Brendan Eich Got What He Deserved

I am sure that most of you heard about how Brendan Eich had to resign as the CEO of Mozilla because of a thousand dollar donation to supporters of an anti-gay constitutional amendment aka Prop 8 in California. Some in the “mainstream” media and reactionary blogosphere see his forced resignation as a symptom of political correctness run amok. I see it very differently.

In my opinion, Brendan Eich got what he deserved.

First, let us be clear about what Proposition 8 (2008) was really about. It was about denying the right of adult persons to marry somebody of the same sex AND effectively nullifying all the gay marriages that had occurred in California since June 16, 2008. Prop 8 was about denying basic civil rights to a category of people in the 21st century based on one popular interpretation of a committee-approved compilation of a set of books allegedly written by some guys 2-3 centuries prior to that meeting and containing what some believe to be factually accurate accounts of the life and times of a reformist Rabbi who supposedly lived in 1st century Judea.

Prop 8 was about treating someone as a second- or third-class human based on one particular interpretation of an adult fairy tale.

Now some of you might say- but isn’t democracy about the opinions of the numerical majority. Well.. if we had used majority opinion to guide the creation and implementation of laws and rules, slavery would still be legal in the USA. Laws and rules in modern nation states are about keeping society functional and preventing tyranny of the majority or powerful minority. They are not supposed to stroke the egos of zealots who believe in their special connection to imaginary sky-dudes or the voices in their heads. Laws and rules are about maintaining a degree of fairness and rationality in society, or at least the illusion of their existence.

And there is one more little known, but important, fact about this particular case. People inside and outside Mozilla knew that Eich had donated money to support Prop 8 since 2012. So his resignation in 2014 was not the result of somebody leaking a closely guarded secret or a hatchet job by “gay activists”. His views on gay marriage and gays in general became relevant only after he became CEO and, therefore, the public face of Mozilla.

The combination of enhanced public visibility and additional administrative power made people take a second (and much longer) look at his personal views and convictions.

Some CONservatives say that his forced resignation is a sign of the decline of power of the 1st amendment to protect free speech. Oddly, these same people have no issues with corporations firing employees for publicly expressing their desire to form worker unions. CONservatives also believe that unlimited and secret financial contributions to political parties is an expression of free speech rather than open subversion of the democratic process. They also have no problems with the government violating the 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th amendments as long as those affected are either non-white or poor whites.

Brendan Eich, like all CONservatives, wanted to deny legal equality to a subgroup of people based on his personal religious beliefs. He just chose the wrong group and wrong time in history to get away with it and consequently got thrown under the metaphorical bus.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. Dali
    April 5, 2014 at 3:55 pm

    Advocatus Diaboli: Social Justice Warrior.

    But seriously, since when did you care about what people “deserve”? Does it matter?

    Because everyone keeps on saying that he did not “deserve” it.

  2. Zoyd Wheeler
    April 5, 2014 at 6:11 pm

    Gays at mozilla, who worked with him, defend him. They say he never treated gays badly, and in fact they regarded him as an “ally”. I quote the word one lesbian at mozilla used.

    His behavior has never been in question. He was fired for his political affiliation, not anything he did in his job. 100% of qualified observers regard him as 100% professional and sympathetic. These are people who’ve worked with him for years.

    That can’t be said of the progs at Mozilla, who savagely turn against coworkers at the drop of a hat over petty ideological differences. No gay has anything to fear from Eich as a boss or colleague. He has never sacrificed the team’s interests to his own private values. Progs, by contrast, love to purge heretics. They take pride in damaging the team to further their own private ideological convictions. They will always sacrifice the interests of customers, colleagues, and shareholders when they see a chance to conduct a witch hunt.

    Freedom of conscience matters, practically as well as ethically. And you can’t have a functioning democracy if one party can deny a livelihood to members of the other — which progs know. They don’t want a functioning democracy.

  3. April 5, 2014 at 10:02 pm

    oh, wellzie….

    I think chicken fillet is immoral but tastes goooood….

    I pretend it is aborted fetuses from empowered feminist womyn showing they are more powerful than a stupid baby…

    c’mon now, since you are a manospherian, I’m sure you’ve gotten a blowie or three from C.Rudd or another of the alternative right. Y’know it’s not just male feminists that swing both ways…

  4. Marcus Black
    April 6, 2014 at 12:52 am

    The PC jackbooted thugs strike again.
    The political left LBQT(?) are basically saying ‘Join us or be destroyed’.
    Taking down a man’s ability to perform a hurting a man’s career and image, because he has dissenting views.

    It’s totally abhorrent behavior, tbh.

  5. Jamie
    April 6, 2014 at 4:19 am

    Let’s stop and think about this for a moment. Sure the Constitution gives us the First Amendment, which also gives us freedom of religion. But the Constitution bars government from creating any law to infringe upon these. Mozilla is not the government, but rather a private company, so that point is moot. But what about our elected officials?

    The right has made religion a defining litmus test on those running for public office. If President Obama doesn’t go to church, the right instantly gets fired up. They go as far as calling President Obama a “Muslim”, as though it’s an insult, when being Muslim isn’t being a terrorist, but rather a religion. If we use their same justification then every Christian is a terrorist because groups like the KKK invoke terror in the name of a Christian God.

    Hypocrisy doesn’t even begin to describe what is going on here. If we demand our political leaders to be Christians, then they will carry that demand onto the people they hire as their aides, cabinet members, etc. That right there is a pure violation of our first amendment, as we are now talking about government, not a private company.

    And the people against the appointment of Eich were simply doing what the right is doing now, exercising their freedom of speech. They didn’t hold a gun to the head of Eich and demand he resigned. Instead they took to the internet to voice their opposition, ironically using a technology that Eich invented, Javascript and another that Eich has been instrumental in forming, HTML. Eich’s own work helped lead to his downfall.

  6. webe
    April 6, 2014 at 5:43 am

    Actually Jesus says almost nothing about marriage. The only thing he said is that even though the law allows a man to send his wife on her way with a letter of divorce that doesn’t make it okay. In other words, not everything legal is good: there are other considerations, in this case, that loyalty and good faith are something entirely different than laws and rules. He did not suggest a change in the rules.

    Ya, that is one of the oddest part of this story. Nothing that the guy says can be interpreted as anti-gay. Moreover, that era had tons of man-on-man and man-on-boy sex, so it is very unlikely that the authors of those books were unaware of homosexuality.

    Marriage is not about sex anyway. It is mainly custom and morality, a tad of religion and later legality. The point is mainly about making sure that offspring (which was the inevitable outcome of nature [sex and love]) have a mother and father looking out for them, and making sure that women and children are integrated into the economy, which traditionally is all about title to land (men) and its produce. Children and old people lived off the produce, whereas adults worked the land to produce it. It is not surprising that one of the main reasons for divorce historically was not bearing children, essentially returning defective goods. Not too romantic, but then again, survival imposes its own agenda.

    Many religious traditions (like ritual purification, what we call hygiene) should first be understood in terms of being practical. It should give evangelicals pause that the Hebrew word for harlot and homosexual are the same as the word for holy, hearking back to traditions where recreational sex and fertility rituals were considered as being on a plane above just the regular/natural course of affairs.

  7. webe
    April 6, 2014 at 5:58 am

    There’s something contradictory about the whole gay marriage thing: on the one hand we live in a secular culture where heterosexual couples are abandoning the sacred bonds and just living together or taking other measures to come to terms with the implications on the basis of contracts under civil law. Many (incl. gays) repudiate the role of the state in interfering with an individual’s personal relationships and sexual behaviour, and disparage the institution of marriage as a strait-jacket for the purely individual expression of one’s own personal sexuality.

    On the other hand, gay folk (whose union does not entail progeny, except by adoption or other social artifices) are not satisfied with being parties to contracts under civil law and crave the blessings bestowed upon sacred marriage vows and the obligations which these have traditionally imposed.

    Go figure

    It is really about legal equality, because many legacy laws and regulations universally recognize “marriage”- but not “civil unions”.

  8. Sally Ann
    April 6, 2014 at 1:24 pm

    You don’t have to be a bible believing Christian to oppose perversion lifestyles.

    People who are involved in the homosexual lifestyle are confused sicko perverts who were raised incorrectly. It’s an unnatural lifestyle that is objectively inferior to the correct way to live. We as a society should not encourage it. It’s a tragic thing when kids get brainwashed to believe they are “born that way” fags or dykes. It means those people miss out on the dignity of the life of normality they otherwise could have lived had they not been brainwashed by the fag agenda.

    Government shouldn’t have been in the marriage business in the first instance. But since it already was, it is reasonable to protect kids from fag influence by discouraging this lifestyle.

    We live under the Pink Swastika these days. The confused perverts basically use their political power to get people fired for disagreeing with a perversion. Fags will always be second class citizens because their lifestyle choice is inferior to that of normal people.

    Most normal parents want to keep confused sexual deviants the fuck away from their kids. Not so much out of fear of molestation, just because we don’t want our kids getting confused ideas in their heads the way these tragic adults clearly did.

    Alan Keyes said it best in this youtube video in a debate with Obama back when Obama opposed fag marriage

  9. joker
    April 6, 2014 at 4:01 pm

    Is someone going to mourn his departure? Mozilla has been on a steady decline since years ago, aborting projects, dumbing down Firefox with each update and expecting someone else to build extensions for what used to be basic features. This should be posted as an remainder that right leaning nutjobs are as bad at creating value as the usual strawman left guy graduated in humanities.

    • blurkel
      April 7, 2014 at 1:28 am

      You hit the nail on the head of the real issue. Any executive who was doing a good job would have been defended, even if the position taken was more extremem that this one was. Mozilla needed to get him out, and this issue proved to be what they sought. Nnow they are open to giving the spot to someone who can and will do the job.

  10. sth_txs
    April 7, 2014 at 2:37 pm

    There is no ‘right’ to marry! Now, there is a right to freedom of association. As a libertarian minded person, the state should be out of the marriage business. At least in the United States, the original purpose of marriage licenses was to make sure the awesome white man did not interbreed with the black or brown people. It was intended to discriminate.

    Besides, not too many gays really have monogamous relationships.

    Once again, Advocatus shows his ignorance. Besides, why does he never have nude links to gay men? What a bigot! Or Black women? What a fucking bigot!!!

    LOL, many of my NSFW links over the years had links to pics of black and other non-white chicks.

    But seriously, the issue of gay marriage is relevant mainly because many of our laws and rules are based around the word – “marriage”. Change that or universally legalize gay marriage.

    • April 8, 2014 at 9:19 pm

      I bet that filthy misogynist Advocatus diaboli has, ahem, hired a few empowered feminis womyn such as these…

      that being said, they can’t hold a candle to the square jaw and pale skin of a wertern feminist womyn like marcotte or an HBD pedestal placing feminist ally man such as Sweitzer ™ or Chuck Ross.

      Speaking of Charles, he made his blog private so we can openly speak about the intersectionality of western feminism and white nationalism openly.

      toodles, misogynists…

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