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Question for ‘High IQ’ and ‘HBD-aware’ Morons

December 11, 2012 46 comments

Here is a question, or two, for the ‘High IQ’ and ‘HBD-aware’ morons that populate certain regions of the blogosphere. And yes.. I have asked similar questions in previous posts. However, for reasons that one can only speculate about, posts about this topic result in interesting and entertaining replies.

If ‘High IQ’ was a useful trait and all those pseudo-scientific rantings about ‘Human Bio-Diversity’ were true- why are so many of the believers in both interested in learning game to attract women? Why are so many of them also interested in returning to stifling ‘traditional family’ values than embrace free-market competition in the sexual marketplace?

I mean.. if you have what it takes to make a woman readily drop her panties- why are you reading Roissy, Roosh or any of the other similar blogs about ‘game’ which curiously also bemoan the loss of ‘traditional’ values. Surely, autistic ‘high IQ’ STEMers would have no problem getting and retaining hot chicks to have sex with and starting a family. But is that how things roll? Why not? Was it ever the case? Why aren’t women throwing themselves at silicon-valley dweebs? Ever heard a woman proclaim her attraction to ‘brainy’ scientists, engineers or programmers- unless it somehow lead to alimony, child-support or inheritance? I can think of many examples of women cheating on their STEMer dweebs and white knights with bad boys- but does the reverse ever happen? How many of you heard about a woman pining for a ‘brainy’ guy while she is having sex with a bad boy?

Why is it that a mid-level drug dealer who might have spent years in jail can get better and more pussy than the ‘smart’ lawyer who is prosecuting or defending him in court? One has invested years of his life in ‘higher learning’ and ends up with a small incestuous ring of ball-breaking bitches who know each other. In contrast, the mid-level drug dealers gets tons of young and hot girls from diverse circles- almost without trying. If ‘High IQ’ and ‘g-loaded’ mental functioning was either real or useful- wouldn’t the opposite be true? Heck, even the median small-time drug dealer scores much more and better pussy than the median millionaire partner in a ‘big-law’ firm. This phenomenon is even more remarkable considering that the under-sexed lawyer likely has much more money than either the mid- or low- level drug dealer.

Let us consider another example. How many women want a doctor husband for anything beyond his money? Seriously.. how many women married to, or in LTRs, with highly-paid doctors would not cheat on their affluent schlubs- given the chance? Ironically these very same women will gladly hang around, have sex with and support guys in a semi-well known pop band or group. So why aren’t women attracted to contentious ‘high IQ’ men with excellent ‘future time’ orientation? So what can’t a conscientious and high-earning dweeb not get woman hot and bothered like a barely famous (or infamous) member of a local band or DJ? Could it be that the qualities exhibited by a half-decent musician, DJ or sportsman are just vastly superior, as far as women are concerned, to those exhibited by a physician.

If any of the mental abilities (or disabilities) which ‘High IQ’ and ‘HBD-aware’ morons believe are highly desirable for human survival were truly so- Wouldn’t women be attracted to them? Were they EVER attracted to them? If not- why not? I guess it is hard to see things properly when your mental model of the world depends on fervently belief in fiction.

What do you think? Comments?