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How Vacations Perpetuate Voluntary Slavery in Contemporary Societies

As many of you know by now, I detest anything that is justified by words such as laws, rules, civilization, culture, religion or ideology. All of those respectable-sounding words are simply different versions of the same basic scam – abusing, exploiting and impoverishing people under the name of diffuse and seemingly trans-human authority.

The ephemeral nature of these supposedly trans-human concepts is especially obvious when you study the aftermath of systemic failure in older civilizations and nations.

How many of people still worship the supposedly all-powerful gods of various older civilizations that went extinct or were destroyed? What about their supposedly perfect and divinely ordained system of governance of failed civilizations and nations? What about the inherent ‘correctness’ of their belief systems, customs, rules and lifestyles? A skeptical reading of history shows us that all subjective mental models of the universe are adult versions of fairy tales. All contemporary and historical civilizations or nations (that we know of) are, and have always been, pathetic ponzi schemes.

But how is this connected to my contention that the concept of vacations helps perpetuate voluntary slavery in contemporary societies?

Before I go any further let me say this; I am not anti-vacation or pro-work by any non-sophistic definition of those terms. Doing something you don’t care about, or hate, to justify a deceptive social system paying you barely enough to live is slavery in all but name. It is especially reprehensible for this to continue in an age where increases in non-human productivity make it possible to provide universally high standards of living without everybody working hard or in many cases, at all.

Almost all modern jobs, occupations and vocations are therefore nothing more than sophistic names for voluntary slavery. They do not serve any purpose or have utility beyond making a small percentage of equally pathetic and rapidly decaying human beings feel in control.

It is about paying people to torture themselves doing largely useless stuff they don’t care about.

But what do dystopic systems based on paying people to torture themselves have to do with vacation time. Well.. it has to do with the nature of torture. See, if you torture people continuously they might stop caring or just die. That means you have to find a whole new set of people to torture. Finding new subjects for torture was easy in the old days when almost every woman has 7-10 live births. However the rapid advances in medical sciences within the last 100 years coupled with the widespread availability of contraception had caused a severe and irreversible reduction in the number of naive newcomers who could be tortured through work.

Therefore it became necessary to create concepts like vacations to allow the tortured voluntary slaves to partially recover and retain some hope for their future.

It is no coincidence that countries with multi-generational low-fertility tend to have more vacation time that relatively primitive ones such as the USA. The substantially longer duration of vacations in west-european countries is therefore not about any real moral superiority than their inability to find enough naive newbies to torture through work. It is worth noting that the USA has entered that zone (low fertility + vastly reduced total immigration) within the last five years.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. EvilOne
    October 13, 2013 at 3:02 pm


  2. ant
    October 13, 2013 at 7:47 pm

    Have you been to any vacations that doesn’t involve meeting escorts?

  3. October 13, 2013 at 8:01 pm

    I understand the logic behind this post. When I was in high school, one of my teachers said that it’s impossible for a person to work or even a student to stay in class for a straight, full 8 hours a day. People need breaks, otherwise they will not function well. Plus, this is the reason why America has labor laws. In regards to vacations, the average American worker only takes vacations during summer and Christmas and how long are most vacations for American workers? 2-3 weeks at a time, if that. And even that requires permission (unless it’s a holiday and I know people who work on Christmas and NYE). However, in poor countries where people work for chump change and peanuts, vacations do not apply to them. Unfortunately, many Americans are falling down that same path of overworking themselves for a so-called ‘American Dream’, which is unattainable for most people.

    And essentially, a number of people only work FOR vacations.

  4. Thought Trials
    October 14, 2013 at 1:27 am

    Occasionally I see comments from American “employers” whining about the fact that they can’t find any local “talent” that is willing to work for the bargain-basement wages they offer. They seem completely oblivious to the fact that people aren’t willing to slave away for shit pay. At least not any longer.

    I’m not sure how long it will take for them to get a clue. Right now, they’re trying to push the government to issue more visas, which seems to be the only card left in their hat.

  5. October 14, 2013 at 11:54 am

    employment… em-ploy-ment

    The prefix “em” means to put something (or someone) into something. What is that thing the em-ploy-ee is being put into?

    A ploy: A plan or strategy to gain an advantage.

    The em-ploy-ee is the cog in the employer’s machine. They are the oxen pulling the cart whether they know it or not. Plus there’s a carrot on a stick that you can have if you “work hard enough.” Nothing new here, but the fact that it’s embedded as plain as day in our language is absolute hilarity.

  6. Elagabalus
    October 14, 2013 at 1:12 pm

    Ten Commandments for the Idle:

    You are a modern day slave. There is no scope for personal fulfilment. You work for your pay-check at the end of the month, full stop.

    It’s pointless to try to change the system. Opposing it simply makes it stronger.

    What you do is pointless. You can be replaced from one day to the next by any cretin sitting next to you. So work as little as possible and spend time (not too much, if you can help it) cultivating your personal network so that you’re untouchable when the next restructuring comes around.

    You’re not judged on merit, but on whether you look and sound the part. Speak lots of leaden jargon: people will suspect you have an inside track

    Never accept a position of responsibility for any reason. You’ll only have to work harder for what amounts to peanuts.

    Make a beeline for the most useless positions, (research, strategy and business development), where it is impossible to assess your ‘contribution to the wealth of the firm’. Avoid ‘on the ground’ operational roles like the plague.

    Once you’ve found one of these plum jobs, never move. It is only the most exposed who get fired.

    Learn to identify kindred spirits who, like you, believe the system is absurd through discreet signs (quirks in clothing, peculiar jokes, warm smiles).

    Be nice to people on short-term contracts. They are the only people who do any real work.

    Tell yourself that the absurd ideology underpinning this corporate bullshit cannot last for ever. It will go the same way as the dialectical materialism of the communist system. The problem is knowing when…

  7. IamMarktoo
    October 16, 2013 at 12:43 pm

    “Cheap holidays in other peoples misery” sex pistols. Vacations, holidays, whatever, are a scam for so many reasons. The problem I have is how they are defined by employers. They own you and give you, back some of your time to not work for them! A week or so on vacation is an abomination. Its your life and your time. Have as much off as you can, and, be who you want to be. Vacations are just another marketing scam.

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