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Some Initial Thoughts on the Likely Trajectory of a Trump Presidency: 2

In the previous post of this series, I wrote about the high probability that Trump’s presidency will be a disaster of such epic proportions that it would eclipse the still infamous second term of Bush43. I also wrote about the many ways by which establishment republicans will consciously and unconsciously grease the tracks for that particular train of doom. There is, of course, a slim (and increasingly unlikely) chance that he could go true populist and sorta succeed. But then again, reality is stranger than fiction.

Just to be clear, I am neither a supporter nor a detractor of Trump. I see myself as a detached observer of events who uses his largely dispassionate and probably misanthropic analysis of trends, events and probabilities to make educated (and largely correct) guesses about the future. FYI- I was able to predict that Trump would win the republican nomination and the presidency almost a year before both events occurred. Also, I held that conviction in the face of incessant and coordinated bullshitting by the mainstream media about how Trump was going to lose the presidential election.

The current post is about establishment “liberals” (henceforth referred to as LIEbrals) will try to sabotage his presidency. A quick note for readers- LIEbrals should not be confused with Progressives. The former are neo-liberal corporatist shills credentialed from some “famous” university who can be best described as ‘republican-lite’. The later, in contrast, espouse the ideas and values that the democratic party, in the past, stood for- allegedly. It is no secret that the unprecedented defeat of HRC by Trump has exposed the impotency and emptiness of LIEbrals and their real belief system (which is actually neither liberal nor progressive).

But this does not mean that the LIEbral establishment will quietly accept a Trump victory and presidency. I predict that they will go all out and try to derail it by any and all means available, while simultaneously obstructing progressive attempts to do the same. It is worth pointing out that a Trump victory in the presidential election does not change the fact that large parts of the establishment (from financial institutions, corporations, mass media and universities etc) are still firmly in the hands of establishment LIEbrals and will remain so in the near future.

So how will their “resistance” to Trump play out? Here are my thoughts..

1] We are already seeing LIEbrals spread the meme that Trump lost the popular vote- which while technically true, has little consequence for who will assume the presidency on January 20, 2017. However, as far as LIEbrals are concerned, his inability to win the popular vote (as well as electoral college) makes Trump less than legitimate. You might have already heard about all those stories and insinuations about the election being hacked in certain states- and while that is not outside realm of possibility, it is far more likely that HRC lost because she was a highly unpopular candidate selling a product (status quo) that few wanted to buy- even among those who voted for her.

I predict that attempts to delegitimize Trump by such tactics will be largely unsuccessful outside of circles dominated by rabidly pro-establishment democrats. Perhaps more importantly, these tactics will have little to no effect on Trump assuming presidency and governing in his chosen manner. Also, all those “spontaneous” street demonstrations protesting his election will have little to no effect on his real-life legitimacy or power. Having said that, I expect that the LIEbral establishment will continue to encourage and support such “popular” protests till they run out of enthusiastic volunteers.

2] I predict the largely discredited main-stream media (or at least some parts of it) will continue on a stridently anti-Trump streak- kinda like the 2nd term of Bush43. While these types of sustained actions take more effort and money, they are likely to be more effective than protesting his legitimacy- simply because a Trump presidency will likely provide them with tons of usable material. This might also synergize nicely with establishment republicans filling important posts in Trump administration and attempting to implement their worst and most ill-thought out policies.

Many of Trump’s policies and actions on issues such as funding for sciences and education plus his administration’s likely crackdown on black people and people of mexican descent will provide a stream of endless and genuine material to de-legitimize his presidency. Also, these attacks are far more likely to stick than those made by MSM on his character and temperament. Perhaps more interestingly, the main-stream media could raise it to a level where they will encourage aggrieved minorities to take things in their own hands- which would create an accelerating downward spiral.

3] It is no secret that the dislike for Trump among establishment republicans is as high as that among establishment democrats. I would, therefore, not be surprised to see some future cooperation between these two alleged adversaries on attempts to sabotage a Trump presidency. Such ersatz cooperation might take many forms, including directly undermining his main campaign promises- especially those about restricting “free” trade and all types of immigration. Don’t be surprised if establishment republicans suddenly and selectively talk about “bi-partisan” cooperation and other assorted bullshit.

I also predict that Trump, once in office, will find himself first gradually and then publicly disowned by members of his party- just like they did during his campaign for republican nomination and the presidency. I also predict that this will synergize with my previous point about mass-media going on a more sustained anti-Trump campaign after he assumes office and starts making bad or disastrous decisions. It is also likely that many people employed in the Trump administration have far stronger loyalties to the republican establishment than they will admit- at least right now. Expect them to go along with the LIEbrals if it suits their long-term goals.

4] While some of Trump’s campaign promises, such as those related to blocking new “free trade” agreements and stopping or reversing outsourcing, are broadly popular- some such as deporting millions of mexicans and turning inner cities in open-air prisons are not. While it is possible that Trump himself does not really want to implement his less popular campaign promises, it is very likely that some of his retarded CONservative supporters might make him do so. This is especially likely because some of the people he is hiring in his administration are, for the lack of better words, living in a dream world where the american government has ultimate power without consequences- either unintentionally or intentionally.

The consequences of widespread increase in profiling and police-initiated murder of black people, especially in an age of ubiquitous social media, could have consequences far beyond what they realize. Let me put it this way.. any serious crackdown on black people in 2016 (with vocal support by Trump) might end up in a situation where people working in profession and their families get targeted for random de-centralized acts of lethal violence- which would result in a further intensification of police crackdown leading to a further increase in such retaliation by members of the affected community. Attempts at mas deportation of undocumented mexican workers in USA might also blow up in a similar fashion, since there are more documented citizens of mexican descent than there are of the other variety.

I should also mention that any attempt to break, or even renegotiate, the Iran agreement will be unsuccessful because the entire world now knows that USA lacks the ability to win a war against a determined adversary. Also the world, and economy, of 2016 is far less USA-centric than most people in USA realize. However both the previous facts are common knowledge outside USA. Similarly any attempt to roll back progress on normalizing relations with Cuba or reassert aggression towards Russia will only end up making the rest of the world reduce its interactions with USA. It is also no secret that the establishment LIEbrals will make sure everybody hears about such failures by the Trump administration- even if they are based on the prescriptions of those same establishment LIEbrals and CONservatives.

In an upcoming part of this series, I will write about how (and why) trying to address, let alone fulfill, some of his more popular campaign promises is likely to backfire in a spectacular fashion.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. Biff Tannen
    November 27, 2016 at 5:50 am

    Funny thing is that I was able to correctly predict Trump’s success in both the republican primary and general election plus his relative immunity from all those manufactured scandals months ago..

  2. November 27, 2016 at 11:14 am

    Here’s something I don’t understand…

    Right leaning “tough guys” like Bernie Chapin and Crappy Crapitalizm were against O’bombya’s “stimulus package” and they seemed sensible when thye said more borrowing was like using a credit card to buy one’s way out of debt. But now that Trumpypoops is gonna be Prez, he is saying essentially the same thing, “Build, baybee, build” with low interest rates. How come those alt-right tough guys are quite now? Seems allot like feminist’s, not having a stable goalpost but shifting with whatever is to their advantage. I suppose one could say “There’s no feminist’s on a sinking ship” just like there are no libertarians when the only work is backbreaking labor for pennies on the dollar.

  3. Atlanta Man
    November 28, 2016 at 11:08 am

    I think Trump will fail spectacularly. I may be wrong, but it seems very likely….

    It is very likely he will fail AND bring down the american system along with it.

  4. shiningtime
    November 28, 2016 at 8:19 pm

    Predicting the future is always dangerous. There are too many variables. Things always seem obvious in hindsight. With that said, I don’t think Trump will be able to accomplish any of his major campaign promises. For one, he isn’t all powerful. He must answer to the banks, the Fed, the courts, the lobbyists, the military industrial complex….etc.

    Two, a lot of those promises hurt the American people and he knows that. The food system in this country depends on cheap labor(mexican) and always has.

    As far as black people, the events of the last couple years have shown that a lot of black people aren’t just going to roll over. That terrifies the establishment which is why they’ve made efforts to placate blacks. The more injustice is committed against us, the more black people unify to fight back. We’ve seen how much of an effect one qb taking a knee had.

    I don’t know what is going to happen over the next four years, but it will be interesting to look back on this moment come 2020.

    That is why I give multiple scenarios with relative probabilities for each one of them. Having said that, there is a rather high likelihood that Trump will make Bush43s second term look good by comparison.

    • J.M.
      April 2, 2017 at 9:56 am

      Yeah, the black people will fight back by accepting even more feminism and raising even more good for nothing bastards who will grow up and kill much more black people and will beget another generation of bastards and whores even more vulgar and ignorant than their forebears, while your communities fall in despair and decay…no matter how you slice you have no one to blame but yourselves and you are the only ones who can drag yourselves out of the hole…and the white people is better are than you so race war is not a option…

      Aren’t you describing most whites living in flyover states, especially in the south?

  5. November 29, 2016 at 2:56 pm

    This time, your predictions may be mostly based on your emotional reaction, not careful consideration like your previous analysis. Unfortunately, your anger, over some of your perceptions of how you believe others perceive you, sometimes clouds your extremely brilliant and honest reasoning ability. This, my friend, may be one of those times. For your sake and my sake, I hope it is.

    The fundamental reason why Trump is unlikely to succeed is quite simple.. it is about the limitations of capitalism (or any other -ism including state communism) as a philosophy for organizing a society.

    Capitalism (and other -isms) work only as long there is more growth than the rich and powerful can steal. Once that condition ceases to to be true- the system starts eating itself to death.

  6. November 29, 2016 at 5:12 pm


    From the same people who has their asses handed to them by people in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan?

  7. November 29, 2016 at 5:22 pm

    “Capitalism (and other -isms) work only as long there is more growth than the rich and powerful can steal. Once that condition ceases to to be true- the system starts eating itself to death.”

    I see. And it is so simple and obvious, maybe most don’t recognize this truth because they tend to cling to idealisims that make politicalisims possible to begin with.

  8. November 29, 2016 at 5:31 pm

    Many, many, many more Vietnamese, Iraqis, and Afghan, were shot, burned, bombed, slaughtered in various ways by the same race that committed genocide on “American” soil less than 200 years ago. So, who really “got their asses kicked”. Unfortunately, the popo will be very well supported by those who have driven Smith & Wesson and Rugers (and others) stock up about 1000% during the past 8 years.

    Who is in control in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan? Who had to leave? Victory in war is defined by who prevails, not the body counts.

    In WW2, Russia suffered more casualties than any other country- so who prevailed?

    • Yusef
      December 1, 2016 at 11:26 am

      If U.S. objectives in Vietnam are understood regionally, it is possible to argue the U.S. did prevail. Most of the region, for example Indonesia, was just as ripe for Communism as Vietnam, yet never fell to Communism, even when the established regime was toppled in what appeared at the time to be a leftist coup. A lot of these other S.E. Asian countries are more geopolitically important to the U.S. than Vietnam, and some of them are very oil rich. Vietnam did suffer terribly and suffers to this day…Anyone but a crazed fanatic would look at the example of Vietnam and wish to avoid it at nearly all cost.

      But then again the whole thing is so ridiculous as to defy close analysis. The Vietnamese “fall to communism” was never any such thing and it was not part of any cascading of dominoes threatening the world with “communist domination.”

      Isn’t part of the problem how difficult it is for us peons to divine precisely what the actual objectives of the American plutocracy might be? It’s not out of the question Iraq and Afghanistan also accomplish the objectives of the plutocrats…Just because these are obvious disasters for the fate of the nation at large doesn’t change that. The plutocrats probably do have as their objective impoverishing and disempowering the American middle class. And if so, they are indeed “prevailing.”

  9. November 29, 2016 at 5:48 pm

    And they just elected arguably the most dangerous US president ever. What’s worse is, if Trumps presidency fails, as it very well may, and the country severely declines economically, we will be facing a real hitler type in the next presidency or the next few. The real shit will occur when economic conditions become so dire that the middle class experiences real desperation in trying to cling to the standard of living presently experienced. When masses of working middle class are forced into lower class socioeconomic conditions, they will elect a real mosnster, not a Trump like film flam con artist, but a real pathological psychotic mass murderer who will assemble a team of like minded facilitators to carry out the resolution. Right now, it’s all just a battle of ideologies. When the battle is over real hardships faced by a large enough portion of the populace who DO NOT want to be on entitlements, mass mutilation, torture and death will be the resolution, not blogs, political pundents, etc. The weapons and ammunition are already well stocked.

    Ya.. I kinda expect something along those lines. On the bright side, it will be the end of ‘status quo’ in USA.

    • shiningtime
      November 30, 2016 at 8:52 pm

      I don’t get why everyone is jumping to the doomsday scenario. This is not logical. Sure. It is possible but not likely. Trump isn’t stupid. He cares only about money and running the country into the ground would severely hurt his assets. Secondly a nuclear war with Russia is also unlikely. Not impossible. Just unlikely. Putin is no fool either. He needs air, fresh water and arable land like you and me.

      • December 3, 2016 at 2:25 pm

        The concern is not any actual harm Trump might do, but, rather, how the US citizenry will react after nothing improves for them during his presidency. Trump was elected by people “wanting someone to make our economy and lives significantly better”. The concern is how those people will respond if Trump turns out to have been mostly talk and implements little change for their lives.

  10. November 29, 2016 at 6:14 pm

    Here is the way I see it right now.

    The problem with capitalism is, it produces a majority middle class who are content to work to “get ahead”, to “make a life for themselves”, to “build a future (or “secure” one) for their children”. Most, being fools, remain convinced of this fulfillment illusion their entire lives. So, they are hopeful content in their suffering of chasing that carrot. Their pursuit is an addiction of sorts and when the carrot is taken away, they loose all reason, they go berserk. Because “democratic” “capitalism” tends to produce a majority middle class, this is a great danger. I’m not sure the two party system can maintain the precarious state of equilibrium much longer.

    That is how Mussolini, Hitler and Franco came to power. Something similar could happen again. Then again, there were no nuclear weapons to restrain their stupidity in the 1920s and 1930s.

    • December 3, 2016 at 2:46 pm

      As a sixty-year-old who was precocious enough to be very aware since about 1966 — when the artificial post-WW2 US economic bubble inevitably began to collapse, as the US lost the virtual manufacturing monopoly it had enjoyed while the rest of the world was recovering from WW2’s economic devastations, and during which the illusion of a permanent white-middle-class version of the “American Dream” was believed — I’ve taught my kids these points during the past thirty years:

      1) Historically, societies have consisted of (for oversimplification here) two “classes”: the 1% “ruling elite’ and the 99% “substinence”. Any “middle class” is an anomaly, which the instinctual human instinct of greed will eventually erode and end (even while the manipulative elite may continue claiming it exists and/or is desireable) If the elites’ children learn history 500 years from now, they might find a footnote about “a ‘middle class’ which temporarily existed”.

      2) The Dems and Repubs in the US form a two-party oligarchy — even a well-self-monied Trump or a more-radical Bernie Sanders needs to throw in with one of those two parties in order to even have a chance to be elected president. That oligarchy works in the interests of the elite. That oligarchy is too entrenched now for any event except a catastrophic nation-collapse or outright 1776-style revolution to have even a chance of eliminating the oligarchy.

  11. November 29, 2016 at 6:41 pm


  12. Anonymous
    December 3, 2016 at 9:56 am

    You suggest that deporting illegal immigrants is not an especially popular policy of Trump’s. But this is the policy that helped Donald Trump to stand out from the rest of the Republican candidates and propelled him forward. Stopping immigration is likely to be one of President Trump’s most popular policy. As a policy, it is overwhelmingly popular among US whites (even Democrats), and is also popular among many ethnic minorities as well. He has no choice but to succeed and cannot back down on this policy without losing face.
    Furthermore, it is an easy policy to implement as the legal basis already exists (but was not enforced under Obama).
    You also seem to suggest that Trump will be an incompetent President. What is the basis of this? Do you consider Obama, Bill Clinton or HW Bush to be particularly competent Presidents?
    Furthermore, I see no evidence that Trump will be aggressive on the international stage (apart from his statements about Iran). He is highly likely to improve relations with Russia, and he has recently promised to not topple other governments. This suggests that he will largely withdraw from the World rather than be aggressive towards it. While this will negatively affect net exporters to the USA, there is little that the rest of the World can do to combat US isolation. The World can react and combat US action, but not inaction.
    I suspect that President Trump will doggedly pursue the policies he believes in. He has shown himself to be a capable property developer, and such people usually need to be consistently determined to take major developments from the concept stage to the post construction stage. Furthermore, he has shown a remarkable ability to withstand unremitting personal attacks and be completely unfazed. Further media attacks are unlikely to have a significant impact on him. Having attacked him to such an excessive degree, there is little they can do except more of the same, and largely ineffectively. The diminishing media has already suffered a major loss in credibility due to the Trump victory. They are already weaker than ever before, and in four years time, they will be significantly smaller with a reduced audience and funding.
    Regarding the possibility that Black people will rebel, blacks are not a large irrational mass that will commit wanton violence if they don’t get their own way. This is just a myth put about by non-black lefties for a long time who wish to use black difficulties to further their own agendas. The very idea has a 1990s feel to it, when people quaked in fear at (the Trump supporter) Louis Farrakhan’s million man march. The Black Lives Matter movement today is a George Soros funded group which is full of white agitators. Black people are not that naive and unlikely to be suckered on a large scale into militant action.
    President Trump has obtained a significant proportion of the black vote (much more than Romney), which he will wish to increase by the next election. Therefore, some of his policies will seek to win more black votes. Many of his already stated key policies are likely to win black votes, including combating illegal immigration (which is very unpopular among blacks) and keeping jobs in the USA. So he could quite easily win more black votes in 2020.
    I suspect that he will win the 2020 election, possibly by a bigger margin than in 2016.

  13. Ergeniz
    February 5, 2017 at 9:24 am

    Jesus, will you cease trying to defend the downfalls of black people. Its a known fact that the most frequent cause of fatalities are other black people. This is the primary reason why groups like BLM are a total joke and black’s complaints about supposed police brutality and racial profiling are utterly groundless.

    So what excuse do you have for all those working class white people overdosing, drinking and shooting themselves to death?

    Blacks make the choice to engage in self-destruction; it is not a conspiracy by the white man.

    So who do you blame the terminal decline of the white working class on? Hint.. I know who people like you usually blame it on.

    • P Ray
      February 8, 2017 at 3:34 pm

      Just something interesting over here, from

      Ergeniz March 3, 2016 at 12:45 pm

      (P Ray,) You are so desperate for a woman you have thrown away any sense of self respect. I have seen you post countless other places and I know you know better than this.

      Well, it’s too bad that I have the option to pay for things I want, eh?

      Ergeniz March 3, 2016 at 1:37 pm

      And me, a fat, hideous black guy a threat to the “Alphas”? Right, because I have just been getting laid and pounced on by women left and right being a virgin nearing his 30’s. Yeah, I’m a real chick magnet.

      I have no beautiful ideas about a society that doesn’t cater to women. I think all societies place women on a pedestal in some fashion or another and expect men to sacrifice and ultimately pay for sexual access to women. I think until women’s natural advantages of social guile and reproduction is taken away nothing will change. I take a very pessimisstic view of it all and think after a collapse men will simply forgive women as they always have and allow women to slowly manipulate them more and more till the cycle comes full circle again and again.

      My solution is to minimize the damage from women to myself by avoiding them when possible and keeping what interaction I have with them extremely limited. My looks and race has actually worked to my advantage in this regard as women in general are too disgusted at me to occupy any their attention for any good length of time.

      When or if a cop stops you, be sure to thank them for allowing you to engage in self-destruction …

  1. December 2, 2016 at 10:25 pm
  2. January 28, 2017 at 6:45 pm

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