill and Natalie have had serious financial problems linked to their lifestyle. Natalie filed for bankruptcy in April 2012, claiming $3.6 million in debt against $349,000 in assets. Her debt included an $800,000 “personal loan” from her sister and brother-in-law. Her sister, Jill, has an equally interesting financial history and is also close to declaring bankruptcy, though you would know that from the way she lives or dresses.

So it seems both sisters are manipulative bitches who used their looks and charm to game the system. I should also mention that their financial situation make them suitable for blackmail by foreign governments or entities- which is especially disconcerting given their access to the highest ranks of the armed forces and politicians in the USA. But wait.. there is more.

2] Now that you have seen how parasitic, and potentially dangerous, the Khawan sisters are- let us consider the depth of their contacts to the elite circles in USA. Jill was an early social climber and had a plan even when she was in high school. She or her twin sister once dated Charlie Crist, the former governor of Florida- though dating a gay guy does not really count as dating. Moving on..

Over the years, Jill has been a very active socialite and has spent considerable success in rubbing shoulders with elites. It is very likely that her volunteer ‘social liaison’ job was meant to get her access to powerful and rich people. Did I mention that some of her relatives are go-betweens for deal making in the Middle-East? The Khawam sisters know how to play the game better than american-born socialites. They have even pulled off the cancer charity scam– successfully, I might add.

Now you might wonder how women with such interesting financial and personal histories can get so close to people who head the CIA and run the war in Afghanistan? What does it say about american, and indeed human society, that such people can climb the social ladder while decent human beings suffer and starve? What does it say about the supposed intellect and street smarts of our so-called ‘elites’? Do they have any of those much vaunted abilities or qualities at all? Can men who are manipulated with ease by such women run wars or institutions rationally? Can you still say that the ‘elites’ are competent with a straight face?

3] So how far did Jill and Natalie manipulate the so-called ‘elites’? Enough to have Petraeus and Allen write official letters vouching for Natalie during her failed custody battle with her now ex-husband (who was a Bush loyalist).

Then there is the story of John Allen, the guy in command of the american war effort in Afghanistan, who wrote hundreds if not thousands of flirtatious messages (email+gChat) to Jill and Natalie Kelley– women he never actually had sex with to the best of our knowledge. Reflect for a minute on the oddness of a four-star general leading a difficult counter-insurgency smitten with a woman 20-years his junior and with 3 small kids of her own. Then consider the reasons, distasteful as they may be, that Jill kept on playing this game with him. What does that say about the quality of leadership in the american armed forces?

Also reflect on how these women were friends and trusted confidants of senior politicians in Florida. What does it say about the judgement of the male “elites” who chased them- especially if the Khawam sisters were offering the lure of sex without giving the real thing? What does it say about the judgement of the female “elites” who hung out with both sisters? I leave that for you to think about for now- though I might revisit that issue in a future post.

and here is another interesting fact about Paula Broadwell- the woman who started it all. It turns out that the book which was an important part of her Ph.D disertation was ghost-written by Vernon Loeb. That in a nutshell what your so called ‘high-IQ’ meritocratic elites really are..

Update: John Allen, the four star general, running the war in Afghanistan was engaged in much more than “flirtatious” behavior, and more similar to phone sex. So there you have it.. the guy running the war in Afghanistan was wanking off to sexual email and chat between him and the Khawam sisters.

What do you think? comments?