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On Establishment Attempts at Deposing Trump via a Procedural Coup: 1

December 14, 2016 7 comments

As many of you must be aware of by now- the democratic establishment, corporate media and many public “intellectuals” are currently engaged in a PR campaign to stop Trump from obtaining the 270 votes required to be elected president by the electoral college. While such an attempt to depose or at least de-legitimize Trump is almost certain (over 99.9%) to fail in a spectacular fashion, I have a feeling that there is about even chance (50/50) that the democratic establishment and its flunkies are going to make a serious attempt to pull off some sort of procedural coup on (or before) December 19, 2016. In this post, I will talk about why they are trying such a desperate move and where such an action might ultimately lead.

But before we go further, let us quickly go over the series of events that led us to this.. most peculiar situation. Some of you might remember that the HRC camp (and her mainstream media shills) were mocking Trump for raising the possibility of the presidential election being rigged- as late as the afternoon of November 8. At that time, the HRC camp was totally confident she would win the presidential election- by at least a few electoral votes, if not a landslide. Well.. things did not turn out that way. Instead, HRC lost the electoral college by a pretty substantial margin. She even lost states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania- which were supposed to be relatively safe “democrat” states. Also, she barely won Minnesota and Virginia- states that were considered to be solidly “democrat” states.

All of her expensive and extensive presidential campaign operation turned out be.. well.. worse than useless. HRC lost the election even though her campaign raised over 1.2 billion dollars, which is over twice of what Trump’s campaign raised. She lost the election even though she started out with more safe democratic-voting states and electoral votes than Trump. She lost the election even though she had almost unanimous support from the mainstream media and their talking heads, not to mention many prominent “activists” on the internet. She lost the election even though she was running against Donald Trump, a person with even higher unfavorability ratings than herself. She lost to a candidate who did not even have the full support of his own party.

Historically, candidates who suffer such humiliating defeats tend to acknowledge (sooner or later) the true reasons behind their electoral rout. HRC is.. well.. different. To date, her flying monkeys.. I mean spoke-persons.. have blamed everyone but her for the electoral rout. Here is a quick list of all the factors and persons blamed for her defeat- Wikileaks, Julian Assange, Russian hackers, Vladimir Putin, racist white working class men, self-hating white women, inadequately enthusiastic black voters, uninspired millennial voters, James Comey, the FBI and of course Bernie Sanders and his “Bernie Bros” (a significant percentage of whom are female and non-white). Oddly enough, her squads of flying monkeys openly ignore the fact that she was widely seen as an artificial, dishonest candidate who was widely loathed and distrusted by a majority of people in the country- especially the working class (regardless of their race).

In other words, HRC and her elite supporters are still pushing the idea that she lost the election despite being the “best” presidential candidate to ever run for that office in the entire history of USA. While some of this odd behavior can be traced back to a desire to not appear publicly disloyal to their ex-employer/patron, it is clear that something else accounts for their desire to ignore reality. Here is my take on what might be going on in the head of HRC apologists and supporters. These people, you see, live in a social and geographical bubble where neoliberalism is the only true religion. Most of these people actually believe that the neoliberal worldview is the only legitimate worldview. They are unable to imagine a world which works in a way that contradicts their mental models of reality.

Once you realize that establishment liberals have this self-imposed mental limitation, it is easy to understand why they are trying to depose or de-legitimize Trump’s election via a procedural coup. They literally unable to interact with reality in ways other than those they are familiar with- namely, by using scams involving laws, rules and procedures. They have no ability to start a popular uprising or stage a military coup. They see people outside their social bubble as being somewhere between domesticated animals and second-rate humans. In other words- they cannot mentally conceive of a way to overturn the victory of Trump by means that does not involve playing around with laws, rules and procedures.

Readers might have noticed that the discredited mainstream media and its talking/writing heads have been very busy trying to discredit Trump’s victory since the day after the election. While I have no particular affection for Trump, it is clear that he won by the pre-established rules of the electoral contest. Of late, the liberal establishment and its flunkies have been trying to promote all sorts of bullshit “news stories” allegedly sourced from anonymous members of the CIA claiming that “the Russians hacked the election and are responsible for Trump’s victory”. People with more than half a brain and some appreciation of recent history know that this charge is fabricated. Nonetheless, establishment liberals and their flunkies are trying very hard(and desperately) to use these stories to get about 30-40 republican members of the electoral college to vote for somebody other than Trump.

It bears repeating that a simple defection of even 40 republican members of the electoral college will at best result in the decision being passed to the speaker of the house- Paul Ryan, who is a republican. While Paul is exactly a big fan of Trump, he is unlikely to appoint somebody else as President- largely because doing so would put a permanent target on his head- literally. There is also the extremely unlikely scenario where 40 republican electors vote for HRC, thus electing her as president. Needless to say, the second scenario would pretty much destroy popular belief in the legitimacy of national government in USA.

And this brings us to the next big question- Do establishment democrats and their flunkies grasp the monumental and irreversible effects of their efforts to depose or de-legitimize Trump? Well.. the short answer is, surprisingly, NO. I will devote the upcoming post in this series to explaining, in some detail, why establishment democrats and their sycophants are not able to understand the massive and irrevocable effects of their attempt at a procedural coup.

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