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The Democratic Party, in its Current Form, has No Worthwhile Future: 1

The many reactions of democratic party establishment to its loss in the 2016 presidential election have been, to put it mildly, rather amusing. On a related note- the horrible performance of democrats in this election cycle at other levels of the government such as the senate, house and state level seem to have (oddly enough) escaped the kind of scrutiny and analysis devoted to the abyssal performance of HRC in the presidential election. FYI- I am certainly not the first person to notice that establishment democrats seem to have given up trying to win elections other than the presidential one and those in reliably “blue” coastal states like NY, CA etc. But that is a topic best left for a future post.

Let us restrict this post, as far as possible, to analyzing the many reactions of establishment democrats to HRC’s “surprising” loss of the electoral college in the 2016 presidential election. As you will see, their reactions to her loss is actually a pretty good primer (and microcosm) for understanding what is wrong with the democratic party and why I think that the party, in its current form, has no worthwhile future. To be clear, I am not implying that the republican party has a bright future either. Indeed, in some ways it is even more damaged than the democratic party. It just happens to be the case that the democrat facade has cracked before its republican equivalent.

And this brings us to the question why most organisations decline or fail without recovery, while others can recover (if usually only partially) and keep on going for a bit longer. A study of history shows that the resilience of an organisation, especially its ability to recover from defeats and serious setbacks, is largely related to how it reacts to negative external events. In other words, more resilient organisations seem to be better at changing themselves to adapt to new circumstances. Some even manage to partially reinvent themselves. Doomed and declining organisations, in contrast, respond to setbacks by doubling down on the very practices and behaviors that caused the setbacks in the first place.

So how have establishment democrats responded to the big setback of HRC losing the presidential election to Trump? Have they initiated any attempt at an objective analysis of the factors behind the humiliating loss? Have they replaced party leaders whose presided over them losing the house in 2010, senate in 2014 and presidency in 2016? Have they even attempted to look back at the decisions that cost them the presidency in 2016? Have they changed, or even attempted to change, what the party is about? Well.. as many of you know they have not done any of the above. In fact, they have doubled down and basically reaffirmed their fealty to their old leaders and not changed any of their public (and private) positions.

As far as the democratic establishment is concerned, it is still business as usual. Moreover they have rolled out a list of “reasons” and talking points to explain HRCs humiliating defeat in the presidential election. These include, in no particular order: Wikileaks, Julian Assange, Russian Hackers, Vladimir Putin, racist white working class men, self-hating white women, inadequately enthusiastic black voters, uninspired millennial voters, James Comey, the FBI and of course Bernie Sanders and his “Bernie Bros” (a significant percentage of whom are female and non-white). It is as if they are invoking and promoting any reason they can think of which does not require them to self-reflect or change course.

The public reaction and talking points promoted by establishment democrats and their servile presstitutes in the 4-5 weeks since Trump defeated HRC are especially telling. Readers might be aware of the non-stop “Russia hacked our elections” hysteric bullshit promoted by establishment democrats (from Obama to every democratic politician with a pulse) and more than a few establishment republicans. I have not seen so much bullshit and lies promoted by establishment media and presstitutes since.. they were predicting Trump losing to HRC as late as early evening of November 8. It is especially striking to see democrats so willing to “believe” in unsubstantiated leaks and hearsay from the CIA- who also told us that Iraq had WMDs in 2003. Furthermore, the CIA is no longer even moderately successful at doing what it is supposed to do.. look at Syria.

Many of you might also have witnessed the ridiculous spectacle of “prominent” actors and entertainers making TV and YouTube ads with the objective of sway republican members of the electoral college into not voting for Trump on December 19. You might also have come across similar pleas from “famous” “ivy-league” academics and other assorted “public” intellectuals. To put it another way, establishment democrats and their flunkies have been reduced to begging republican members of electoral college to vote for establishment republican assholes like Kasich and Pence. The fact that establishment democrats are willing to help elect people like Kasich and Pence over Trump says a lot about the current direction and priorities of that party.

Perhaps more problematically for them, establishment democrats do not appear to have learned anything from the humiliating defeat of HRC in 2016. The list of potential candidates the democratic establishment is currently trying to groom for the 2020 election is full of spineless, corporate friendly, empty talking, mildly photogenic, anti-gun, working class hating morons. In other words, all their current potential presidential candidates for 2020 are in the same mould as HRC and Obama. Corey Booker (Obama-lite), Kirsten Gillibrand (HRC-lite), Andrew Cuomo, Julian Castro are the very type of people rejected by the electorate in 2016, Even the so-called “progressives” among these potential candidates such as Sherrod Brown and Elizabeth Warren are more known for making the right noises than for actually demonstrating a strong desire to change the status quo.

Even more troubling is the democratic establishment is still almost totally beholden to large corporations, especially rich fake-liberal donors and the bi-coastal upper-middle class. So there is still no real chance of somebody like Bernie Sanders winning the democratic presidential nomination in 2020. Also, social and cultural issues keeping up democratic donors at night such as “gun control< "checking your privilege", "transgender bathrooms", "trigger warnings" and promoting fat women in films and TV just do not resonate with the majority of people who are struggling to make a half-decent livelihood. It bears repeating that democrats have never vigorously defended actually popular socio-cultural issues such as the right to abortion.

The democratic establishment has been more than willing to sell its voters down the river through their willingness to cut (or as they call it reform) social security, medicare and medicaid. They have not demonstrated any real compassion towards the plight of people who survive on food stamps or are disabled. Establishment democrats have also demonstrated no real willingness or urgency to actually fix the criminal justice system and substantively reduce or eliminate mass incarceration in USA. They have been quite enthusiastic about scams like the charter school movement, precarious employment, mass surveillance, militarization of police and funding endless unwinnable wars. Establishment democrats have also never seen a "free" trade agreement that they did not like.

The real platform for establishment democrats for the last thirty years can be summarized as: We will do everything the republicans promise to do for their rich donors- but will do so while looking liberal, polished, professional and cosmopolitan. The problem is that many of their voters have stopped buying the product they are offering.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. December 18, 2016 at 11:34 pm

    “To be clear, I am not implying that the republican party has a bright future either. Indeed, in some ways it is even more damaged than the democratic party. It just happens to be the case that the democrat facade has cracked before its republican equivalent.”

    The republican’t party is just as fucked…

    It is said that Trump only met with Rmoney to humiliate him. Rmoney lost ALL (as if he had any to begin with) integrity when he grovelled for a job. There was a slim chance the #nevertrump camp could’ve built a viable third party with disaffected republican’ts…

    Romney’s humiliation by Trump was so epic and fun to watch.

    The “libertarian party” is quite disappointing… They basically seem like Republican’s who smoke pot and support open borders (ala Merkel.) Gary Johnson showed how out of touch he was when he made the statement that all you need to do to be paid more than minimum wage is wear a clean shirt and show up on time. How many college grads are stuck at $12 hr jobs or driving for a rideshare company???

    Libertarians are even more delusional than republicans.

  2. webej
    December 19, 2016 at 5:01 am

    Add to your list of blame factors: media bias (!?) and free exposure for Trump; election fraud (ha ha); electoral college is 1- slavery era institution that 2- ignores the popular vote and !3! is a wise instrument our fathers left us so that unelected representatives of the establishment could override a treasonous demagogue such as Trump.
    The social issues such as guns, gays, God etc (“transgender bathrooms, trigger warnings”) are a structural diversion from concentrating on what is essential in politics: whose interests are at stake. This is the heart of the Republican/Democrats duopoly — keeping everybody tied up with perennial progressive/conservative quasi moral divisions and forgetting about what’s at stake.

    I think there is an additional reason the Dems have been so vociferous and reckless (the “Russian hacking means war” and “eliminate fake news” memes are dangerous): They genuinely fear that Trump and a bunch of outsiders might drain the swamp and damage (or even investigate) the system of crony collusionism that forms the actual dynamics of power in America.

    Perhaps.. or they are just upset that their future patron lost to Trump.

  3. neoconned
    December 23, 2016 at 7:25 am

    The Democratic Party ended with JFK’s assassination. But like a zombie, it continued to walk the Earth pretending to still be viable for several years.

    Watergate was the last real action of the Democratic Party, however mindlessly. They stood firm long enough to allow Republicans to see that Nixon had to go. Yet once he resigned (after a mainstay of GOP thought -the Chicago Tribune- declared he was done), the Democrats were lost. They had no plan, no goals, no organization. And NO LEADERS!

    This sorry state of conditions allowed the Party to be captured by the well-meaning but incompetent Jimmy Carter, who listened to horrible advisors (Bert Lance, anyone?) and almost crashed the economy and made America look weak with his pathetic performance during the Iranian Hostage Crisis.

    Follow this up with Bill Clinton’s betrayal of American workers, and the lying and worthless Barack Obama doing nothing about the real problems of the nation while in office, and there is no reason for any thinking human to continue to support that excuse of a party. Especially not when that useless Nancy Pelosi declared that the Party didn’t see any reason to make any changes after their deplorable attempt to push Hillary Clinton on us by ensuring that Sanders was blocked.

    Both Parties need to break into fragments. The Democrats are already there. Trump will finish the job on the Republicans.

  1. December 28, 2016 at 11:25 pm
  2. January 2, 2017 at 4:42 pm

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