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What I Really Think About Human Beings as a Species: 7

Towards the end of the previous post in this series, I had asked a bunch of questions about why seemingly diverse belief systems were so functionally similar.

Why are they so devoted to the creation and enforcement of arbitrary rules, regulations, mores and rituals? Why are they so devoted to creating very elaborate fairy tales, explanations and justifications for their supposed “authority”? Why are they so interested in encouraging conformity and unquestioning hierarchic obedience? Why are they so interested in destroying the individuality and personal happiness of their members? And why don’t they tackle real problems or make the lives of their followers materially better?

But perhaps the even more important question is-

What kind of person would willingly believe, defend and enforce such systems of belief? And why?

As you will soon see, the answer to these questions is intimately linked to the existence of all organized religious and secular belief systems. The answer will also allow me to elaborate on a concept found in some of my previous posts- aka the “useful idiot” class. So, who are these ‘individuals’ that make up this class? How numerous are they and what are the real driving forces behind their apparently strong beliefs, even if holding those beliefs results in them acting against their best interests?

I am now going to dissect two contemporary secular proto-religions to help you comprehend the defining characteristics of the “useful idiot” class. Let us start with HBD aka Human BioDiversity aka racial realism aka the latest version to put a rational face on racism. In case you wondering, the feminine equivalent of this belief is known as Feminism- and I will tackle it a bit later on in this post- or the next.

So why are some people interested in promoting the belief that one group of people are somehow ‘better’ or ‘more deserving’ than another group. I mean, would we be having this discussion if their claims were actually true. To put it another way- Have you heard of Steve Sailer or Mencius Moldbug types write an endless stream of posts supporting the “revolutionary” idea that the earth is spherical (an oblate spheroid, to be more precise). Why do we not have self-styled “revolutionary” authors writing endless posts that supposedly provide yet more evidence that fire is hot and ice is cold. The answer is quite simple- the experimental evidence that support some ideas is so overwhelming that it is basically impossible to make the contrary case. Now this does not imply that all minority ideas are wrong- as we know that most people once believed that the earth was flat and epidemics of infectious diseases were manifestations of divine wrath. But in both cases, experimental evidence almost always supported what would later prove to the correct explanations.

Does that hold for HBD? and more importantly- why is there is such a large gap between the claims of HBD promoters and reality? and what does that tell us about the motivations of those who believe in it?

Let me explain.. The absolute majority of those who promote or believe in HBD are mediocre to less-than-mediocre white men. I cannot resist pointing out the irony of HBD promoters like Sailer panhandling on their HBD-promoting websites or writing paid articles for groups that want to promote those ideas. Why would a white man with a ‘high IQ’ have to panhandle on his website. Then there is the question of whether any of these ‘high IQ’ white men have achieved anything in their lives beyond writing make-believe articles on white racial supremacy. If not, why not? Why is a ‘high IQ’ liberal race realist like Robert Lindsay always on the cusp of destitution? Why does RooshV have to go to poverty-stricken areas of Ukraine to find “traditional” women? Why does Matt Forney have to go to the Philippines to find “feminine” women?

The pathetic lives of, and lack of achievements shown by, the vast majority of whites are in stark contrast to their exorbitant claims of innate racial superiority.

The answer to this apparent dissonance lies at the heart of organized religious and secular belief systems. To put it simply- organized belief systems prey on the insecurities of people who can appreciate their own inadequacies but lack any ability to overcome or rise above them. The belief that ALL whites are innately superior to other races is comforting to all those mediocre to less-than-mediocre whites (the absolute majority of whites) who know, but will never publicly acknowledge, that they are sad and pathetic losers. HBD is therefore best seen as a bunch of fairly tales or ancestral myths that makes listeners feel better about themselves.

But why are the fairy tales and ancestral myths of HBD so problematic? What harm can come from reading comic books, performing cosplay or LARPing? Well.. the big difference between fantasy role-playing games and HBD (or any other organized ideology) is that those who engage in the former know that their make-believe world is not real. They do not write laws and regulations to run real-life societies based on the contents of comic books and role-playing game guides. In contrast to that, HBD believers and promoters want to run entire societies on the basis of their own special collection of bullshit myths. In that respect, HBD is no different from political Christianity, Islam, Capitalism or Communism.

Like any other organized religion, those who espouse HBD can be divided into two categories- a small number of leaders and a multitude of followers. Now it is obvious to almost anybody that the opinion leaders of HBD are in it for fame, money, ego and perhaps power. But what about the followers? What do they gain from it? Well.. as I said before, the devout followers of all organized ideologies are usually barely average to less-than-average morons with almost no independent sense of self or personal identity. Movements such as organized religions and ideologies give them a powerful if totally fabricated personal identity. But that is not all.

Adopting a fabricated personal identity allows them to hurt more vulnerable people and feel alive, while outsourcing their conscience and better judgement to some priest, leader, prophet or book. Basically, it allows them to be a full-blown sociopath without talking personal responsibility for their actions.

That is why a significant minority of humans can enthusiastically rob, abuse, torture or murder other human beings in the name of some leader, prophet, book or god. That is also why the zealous and devout members of belief systems as diverse as Christianity, Islam, Capitalism and Communism resemble each other so much. The true believers of all organized ideologies tend to posses average to below-average intelligence and derive most of their personal identity from a belief system rooted in one particular set of adult fairy tales. It is also important to understand that an open license to rob, abuse, torture or murder “others” is an essential and integral part of all successful organized religions and ideologies.

In the next part of this series, I will discuss how all of this applies to other organized secular ideologies such as Feminism.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. Tre
    August 17, 2014 at 6:21 pm

    Your argument is self-defeating according to your own thinking: if the HBD people were successful white people you would classify them as sociopaths that take advantage of others weaknesses/beliefs to become wealthy. The fact they aren’t rich doesn’t show other white successful people don’t believe in HBD; if anything rich people love poorer people saying what they’re thinking. In fact, most wealthy white people inherently know they’re superior, they just don’t say it to preserve mud-skin peoples’ precious feelings. Strange that you don’t realize that.

    Sociopaths without a sense of self (like yourself) are just tools in the hands of sociopaths with a sense of self.

    Also, if you know so much about how wealthy and therefore “superior” white people think- why aren’t you invited to their party.

  2. August 17, 2014 at 6:59 pm

    This is a good one. I always notice how certain whites love to brag about their ‘high IQ’ or ‘superior brain power’, but I always knew it was all bullshit. If they were so superior, the ones in so-called ‘authority’ positions wouldn’t be so hell-bent on keeping other people down (specifically blacks and women). And since Asians supposedly have the highest levels of IQs, shouldn’t they be the top dogs in not only America, but nationwide? But that’s not the case, is it? If it would be the case, why are cunts like Amy Chua so hell-bent on making slaves out of their own children to impress white capitalistic societies? Goes to show IQ doesn’t matter and it’s all bullshit from the start just another reason to intentionally demean others and those who fall for it are walking dead.

    Men of all ethnicities travel abroad either because American women are collectively shitty or for the simple pleasures of mongering. However, if Roosh and Matt Forney supposedly had high-IQs due to racial genetics and if high-IQs guaranteed high-grade pussy, why are these guys having trouble with women in their own native land?

    As far as Robert Lindsay, I browsed through his page twice and something about him made me feel uncomfortable. And it’s not the fact that he looks like a mentally-sick mass-murderer or a pedophile, but… He made numerous topics where he tells on himself in regards to his fear of black men (and black people in general), his disdain of certain aspects of human sexuality and other topics reveal that he may live in poverty. It is also obvious that he has white knighting in his veins.

    • EvilOne
      August 18, 2014 at 12:24 am

      Why would High IQ guarantee high quality pussy? Women operate on a caveman level thinking – IQ is not that hot to them.

      • August 18, 2014 at 5:19 am

        Not all women think like that, but a number of them do.

        Thing is, even for the ‘educated’ ones, like these so-called ‘educated black women’, they love to whine about (black) men not having their shit together… YET, they go out of their way to chase after a man who is lesser-than that particular standard they are looking for… Hence why most women love thugs, drug lords, street dudes, blue-collar types, jailbirds and dumb, slow autistic dudes who they can game on.

  3. rooshv scum
    August 18, 2014 at 4:16 am

    “Why does RooshV have to go to poverty-stricken areas of Ukraine to find “traditional” women?”

    Why is he classified under “white”? He is a self-hating non-white who makes money selling worthless books and convincing guys who never get laid (90% of readers of game) that he has the solution (if only they tried harder at game).

  4. Flex wheeler
    August 18, 2014 at 5:14 am

    “The whole world shines shit but calls it gold”
    -The Wire

  5. sth_txs
    August 18, 2014 at 2:20 pm

    You forgot to list the idiot belief of socialism. Also, most blacks are worthless human garbage. Go live with them AD if you think they are equal.

  6. SebZear
    August 19, 2014 at 3:26 pm

    You partition HBDers incorrectly. It’s not the followers & the leaders; it’s the racists-who-will-accept-any-justification & the population-geneticists-with-balls (e.g. Razib Khan from Gene Expression), although the Venn diagrams of our respective partitions would overlap to some degree.

    But the take-home is that HBD in its modern blogosphere incarnation is not about divining the natural ranking of the races on the Great Chain of Being (while making sure the whites end up on top, naturally /s), as you seem to believe, but about stressing the inadequacy of the blank-slatist psychological model that flies in the face of the reality of the human species as a biological life form with a genetically-initiated nervous system subject to the vicissitudes of natural and sexual selection and genetic drift.

    To anyone at least somewhat immersed in the HBDsphere, it’s obvious that a statement such as “the white race is superior to the black race” is infinitely less congruent with HBD than “a non-negligible amount of the variance in manifest psychological phenotypes and psychology-dependent life outcomes among races is accounted for by variance in genetics (even if ‘races’ be mere rosters of individuals with no secure ontological basis)—in specific opposition to the received wisdom that 100% of the variance is accounted for by culture or economics or similar sociological constructs.”

    Surely there are racists among the HBD ranks, but value judgments as to the worth and goodness of each race aggressively miss the point of the entire exercise.

    Polishing a turd does not make it something else.

  7. Great Grimoires For Masons
    August 20, 2014 at 1:19 am

    “Polishing a turd does not make it something else.”

    What about applying a plunger? lzolzozlzlzoz

  8. May 30, 2016 at 7:30 pm

    Roosh Valizadeh is the founder of his own online blog called RooshV and a manosphere site called Return of Kings, were the main focus is on male self-improvement. He travels to mostly Second and Third World countries for sex tourism because most First World women are spoiled rotten and unfortunately, the rest of the world is catching up fast.

    He distinguishes himself from the PUA crowd that tries to sell useless ideas that will never work for most people by offering practical advice on how to improve all aspects of your life, not just with women.

  1. August 18, 2014 at 4:14 pm
  2. January 12, 2015 at 5:54 am

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