What I Really Think About Human Beings as a Species: 9

Following up from my previous post in this series, I made the following statement:

A mentally ill murderer who believes that he is god is far more honest and possess significantly larger balls than the pathetic piece of shit who has to hide in the shadow of a socially acceptable belief system and defend his actions through misdirection and sophistry.

Scamming others and oneself through outright lies, misdirections and sophistry is one of the main foundations of all traditional religious and secular belief systems. But how does anything this fucked up become popular in the first place. How do such scam-ridden belief systems gain any amount of social legitimacy? Well, it is easy..

All traditional and secular religions portray themselves as an answer to a problem, even if that problem is non-existent.

A few contemporary examples of emerging ideologies and movements will help you understand what I am talking about. They will also show you what motivates the early adopters and evangelists of any religions or secular ideology.

Let us start with PETA aka People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. While it was initially started to protest some very egregious examples of medical experimentation and abuse of animals, it did not stay that way. As soon as the group got its first wave of new followers, it diversified into other areas such as opposition to factory farming, fur farming, animal testing, and animals in entertainment. Personally, I do support the core ideas behind organisations like PETA and have, on numerous occasions, clearly stated my opposition to cruel and inhumane treatment of animals. But if you have spent enough time following their actions, it is clear that the organization is now largely driven by the need for ever-increasing amounts of publicity, money and power.

Let me illustrate that point with a few examples of their actions and behavior within the last decade. You might have, at some point in the last few years, come across a news item about how PETA wants everyone to become vegan or something like that. My question is- What does not eating meat have to do with the prevention of cruelty to animals? Human beings are an omnivorous species, and while we can survive close to either end of the carnivore-vegetarian gradient- it is rather obvious that our physiology works best when we are somewhere in the middle of that gradient. So the real question is- How do you raise and kill animals for meat in a way that minimizes suffering, preferably to levels experienced by the same species in the wild.

As you might have realized, getting people to agree on not abusing animals raised for meat is relatively easy and straightforward. Nor is it especially costly or technology intensive to do so. You just have to support and perhaps legislate for moderate density animal farming as opposed to the high density crap that is supported by large corporations today. So why is PETA more famous for throwing fake blood on fur coats, constantly promoting veganism or killing animals in their pet shelters? And yes, they have rational-sounding reasons for all of those actions. But is it really about preventing cruelty to animals? Could there be a better explanation for the large gap between what they could feasibly achieve and what they actually devote their energies to?

PETA is now a nascent religion and, like all other older religions, is now far more interested in screwing up the lives of other people than trying to solve the problem it was created to solve in the first place.

Their constant obsession with fur coats, promoting veganism and defense of kill-only shelters is about trying to force other people to live as they want others to live. In that respect they are no different from Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or any flavor of Capitalism or Communism. It is therefore no surprise that their more famous supporters sound more like evangelists on a moral crusade than rational people trying to find a better solution. Now let us turn our attention to another nascent religion aka the ‘religion of catastrophic man-made global climate change’ which used to known as the ‘religion of catastrophic man-made global warming’.

While I have written a couple of posts, including this one, about my thoughts on that subject- they tackled the more technical issues involved in modeling complex interactive systems and understanding the mechanism behind previous instances of dramatic climate change. But as many of you have come to realize, for some time, all of that talk about man-made climate change is not really about preventing climate change. It is really about maintaining power, specifically the primacy of a rapidly aging and sclerotic white west in the face of sustained global increases in the quality of life.

At their core, movements centered around “preventing climate-change” or any similar environmentalist bullshit are about trying to prevent non-white populations from enjoying a higher standard of living.

For a century or so (approximately 1850-1950) only the west (and predominantly white people) enjoyed a rapidly increasing standard of living. At that time, they believed that they alone were genetically capable of developing and using science and technology. But reality has a way to spoil delusions and the post 1950 era saw a diffusion and uptake of science and technology among non-white populations who were considered to be generically incapable of doing so. Now we live in a world where the level of scientific understanding and technological competence is rather similar throughout the world. Today most technology intensive manufacturing occurs in East Asia, a lot of chemical manufacturing and processing occurs in places like India and countries like Brazil make commercially viable airliners. Did I mention relatively inexpensive and successful interplanetary probes to Mars?

To put it another way, being white is just not what it used to be and the process is not reversible.

The support for movements to ‘reduce climate change’ should therefore be seen as a last-ditch effort to sabotage the development of non-white countries. And here is the real problem with that approach- it is not working! Countries like China, India and pretty much all other non-white countries can both see through this charade and have the means to tell the rapidly aging and pathetic predominantly white countries to fuck themselves.

So why do I call it the ‘religion of catastrophic man-made global climate change’ rather than a conspiracy to sabotage predominantly non-white countries. I am certainly not the first person to point out the religious nature of belief in man-made catastrophic global climate change. Michael Crichton said something very similar a few year ago. But his main focus on how it resembled the belief system of traditional and secular religions. He did not talk much about how the motivations of prophets, leaders and priests of this new religion are almost identical to their counterparts from more traditional faiths.

So let us talk about what motivates the prophets, leaders and priests of this new faith. Well.. like their counterparts from older faiths, they are driven by the need for power- specifically the power to impoverish, abuse and kill other people. As with all older religions, there is a massive gap between the preaching and actual behavior of these prophets, leaders and priests. Most live in great material luxury and gleefully indulge in all the “sins” they rant and warn others about. No rich white supporter of global warming is ever going to give up any of the fossil-fuel enabled utilities and capabilities they warn non-whites about, except perhaps for photo opportunities.

Another important characteristic of religions, also seen in global warming, is the presence of a significant number of useful idiots who will enthusiastically follow the teachings of their duplicitous leaders. We have all come across a few ‘true believers’ who firmly believe in and obsess about man-made climate change. So what motivates them? Once again, and as I have said before, it is about providing them a rational to abuse other people- even though most of them do not yet have that power. Religions, you see, are a lot like ponzi schemes in that every person who joins it does so to get up to the next level and abuse those below them.

In the next part of this post, I will try to focus on secular religions such as feminism (including the white-knight phenomena) and all those poor and stupid southern whites who enjoy being shat on by rich white people as long as they get to fuck over a few black people. And yes, those two religions are connected.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. P Ray
    September 24, 2014 at 10:18 pm

    You’re absolutely bang on the money about
    “Environmentalism is about limiting higher standards of living to (certain) whites only”
    A good example was in the documentary “Mine Your Own Business”

    Green Lies and an Inconvenient Truth, Irish Mail on Sunday, February 18, 2007
    by Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney
    “The real battle, we discovered, is not between western environmentalists and mining companies but between environmentalists and some of the world’s poorest people.
    In the film, educated Western environmentalists explained to us, in all seriousness, that the locals don’t want better food, houses or schools for their children.
    What they were really saying was that poverty is a culture – a lifestyle choice that should be preserved. They saw affluence as an evil. The locals, perhaps tired of seeing their children die of curable diseases, strongly disagreed.”

    “They have noticed that since Ireland became prosperous, the poor no longer know their place and this disturbs the new green elite.
    They watched in shock as the poor became rich, built their bungalows, took their cheap flights and drove their new cars. And they don’t like it.
    The poor are travelling to Spain on their cheap flights and drinking their cheap beers. Don’t they know travel should be dear so that only those who appreciate it can partake in it?”

  2. September 25, 2014 at 4:56 am

    In the next part of this post, I will try to focus on secular religions such as feminism (including the white-knight phenomena) and all those poor and stupid southern whites who enjoy being shat on by rich white people as long as they get to fuck over a few black people. And yes, those two religions are connected.

    Now this is what I’m really looking forward to.

    • September 23, 2018 at 11:24 am

      …and exactly four years later. I still would have enjoyed the response to this.

  3. Ted
    September 25, 2014 at 10:27 am

    As someone who believes that climate change is real, I find myself increasingly annoyed by the “sky is falling” attitude among professional environmentalists. I have been taught that the environment is about to collapse since the early 1980s. What have I seen instead? Well, recycling went from something that only hippies did to becoming as regular as trash pickup. The wasteful incandescent bulb was replaced with more energy efficient bulbs. Car mileage has improved dramatically, to the point that the average car is now expected to run for 200,000 miles. Airplane manufacturers are competing with each other to make lighter, more fuel efficient jets because, surprise, that is what airlines are demanding.

    Indeed, the environmental problems that China and India face are far more immediate than a 0.25 increase in temperature 100 years in the future. They both have filthy rivers, and unbreathable air. The new Indian PM promises to clean up the Ganges River. I’m doubtful, but the idea that developing nations don’t care about the environment is nonsense.

    OTOH – much of the calamities in the US that are blamed on climate change have other sources. The poor rainfall in California is one reason for the drought they’ve had for 3 years. Another could be there are 35 million people in the state. They all want to have green lawns, golf courses, and swimming pools. If Fiji had 35 million people, they would run out of water too.

    The US switched from dense urban housing to suburban sprawl. 5,000 people in an urban area require fewer pipes, electrical wiring, cable, and streets than the same number of people spread out of a much larger suburban area. So, the demand for cheap housing means that you build in places where you should not – such as tornado alley, hurricane alley, and brush fire areas.

    Environmental alarmism is no different than groups that freak out over gays getting married, terrorism, or Obama coming to get your guns.

  4. doclove
    September 25, 2014 at 7:25 pm


  5. September 26, 2014 at 5:54 pm
  6. joesantus
    September 29, 2014 at 1:22 pm

    I’ve seen nil evidence in my 58 years that evolution is anything more than random. Based on what’s understtod to now, species seem to me to be no more than a “this-roll-of-the-biological-dice-happens-to-function-adequately-enough-to-enable-at-least short-term-survival”. Evolution might explain why a species exhibits certain behavior, but often that behavior represents a “this-duct-tape-isn’t-ideal-but-it’ll-hold-it-together-long-enough-to-work-a-while” biological development. Higher species seem to carry serious weaknesses and intra-conflicting characteristics, leaving each species far from any optimal and often barely satisfactory. The more complex the species, the more numerous the accumulation of biological compromises and weaknesses.

    Humans are no different. Indeed, we have the added component of wiring for what we term “self-awareness/higher reasoning/volitional psyche”, which exponentially increases the biological compromises. Self-awareness/higher reasoning results in the human species facing innate conflicts which mammals lacking higher reasoning/self-awareness do not face.

    I agree with AD that humanity manifests a consistent desire to harm others, at a level which far exceeds the violence and reflects a motive far different from what other mammals perpetrate within their own species. But I see that desire in humans as being a reaction to a “duct-taped” biology which gives us literally conflicting drives, keeping humans in a unique irresoluble tension between the “unconscious” instincts we share with other primates and the self-awareness/higher reasoning that distinguishes us from those other mammals. I believe the human desire to harm each other is a reaction to how humanity’s self-awareness informs us that we are meaningless, that we are impotent, and that we are going to die.

    Our self-awareness makes us conscious of our limitations, including those of our lifetime and of our mortal fragility; makes us realize that finally, in the scope of the universe, we don’t matter at all; and makes us realize that we ultimately have zero control over anything. But “our duct-taped” awareness of pointless existence that quickly ends in a purposeless void goes against the “duct-taped” wiring which instinctually drives us to “survive at all costs”, collectively and, moreso, individually. The consequence is all of humanity’s attempts to not only “improve” itself (effort to surmount mortality) , collectively and individually, but also to “prove” itself (effort to surmount pointlessness) collectively and individually.

    Humanity’s biologically-induced reactions of “improving and/or proving itself”are what I think motivates women to despise men, races to discriminate against races, classes to wield power, nations to conquer others, governments to want more control, police to abuse authority, men to ridicule their friends, bosses to kick-the-employee-who-kicks-the-spouse-who-kicks-the-kid-who-kicks-the-dog. Hurting others variously gives an artificial sense of control, of purpose, of value, which serve to numb to the self-awareness that we finally are and mean zero.

    I don’t believe these reactions are more than sometimes/somewhat/temporarily reducible — being a product of our duct-taped biology , I can’t see how they’re preventable nor changeable apart from a rewiring of human DNA. We’re trapped in a random biological “works adequately enough to keep the species going at least a while”.

  1. October 9, 2018 at 10:44 pm

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