Cults, Religions, Ideologies and Willful Self-Delusion

In a previous post (Cults, Religions and Ideologies Merely Unmask Human Nature), I asked why remarkably similar organized religion-type ideologies arose across different cultures and in all historical eras. Towards the end of that post I said..

Maybe the default mental settings for a majority of human beings are very different from what we want to believe. Maybe most human beings are NOT thoughtful and reasonable creatures with any hard-wired concepts of what we call ‘humanity’. Maybe most humans are more like poisonous and invasive weeds than sentient apes who might evolve into something “better”. Maybe most humans, especially the so-called ‘high IQ’ morons, are actually incapable of rational thinking given that they expend their “intellect” into creating newer scams to do steal, abuse and kill others rather than elevating their own capabilities.

Most people tend to see humans as either ‘fallen angels’ or ‘risen apes’. I propose a third view, namely that humans (or at least the vast majority of them irrespective of intelligence) have more in common with poisonous and invasive weeds bent on choking and killing each other than anything that approaches sentient creatures. While I do not dispute that humans posses some degree of sentience and the ability to reason, any alien intelligence studying humans would correctly deduce that there is very little in human history or the present that suggests anything beyond a very limited use of those faculties.

It is especially ironic that the very humans who consider themselves ‘high IQ’ possess the most regressive and zero-sum ‘minds’ and exhibit the most bizarrely retrograde behaviors.

So what is the basis for my claim that those with ‘High IQ’ are the most regressive and parasitic humans. One of my older posts (What the Behavior of Physicians, Academics and Lawyers Says About IQ) talks about this at some length. The gist of my argument is that ‘high IQ’ people are selfish shysters who display extreme conformism and lie with every breath while slavishly worshiping tradition. They have no interest in any innovation that does further their cancerous motivations. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself- why didn’t all the struggles, wars, genocides and other changes in the entire history of human civilization not improve the life of the average person save the last hundred-odd years. I mean.. why did not all the empire building, agriculture, slavery, torture, murder and genocides throughout human history improve the lives of most people- even those who did all those things.

Isn’t that a lot of effort for essentially no gain?

The more delusional and ‘educated’ might say something about ‘thermodynamics’ and ‘availability of technology’. So let us dissect the argument that it was circumstances and not the nature of humans which led to a zero-sum world view. Once again, an older post by me (Why didn’t the Industrial Revolution start Earlier?) tackles this question and concludes with..

Maybe civilization is not about making things better for most people. Maybe it is about making things worse for most people. Maybe civilization is about impoverishing, killing, starving, abusing and torturing others. Maybe it is about depriving people of happiness and human decency. Maybe civilization, as we know it, is about a few getting lucky and screwing others just to feel a bit better about their own pathetic lives.

Let me give you one easy to understand example that illustrates my point. The western roman empire at its peak (100-200 AD) had the minds, size, organisational infrastructure and technological know-how to start the age of “enlightenment and discovery”. They possessed the necessary know-how to build concrete structures, centrally heated buildings and swimming pools, glass making and had a good grasp on mechanics and rudimentary chemistry which could have easily allowed them to build telescopes, microscopes, print books, build better cities, mine and burn coal, build machines that could replace or at least supplemented slave labor.

But did they do any of those things? No.. they just went on doing what they had done before. It is as if they could not imagine a world that was better than their own. Some of you might see this as cultural inertia and institutional rigidity- but was that really the case. The Romans certainly had no problem with changing emperors who lost popularity through assassinations nor did they have qualms about assimilating new religious ideas- so why were ideas on improving human existence so few and far between? Can you seriously say that no person in the roman empire ever considered the possibility of microscopic life-forms causing infectious diseases, methods to mass produce books or mine coal on a large scale? In contrast to that- new ideas about invisible buddies (new gods), new ways to kill and enslave other people (fight wars) and steal from others (unfair laws) found willing and enthusiastic audiences.

Remember that this occurred in an era when the effects of infectious diseases, poor sanitation and energy poverty dominated the lives of most people and affected even emperors. Yet the roman people and their leaders spent a lot of effort in creating bigger gladiatorial spectacles, building bigger arenas, bigger palaces, bigger walls, fighting bigger wars and generally expending their effort into things which did not improve their lives. It was if they were willing to do anything and everything as long as it did not make their lives better. But why? Is human stupidity, shortsightedness and the inertia of tradition sufficient to explain this behavior? In my opinion, the historical record of human civilization only makes sense if a significant majority of people are functionally closer to mindless poisonous and invasive weeds than sentient apes.

Cults, religions and ideologies should therefore be seen as pathetic justifications and self-rationalizations for acting like poisonous and invasive weeds.

The pseudo-rationalizations provided by belief systems are great for people who are too cowardly or somewhat ashamed to act as they really want to. Plus people are narcissistic and want to be seen as doing the ‘right’ thing even when they are not. Believing in ideological bullshit allows people to pretend that killing and robbing ‘unbelievers’ is an act of piety performed by a ‘good person’ rather than what it really is. It allows people following ‘orders’ to commit horrible acts and still maintain their self-image as decent ‘law-abiding’ human beings.

Some of you might still think that is possible to reason with people who have uncritical faith in any belief system. I believe that is not possible and possibly counterproductive since these people REQUIRE those belief systems to justify their sad and pathetic existence. The only way to really stop such people (and their progeny) is to make them disappear- forever.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. December 20, 2012 at 11:25 pm

    merry xxxmas and a naughty new year!

  2. knee
    December 21, 2012 at 12:03 am

    >>and show them the door at the first sign of significant ‘attitude’.

    But you left the envelope with the money and she took it, didn’t she? Can’t she take the envelope with her then and run off?

    Welcome back, I was afraid you were the guy who went nuts last week. Just kidding.. LOL.

    About the attitude thing- just be careful to not think with your dick and bail out if you have a really bad feeling about any situation or person. Theoretically the escort could grab the money and run- but anyone from an established agency with good reviews wont do that. Neither will an established independent. It is very bad for repeat business and reputation!

    >> If you have to drive to the incall, always park some distance away from the location.

    To prevent them from robbing your car? A problem in Canada?

    Nope.. but there is a small risk in seeing a new escort. Therefore parking 2-3 blocks away from the address is a smart idea- though I have never encountered any problems.

    >> Outcalls are best done in hotels.. you will be surprised how many “good” hotels will rent you a room for a few hours if you phrase your request differently.

    How do you phrase your request differently? I guess you don’t this when you go to Canada though, do you and I guess you stick to outcalls?

    Just say that people are repairing the toilet/ shower at your place or painting the rooms. It is a white lie- as it is both harmless and potentially true.

    • December 21, 2012 at 7:36 pm


      just think, you could be doing it with a former olympian who doesn’t need the money but will use the plausible deniability of she was “depressed” should things go south…

    • knee
      December 22, 2012 at 12:52 am

      1. You mentioned you use PDE5 inhibitors and 2-3 beers each session. If you’re not a fan of beer, what are some other creative ways to get the same effect? Non-alcoholic ways or take a quick shot? 🙂

      2. What are your thoughts on other viagra/cialis/etc in conjunction with escort usage? Not as good as PDE5 inhibitors?

      3. For STD’s, what I’ve heard is you should try not to make your bush hit hers when thrusting in, make sure she is neatly trimmed, check for active lesions, and urinate/take a shower after. What are your thoughts on STD precautions to take and do you feel these are unnecessary?

      4. When you go to Canada each time, how long do you stay there and how many escorts do you see?

      5. Ratio you think you use escorts in USA/Canada/Other?

      6. It seems like from what you said that to use USA ones, you have to be in the in-scene, know the right girls and it is less nooby friendly. Is the USA worth trying to get into for the average person?

      7. So I thought about whether it would be better to send questions to you as private messages and gave up figuring wordpress after about 5 minutes. So maybe there’s an easier way to pm you if you don’t like me clogging this blog with shittons of escort questions?

      • December 22, 2012 at 5:43 am

        Re: 1, 2, & 3: Man, did you even read my comment, or are you just wasting everyone’s time?

  3. anon666
    December 21, 2012 at 4:41 pm

    Hume made a point about reason being “a slave to the passions”, which I agree with, but I would add that one of the strongest human passions is the desire for status, that is the desire to appear better ( both in your own eyes and in those of others) than other people in your in-group and for your in-group to appear better than other groups. In a more technologically primitive setting, most routes toward status (excluding the clerical routes that involved celibacy) led to some degree of reproductive success. Today, there are a far greater number of paths to status that either actively repel the opposite sex (e.g., accruing status by achieving rank in the most influential guild on a World of Warcraft server) or lead to non-procreative sex. Still, we’re saddled with the drive. In the case of the Romans, almost every path to status was linked to warfare in one way or another. They did not choose to use their understanding of engineering to improve the general well-being of the populace, because, well, that wasn’t the priority. Status was the priority, and the rules of the game at the time specified that status was acquired by effectively killing others. In the last hundred years, the rules of the game have changed to some degree, and status-seeking behavior has led to technological improvements that have enhanced the well-being of the average individual. Still, that’s just a fortunate side-effect, and not what motivates people to do what they do. People do have some capacity for empathy, but unless one can help others in a manner that allows one to accrue status, one won’t devote much time or effort to being empathetic. (Professional activist types or “green” businessmen have found a way to simultaneously accrue status AND feel self-righteous.)

    And yes, people not only prioritize their status above the well-being of others, but also above their own well-being. Historically, ,people have been perfectly willing to fight to the death in response to perceived slights or insults, all the while knowing that they might lose. Less extreme than that, people will devote their lives to vocations that they don’t like for the sake of “success”. WoW nerds will sacrifice their house, job, marriage (which might be for the best, who knows), their ability to get laid, etc. in order to build up the most mighty character in an artificial realm.

    So basically, we’re very intelligent about the way we go about pursuing idiotic goals.

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