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Interesting Links: Nov 6, 2016

Here are links to a few recent articles by Michael Tracy which explain the extent of corrupt, unethical and criminal behavior by Hillary Clinton, her husband and her cronies.

Link 1: Yes, The Clintons Are Uniquely Corrupt: A Grand Finale Essay

A question asked far less frequently, however, is how the Democratic Party entered the thrall of a widely-despised, historically unpopular, scandal-ridden candidate who at present appears to be statistically tied in the polls with the beauty pageant proprietor. Hillary Clinton’s flaws are manifold and have been well-known for ages; as just one example, prominent Democratic operatives groused behind the scenes long before the 2016 campaign formally began that malfeasance related to the Clinton Foundation would certainly become a major electoral liability. Their surmise was correct.

Link 2: Here’s Exactly How We Know That Hillary Is Under Criminal Investigation

When an investigation is “closed,” it’s not necessarily “closed” for all eternity. “Closed” isn’t a technical term. It just means the investigation is no longer being actively pursued. Any criminal investigation can be “re-opened” if additional evidence were to surface. According to Comey’s letter today, just that has happened: additional evidence has surfaced. As Comey put it, the newly-recovered emails “appear to be pertinent to the investigation.” By “the investigation” he is referring to the “investigation of former Secretary Clinton’s personal email server.” That investigation was unambiguously criminal in nature, as demonstrated above. Therefore, if the investigation has resumed in light of newly-surfaced evidence, Hillary is once again under criminal investigation as of today, October 28, 2016.

Link 3: Hillary’s Harassment Brigades

As of late I’ve been on the receiving end of an absolute torrent of 24/7 vitriol. I can perfectly understand why this is so. First, we’re nearing the climax of a highly cantankerous presidential campaign, and tensions are heightened on all sides. On top of that, I regularly expound firm opinions about contentious topics, and some segment of internet users are bound to disagree with what I say. I like to think that my opinions are amply grounded in reporting and facts, but nevertheless, some readers will inevitably take exception and state their objections accordingly.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. P Ray
    November 6, 2016 at 10:04 am

    Spent the last 2 days watching the Weiner documentary, and Hillary’s America.
    I just wonder how these people keep coming back from their scandals.
    It’s a unique bunch of people that rabidly support them despite their lies and repeated bad behaviour. I certainly hope those base voters got rewarded for their support!

    • P Ray
      November 6, 2016 at 10:56 am

      Of course, like typical NPD-ed people, they have a clutch of sycophants and hangers-on that have done nasty, illegal or unethical things which must not meet the light, so in this way a criminal conspiracy can be underway.

      It’s very interesting to observe, that the corrupt people in high office or corporations … usually got there by knowing the secrets of those above them previously, or had other (equally tainted at the time) people assist. Birds of a feather flock together.

  2. eric
    November 6, 2016 at 12:13 pm

    Thank you for all your commentary and your opinions. Although I may disagree with some of your opinions, we can agree to disagree and continue to have valuable discussions. No one has complete knowledge of everything and what makes our country great is, we can have varying opinions and beliefs. Now, Hillary may be the most corrupt politician to ever grace politics, but I believe there are far greater politicians who have done a lot of damage for generations. I believe trump will go down as one of the most divisive and destructive candidates to ever run for office rather he wins or loses. For the sake of the country, I hope for a Hillary victory on Tuesday. Thank you and I will continue to support your work.

  3. webej
    November 6, 2016 at 1:27 pm

    1. Almost nobody seems to get that gross negligence in the statute does not require intent: if you drive down the street at 60 and kill a kid, gross negligence means driving 60, even if you’re intent was to get to the store quickly without mishap. Many people have been convicted of mishandling classified material without intent and for innocuous reasons (like bragging to their girlfriend).
    2. The doubts cast about whether the emails are genuine is based on technical ignorance: they went through cloud providers who digitally sign the content (DKIM) which is a tamper proof system that gaurantees authenticity.
    3. Appealing to the Hash Act is disingenuous, since Comey’s refusal to do a criminal referral (despite reeling off a long list of facts that imply negligence) is already political. The whole justice department (which refused to prosecute anybody for Fast & Furious, nor for anybody involved in more than 200 billion dollars in in fines for felony crimes by the big banks) is completely political. Even during the Bush days, the FBI unit complaining about an epidemic of mortgage fraud was dismantled!!
    4. Comey’s reputation is for smarts and integrity. Why would he put himself in jeapordy after having eaten a bullet for Hillary earlier? Obviously because (a) is hand is being forced by disgruntled agents; (b) he considers it his patriotic duty to tip off the country while respecting election neutrality [otherwise he would not have given her a pass this summer while simultaneously reeling of a long list of facts which amount to gross negligence] (c) he may be worried about obstruction charges down the pike. But the point is, he wouldn’t be going so far out on a limb unless there was something there.
    5. Chances are the mail on the laptop was synced to Clinton’s email server and other mail servers (IMAP). When the Clinton email server was taken off-line, none of the content would be deleted from the clients’ *.ost mail store cache without pro-active measures (?on Wiener’s device). ALL the email is now available, possibly providing evidence of perjury, obstruction, tampering, and even racketeering and treason (with regard to the Foundation: trading B$80 of weapons with Saudi to support ISIS in return for personal pocket money is a big deal). And then there is the content of the messages, which could embed numerous other scandals, like Bill’s trips on Epstein’s Lolita express.
    6. The MSM ignore that the very existence of the email server (doing an end run around protocol, the IT Dept, and competent advice and help) itself proves intent to thwart government regulations and laws about government transparency (FOIA).

    Agree and that is why average people in USA are so pissed with the establishment and its various organs.

  4. webej
    November 6, 2016 at 1:46 pm

    What the commentariat is missing entirely is that the Donald has romanced the “white trash” deplorables. Being on the same wave length gives him a lot of credit. He has already walked back certain of his more extreme proposals, and will act in gradually more common sense fashion as he learns more about the parameters of presidential action. This is not strange, Hillary will not be tough on the banks or the fossil fuel industry or do anything that corresponds with her campaign slogans if it harms the .01%, either. All the rubbish about Russia and fascism is over the top McCarthyite hysteria. If there is something irrational to fear, it is a (nuclear) confrontation between Hillary no fly-zone Libya/Syria and Russia.
    Trump has managed to do this while getting almost all his press coverage free, in a political environment where results are almost entirely proportional to the amount of money invested.
    The whole country is again discussing Mexicans, blacks, lesbians, guns, race, police, law & order, progressive/regressive totems, while the elite with their hands on the levers of power are getting away with their gig intact: Nobody is talking about reforming the electoral system (with the crazy electoral college, the lesser of two evils duopoly, the corruption of politics by big money, the fraud during elections [recent Harvard and University of Sydney conclude that the US has the worst electoral integrity of all advanced countries]).

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