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Another Factor Behind the Anti-Vaccination Movement

In a previous post on this topic, I had written about how the current anti-vaccination movement was one of the many negative outcomes of profit-driven medicine. Today I will talk about another factor behind the increasing reluctance of parents to trust “credentialed experts” or the “healthcare” system.

While almost all vaccines in current usage are remarkably safe, we have to acknowledge that they do cause severe adverse reactions or fatalities in a very small percentage of recipients. The actual numbers and percentages for such serious or fatal adverse reactions vary from one vaccine to another. For example- pertussis vaccines, even the acellular ones, do carry a higher risk of severe adverse reactions than those against diphtheria and tetanus. Similarly, live-virus based polio vaccines do rarely cause cases of polio through spontaneous mutation of the vaccine virus into its disease-causing sibling. While these outcomes are extremely rare (less than 1 in 10,000 to 1 in a million) they do make the news. But they are, by themselves, not enough to make most people question the general safety of vaccines.

Moderately-serious adverse reactions do however pose a much bigger PR problem- largely because they are not that rare. They are also responsible for the bulk of vaccine-related events serious enough to require medical intervention. While almost never fatal, such adverse reactions often lead to a few days of hospitalization. They also create fearful and anxious parents who , unlike in previous eras, almost always have only one or two children. Moreover the reported incidence of such adverse reactions has gone up in the last 2-3 decades, perhaps mirroring a similar rise in rates of asthma and other mild auto-immune conditions (eczema, atophy etc) in children. To make matters even worse, these moderately-severe adverse reactions are often not vaccine specific

So how do physicians, the medical establishment and society deal with those negatively impacted by such occurrences?

The simple answer is – none of the above mentioned groups really care about those affected inspite of their loud public gestures and proclamations to the contrary.

Face it.. the majority of those who enter medical school do so for the money and prestige. They see patients as nothing more than opportunities to make more money. This is especially true in countries where physicians are highly compensated. Why would a person with a license to print a nice income stream care about those who suffered as a result of their actions? In any case, it is easier (and more profitable) to hide behind ass-covering peers, professional organisations and “official” guidelines than admit their role in causing harm- even if it was accidental.

This sophistic and adversarial mindset is even more obvious in the medical establishment. They are almost completely unwilling to accept the validity of any viewpoint, assessment or hypothesis which would contradict their official beliefs. As far as they are concerned, the universe exist to prove the validity of their beliefs- inspite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. They also have a strong obsession with maintaining a public facade of consensus, unity and competence. In their mind, any criticisms of their beliefs IS heresy. They would rather blame harmed or dead people than admit their mistake or lack of knowledge- even if it was unintentional.

Society at large is no better. While it pays lip service to the idea of helping those in need or down on their luck- it almost never does so. Instead it channels its resources to those who already have more than they can possibly consume. It worships and adores those who steal from others. Society blames victims for their fate. It tries to minimize or mock the reality of their suffering and then try to exploit them even more. Now, we can label this behavior as “human nature” but let us be honest about what it really is- sociopathy. The behaviors and actions of impersonal and atomized human societies are identical to those typically ascribed to sociopaths.

And this brings us to one of the core beliefs driving modern opposition to vaccinations.

Would you trust somebody who has repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to lie, break promises, cut corners, screw over other vulnerable people and put their economic gains over the lives of people who trusted them? Seriously.. would you?

If you would not trust such a person, why would you trust members of a profession that is more about making money and soothing their egos than helping the people they are supposed to help? Would you trust a group whose behavior and actions had more in common with a religious order than anything approaching reason? Lastly.. given what we routinely see around us in contemporary atomized societies – would you trust society?

What do you think? Comments?

  1. mindweapon
    December 7, 2013 at 4:51 am

    A doctor pushed Gardasil on my daughter. I said no. She pushed and pushed. I googled and pushed back. My wife agreed. No Gardasil.

    Gardasil is one of the safer and reasonably effective vaccines. It is unfortunately often pushed as an anti-HPV vaccine rather than one against those HPV strains responsible for cervical cancer.

    • Fuck Everyone including You.
      December 7, 2013 at 7:06 am

      A doctor pushed male genital mutilation on my mother. I woulda said no. He sliced and sliced. Google wasn’t around for another 16 years. My Dad Agreed. No foreskin.

      Routine male circumcision has no worthwhile medical value in most populations.

      • Fuck Everyone including You.
        December 8, 2013 at 3:35 pm

        It’s a fucking human rights abuse when carried out on minors. Fuck any argument that it is a “medical” procedure. It’s a mutilation. Anyone who is for the genital mutilation of newborn boys is a piece of brainwashed shit that supports the destruction of sexual sensitivity for life, of an innocent human being, by force.

        You only have to look at the historical origin of this bullshit practice to see how fucked up it is.

  2. Fuck Everyone including You.
    December 7, 2013 at 6:58 am

    In the event of real medical problems, I would suggest shopping around to at least 3 primary care providers for initial diagnosis, posing as a man that hasn’t visited a doctor in years, denying them as much information about your visits to the other 2 providers as possible, and getting the tests 3 times, and getting 3 “expert” interpretations of those tests. Plus, a fuck ton of internet research on your own behalf. Tragically some people live in electronic medical records using nations that make this a little hard, but really, there are ‘cash only’ doctors if you look hard enough. Warren Zevon didn’t visit a doctor for 20 years. Look how that worked out.


    There are even bitcoin doctors.

    Reaching New Year’s Eve on any given year and being thankful for another year of health, should also be about being thankful you didn’t have to rely on these technocratic credentialist body technicians, these doctors.

    There’s gonna come a time when your body is as fucked out as a Florida whore who has just been passed around by the Bang Bros. Hopefully you can have a plan in place to end it all with a peaceful pill when you’re old and decrepit.

    Prevention is better than cure.

  3. webe
    December 7, 2013 at 1:30 pm

    The mistrust that people have of these vaccines actually has more to do do with the corporations pushing them than the professional bodies themselves, who (unwarranted as it may be) still curry far more good will and trust. But nobody trusts any corporation any more. Corporations definitely are constructed to be a sociopathic personality, most have many criminal convictions, or have taken tantamount deals with the prosecuter. Corporations always try to break down normal human bonds; they always do everything they can get away with; they never act out of normal human impulses; they are always externalizing the true human and social costs.

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