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A Video Montage of the Wolfenstein Video Game Series from 1981-2014

I found this video clip sometime ago and wanted to write a post about it. Well.. the post might take some more time, so here is the clip.

A few important notes: 1] The quality of video gameplay has not really improved since 2001. 2] Pretty much all improvements in computational power since 2001 have been used to sex up the ‘action and explosions’ component rather than improve the depth of the storyline or quality of gameplay. 3] Since 2001, the storylines themselves have become more simplistic, unrealistic and action movie-like.

What do you think? Comments?

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  1. P Ray
    March 28, 2015 at 5:05 pm

    I figure in a time of great uncertainty, the entertainment that is most profitable is one that carries the story of “absolute certainty”.

    So, in the case of Wolfenstein, that is an obvious force of bad guys, and an obvious force of good guys.

    Contrast that with Joint Task Force, where at the end of the game O’Connell gets told that the WMD that was recovered … has disappeared despite the manifests showing that it was safely transported.

    Seems most games don’t like to discuss chicanery, traitors or dashed hopes.

    They really set people up to be docile chumps.

  2. barrkel
    March 29, 2015 at 3:13 am

    There’s been some bifurcation in games, leaving a middle ground underserved.

    It used to be that an AAA game was not a massive multiple in terms of effort or manpower than a very well polished puzzle game. Experimenting with different gameplay mechanics was relatively cheap. But as hardware capability increased, the amount of assets that need to be created for a game to not look shoddy greatly increased budgets. Studios became more risk-averse, with less experimentation, so there are more sequels with similar mechanics.

    Then came the supremacy of consoles. Game spending is something like 10:1 in favour of consoles, and console gamers want a different kind of experience, more approachable, more movie-like, almost on-rails (CoD), or episodic in tiny little bite-sized pieces, like GTA. They want cover systems and auto-aiming support to reduce frustration level and make up for controller deficiencies. They want auto-save systems to eliminate the need to navigate menus. Etc. The differences in revenue means that almost all modern AAA games are built for consoles first, thus you see most PC games getting obnoxious instructions telling you not to yank the power when you see a saving icon.

    Meanwhile puzzle games are still going strong, on tablets and phones. But the gap in cost and manpower is enormous now. You get the odd indie, like The Stanley Parable (no more than 3 hours or so worth of gameplay), but they need to make compromises; either forego fancy graphics or be very short.

    We may see better things in the future, with commoditization of game engines and increasing availability of decent assets on marketplaces. But things like audio: the sheer amount of recording of voice talent that goes into something like GTA or Skyrim is formidable.

    Thief / Thief II and Deus Ex are probably still at the apex of gameplay for me. Far Cry 2 got very very close, however; by far my favourite of the series.

  3. April 2, 2015 at 10:17 pm

    How about post hardcore pics/vids you like? Does wordpress prevent it?

    Mostly nubiles and occasionally amateur posts in the past

    Since that sort of stuff is posted on my privately hosted blog, it will not be an issue. Will look into it and see what I can do.

    The real reason I post mostly softcore stuff is that people looking for hardcore stuff gravitate towards free video “tube” sites (increasingly HD) or download them from torrents.

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