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Why GamerGaters Are Prevailing Over SJWs, Feminists and Journalists

Mulling over GamerGate and its coverage by media for the last few days has provided me some interesting insights into the issue and how things might look in the near future (weeks to months). Some of my insights came from a dispassionate look at the responses of most “main-stream” journalists to GamerGate. A few came from studying changes in the tone of their articles and stated goals over time. Others came from my insights on the dynamics of this confrontation.

The short version of my conclusions is as follows: GamerGaters are prevailing over SJWs, feminists and journalists- and will continue to do so in the near future (weeks to months). I also believe that this trend will probably continue in the medium term (few years). FYI- I do not make predictions about events more than ten years in the future.

Here is the longer version of my insights.

1. The tone of “mainstream” journalists has shifted over the previous 2-3 weeks.

Their almost unanimous belief in an inevitable, decisive and spectacular triumph over the crushed ego of GamerGaters has increasingly been replaced by articles like this: Nobody Wins the GamerGate Civil War, Why can’t both sides bury hatchet over ethics in video games row?, Video game industry calls for an end to polarising ‘Gamergate’ controversy and The Disheartening GamerGate Campaign. It seems that some of those who wrote articles predicting the death and growing irrelevance of “gamers”, “nerds” and “neckbeards” are changing their tone. But why? Well.. a few were probably never enthusiastic about the whole thing in the first place. Some have been demoralized by the lack of an early decisive victory and are now re-evaluating their previous positions. Others are trying to buy time to regroup for a counter-offensive. Then there are those who can now see that this is turning into an insurgency.

2. GamerGate now displays all the main characteristics of an insurgency.

The last decade has seen the USA lose two wars in the middle-east. While some of you might not consider the outcome of military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan to be defeats or failures for the USA, the facts say otherwise. Simply put, the USA has failed to de-Talibanize Afghanistan after a decade of military presence in that country. They have also not been able to suppress Sunni Arab militarism in Iraq after almost a decade of being in that country. Why did they fail? Did they not spend enough money, buy enough fancy weapons or put enough boots on the ground? In my opinion, it comes down to a simple fact about warfare in the post-industrial era.

Conventional centralized armies cannot defeat determined insurgencies, especially if the later lacks a centralized command and control structure.

Let us compare the outcomes of WW2 with the decade-long dabbling in the middle-east. Ever wonder why the occupation of Germany and Japan after their defeat in WW2 was so orderly? Well.. it comes down to the fact that both nations had highly centralized command and control structures based on a national identity. People kept on fighting only as long as that structure did not surrender. Once that occurred, the occupiers faced no real resistance from the population. In contrast to that, both Iraq and Afghanistan are agglomerations of clans and tribes that form temporary alliances to fight external aggressors. In such situations, there is no central authority and command structure to declare defeat or victory.Furthermore, there is no hard and fast difference between allies and enemies in such societies.

The GamerGate crowd is similar to these insurgents in that there have no centralized command and control setup. Alliances between various groups in the coalition are temporary and ever-changing. Consequently the SJW-Feminist-Journalist crowd will never be able to rest in peace even if they declare victory. Even worse, such declarations will invite more attacks, sabotage and trolling. The SJW-Feminist-Journalist crowd in contrast are part of a fairly centralized hierarchical setup with only a few important power centers.

3. The GamerGaters have far less to lose than their adversaries.

The SJW-Feminist-Journalist crowd delights in portraying the GamerGate crowd as basement-dwelling neckbeards without well-paying careers. While that is an exaggeration, it does contain a core of truth. A lot of GamerGaters are intelligent but somewhat socially awkward and lonely guys in jobs that don’t pay well. In contrast to that, their equivalents from a previous era had far better economic and sexual opportunities. While this inter-generational change in fortunes might not seem like a big deal, it does actually has a major influence on the nature and longevity of GamerGate.

Consequently, the men participating in GamerGate today don’t have much to lose. Compare this to their equivalents from previous eras who often went along with social “consensus” because they had stable and well-paying jobs, wives, children and mortgages. People who believe they have something worthwhile to lose act far more conservatively than those who know that they don’t have much to begin with. Computer games are far more important to guys with poorly paid and unstable jobs than people who fancy themselves as petite bourgeoisie. The SJW-Feminist-Journalist crowd, on the other hand, are full of aspirational and actual petite bourgeoisie. They simply cannot afford to take the same risks as GamerGaters.

It also does not help that the SJW-Feminist-Journalist crowd are not especially conversant with the technology and other factors/issues underlying computer gaming. As many of you might have noticed by now, they cover their rudimentary understanding of technology with buzzwords and appeals to their “authority” or gender.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. October 28, 2014 at 7:24 am

    you realize you just described MGTOW to the T…

    also, probably the most obvious thing is Gawker media is losing advertising dollars…

    hehe, my next prediction is that Roosh 5, in his never ending quest for “masculinity” and “alphaness” moves back to the middle east to join ISIS. No more “being tricked” by transvestites for a new flag, drunken encounters with Jack Don-0-van in a hot tub or bashing Indian Men when he could be trying to blow them up.

  2. Ted
    October 28, 2014 at 7:46 am

    Part of the problem in GamerGate is that the feminists do not have a single person upon which to lay their sights. There is a tendency among Americans in positions of power to believe the opposition always has a leader, and the once you eliminate that leader, things will go back to normal. Overseas, you see it in the dangers of drug lords or terrorist chieftains. That is far easier to sell to a gullible public than an amorphous, ever-changing opponent. Unlike the NFL, which first had the video-taped image of Ray Rice knocking out his girlfriend, followed by the clumsy public pronouncements of Roger Goddell. These were two flesh & blood people who could be lambasted in public.

    But, notice that after a few frenzied weeks of coverage, the NFL story went away. Why? There was too much money at risk. The NFL understood, belatedly, that if you just throw some money at feminists, they will shut up. A couple of useless seminars (like those sexual harrassment seminars we all attended in the 90s) to employ women with no marketable skills.

    How much money was going to be lost if the NFL went down? Not just to owners & players, but to television stations & networks, municipalities that tax the tickets. Do you really think the head of CBS, Les Moonves, is going to jettison the sport that allows him to live his high-end lifestyle?

    So, it is with video games. Now, I don’t play video games myself, but I am impressed with the amazing production values & intricate storylines. More often than not, the young men who go into developing these games were probably not among the “cool kids” in their youth. Instead, they develop worlds where the skills & interests that earned them ridicule now earn them dollars. And that is what attracted the feminists. The dollars.

    Do you think feminists are going to go after the notorious sexism in coal mining, long-haul trucking, or commercial fishing? Nope – those are “masculine” professions that they have no interest in, and the men would unlikely accede to their demands anyway. But, given that these women used to ridicule the nerds in high school, why not continue to ridicule them now, and get some greenbacks in the process? All the while striking a blow for equality.

    The problem is – without actual names & faces, Gamergate is difficult to describe to people who don’t give a crap about video games. Unless there is video footage of a gamer punching out a woman in an elevator, this will be the focus of gamers and feminists hoped to get their claws into some of that video game industry money – an industry which is now bigger than movies.

  3. P Ray
    October 30, 2014 at 8:57 am

    SJW should really be renamed “Social Justice for Women”, because that’s the only people they campaign for.
    I don’t see them saying “racism against non-whites who want to teach English overseas is inexcusable” unless the person being slated for their race … happens to be a woman.
    They like to talk about “Fat Acceptance” when it’s really “Fat Acceptance for Women only”
    and “Domestic Violence is only committed by men” along with “Stop Rape against Women(Despite the fact more men get raped in prison).
    In short, it is a greedy grab for printed government money by a very privileged few loudmouths who are trying to make themselves “important without doing real work”.
    It makes me laugh to see them frustrated.
    Long may that continue.

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