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A 90s Music Video which, Curiously, Summarizes Elliot Rodger’s Manifesto

As many of you know, Elliot Rodger left a 141-page manifesto about what led him to do what he did on May 23, 2014. Here is one of the links to that document- if you are interested in reading or downloading it and have not done so yet.

Anyway.. after reading that long and well written document, I could not resist thinking about the lyrics of an almost 20-year old NIN song- “Burn”. I have posted a link to a music video of that song below this paragraph and its lyrics are, in turn, posted below the video. Note that the precise scenarios in that video are less important than the overall sum of the message they convey in combination with the lyrics.

This world rejects me
This world threw me away
This world never gave me a chance
This world gonna have to pay

Well I don’t believe in your institutions
I did what you wanted me to
And like the cancer in your system
I’ve got a little surprise for you

Something inside of me
Has opened up its eyes
Why did you put it there?
Did you not realize?
This thing inside of me
It screams the loudest sound
Sometimes I think I could


I look down at where you’re standing
Flock of sheep all on display
With all your lies piled up around you
I can take it all away

Something inside of me
Has opened up its eyes
Why did you put it there?
Did you not realize?
This thing inside of me
It screams the loudest sound
Sometimes I think I could

I’m gonna burn this whole world down

I never was a part of you

I am your savior
I am corruption
I am the angel
Of your destruction
I am perversion
Secret desire
I am your future
Swallowed up in fire

What do you think? Comments?

  1. sth_txs
    May 31, 2014 at 2:56 pm

    It was a disturbed little homo with no ambition in life. A loser with money. His father, is an even sorrier loser to promulgate a call for more gun laws though that would have stopped what had happened.

    You do realize that people who are aware that others see them as worthless might be quite willing to return that favor- with interest?

    • The Social Construct
      June 8, 2014 at 7:16 pm

      “His father, is an even sorrier loser to promulgate a call for more gun laws though that would have stopped what had happened.”

      His father called for no such thing.

  2. May 31, 2014 at 3:22 pm

    I don’t need anyone
    Don’t need no mom and dad
    Don’t need no pretty face
    Don’t need no human race
    I got some news for you
    Don’t even need you too

    I got my devil machine
    Got my electronic dream
    Sonic reducer
    Ain’t no loser
    I’m a sonic reducer
    Ain’t no loser

    People out on the streets
    They don’t know who I am
    I watch them from my room
    They all just pass me by
    But I’m not just anyone
    Said I’m not just anyone

    I got my devil machine
    Got my electronic dream
    Sonic reducer
    Ain’t no loser
    I’m a sonic reducer
    Ain’t no loser

    I’ll be a pharaoh soon
    Rule from some golden tomb
    Things will be different then
    The sun will rise from here
    Then I’ll be ten feet tall
    And you’ll be nothing at all

  3. May 31, 2014 at 3:32 pm

  4. evilwhitemalempire
    May 31, 2014 at 8:08 pm

    For those who are curious about Elliot’s manifesto but don’t want to wade through it (it IS excessively long and repetitive) I have created a Readers Digest version.

    Here Goes!

    The ‘Boy Does My Life Suck’ Manifesto
    by Elliot Rodger
    condensed by evilwhitemalempire

    I was born sometime in the early 90’s somewhere in England and it was a wonderful place and had lots of fun and had no idea what darkness lay ahead and then I took a vacation to Germany and then France and then some other place and then I moved to America cuz my dad’s a movie director and I took a bath with a girl and it was the first and last time I would see a naked girl and then I went some other place and then Dad got divorced and then hooked up with a real bitch and I had to put up with her shit a lot and then I made friends with some guys and learned to skateboard but later gave it up cuz guys younger than me could do more stuff cuz I’m a runt and they’re not and then I got a hackey sack and lost it on a school roof and then my sister lost her virginity before me and that sucked and then I played video games to escape life’s injustices and then got bullied at some middle school and then went to an all boys school to escape being intimidated by all the girls but it back fired and I got bullied a lot and guys played recordings of their girlfriends yelling “Oh, bully kid you’re the greatest! Yes! Yes!” to prove they made it and then I cried and then they pulled me out of that school and put me in another and then something happened and then I went on vacation and then I went to some high school for a few days and cried to mom how bad it was so they took me out and put me in some kind of GED thing and then I played more video games and then I went on vacation and then my mother started seeing some rich guy but wouldn’t marry him so I’d be rich to get laid how selfish of her and then I went to the premier of all the new star wars movies all at once cuz my mother’s a friend of George Lucas and then I finished high school and started college but I just couldn’t stand all the couples kissin’ so I had to go home and play more video games and then Mom sent me to Santa Barbara for college and I thought it was all going to work out for me but it didn’t all the girls liked jocks and assholes and not me a perfect gentleman and I had foul mexicans for roommates that bragged how they got pussy all the time so I cried and then I stopped going to class but just pretended so Mom wouldn’t raise hell and then I tried to win the lottery to get rich to get laid using Jedi mind powers but it didn’t work and then I finally gave up video games and finally lost my best runt friend and then I decided to buy some guns and ammo and then I went to a party and got drunk and tried to push everyone off the balcony but I got pushed off instead and broke my leg and they stole a gold necklace grandma gave me but mom bought me a new one later then I stayed at Mom’s while my leg healed and then I planned my retribution and now I’m off to do it. (And all along the way a whole slew of folks I grew up with got laid and got a life while I remained a virgin for ever and ever.)

    The End

    Epilogue: Females are too irresponsible to be allowed to choose their own mates and sex should all be done away with and use artificial insemination instead and all females should starve to death as I gleefully watch from a watch tower.

    • masculineffort
      June 2, 2014 at 3:46 am

      I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Maybe both. If this guy had been room-mates with even one of my friends, he’d have learnt how to shamelessly hit on woman after woman and slept with a few of them or he’d have slept with hookers or both. He certainly would not have killed himself and killed others. He missed having a man in his life (Dad, bro, Unc, Cuz, Pal) showing him this the ropes on this shit. Tragic!

  5. P Ray
    July 27, 2016 at 6:56 pm

    Horrific video shows moment Albanian dialysis patient kills three by pouring petrol around hospital ward and setting it on fire
    Lefter Canaj, 57, set fire to ward at private American hospital in Tirana
    Shocking clip showed him douse patient in fuel before setting room alight
    Canaj and female patients Sanije Sulaj, and Hani Mal, both 55 have died
    Dashamir Saraci, 38, who Canaj ‘had argument with’ is fighting for his life

    Better be considerate, or your life will … go up in flames.

    Ms Sulaj, and Ms Mal died from asphyxiation, according to Albanian news site Albeu.
    Local media reported that Canaj died on Tuesday, several hours after he was arrested.
    It is thought that Canaj carried out the attack following an argument with Mr Saraci earlier that day while waiting to use the kidney dialysis machine.

    Dickheads make other people suffer (two wrongs don’t make a right … they make a lesson, that the first wrong should have been addressed BEFORE things got to the second wrong)

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