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The Inner World of Massey Sahibs: 2

April 3, 2014 5 comments

In my previous post in this series, I had said:

The massey sahib mindset is not restricted to Indians and milder forms of this mindset are actually quite common in many developed countries- especially in people of the upper-middle class persuasion.

I shall now explain what was implied in that statement. But before we go further, let me clarify something. While you can readily find critiques of the Indian mindset and behavior patterns on the intertubes, or in “real” life, almost all of those making them share one common delusion- namely, that the pathology they are talking about is somehow uniquely Indian. However that is not true and every pathology you can see in Indians is also present in other racial and ethnic groups- albeit with different external manifestations. The converse is also true and I have no illusions about the inherent “goodness” of Indians. However a lot of people are unable (or unwilling) to see things for what they really are.

Here are a few brief examples to illustrate that point. We associate genocide with the regimes of people like Hitler and Stalin, when the biggest (number, percentage and impact) genocides in human history were committed by the Spanish in South and Central America and the Anglos in North America. Similarly the Irish Famine (which was actually a genocide) was no different in relative size and scope from what occurred in Ukraine under Stalin. Then there is the issue of the late Victorian holocausts. Did I mention Slavery, Jim Crow and the Ongoing War on Drugs?

The idea that one group of human beings is “better” than others is therefore extremely delusional and not supported by even a cursory reading of historical evidence.

But what does this insight have to do with the subject of this post? Well.. a lot! Massey sahibs and their white counterparts (upper-middle class types) clearly have the resources and mental apparatus to read and understand history. They also have the mental ability to understand how the world around them works, so far as to realize that many of the people who employ them are mentally inferior to them and highly dependent on their abilities. Yet the majority of Massey sahibs and upper-middle class whites are happy to be house slaves and mercenaries for their “masters”.

But why? Why would any half-intelligent person enthusiastically slave away for less competent idiots- who in many cases gained wealth by an accident of birth?

Conventional explanations for this phenomena range from the fear of losing what little they already posses to competition from other brown-nosers. While such “common sense” explanations might sound rational at first glance, they are just clever ways to avoid the central question- Why would a smart person enthusiastically slave for somebody who could throw them on the street on a whim?

Here is my theory- It is really about what their jobs and vocations allow them to do or get away with.

The job functions of Massey sahibs and upper-middle class types almost always involve abusing, exploiting and impoverishing the masses on behalf of their “masters”. They are in it for the power to abuse, exploit and degrade other human beings. Employment by a rich person to do so allows them to indulge their deepest and darkest desires while being able to maintain a ‘normal’ self-image. They have no interest in the truth, reality or anything else that could spoil the party. They choose to believe what they believe because it allows them to go home after a long day of fucking over other people and still feel ‘normal’. Some even fantasize that such displays of loyalty to their “masters” might one day make them more equal to their “masters”. In many respects, this mindset is not too different from the one exhibited by working class whites.

What do you think? Comments?