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The Rise and Ongoing Demise of Black Neo-Liberal Media Personalities

Let me begin by telling you that I first considered writing this particular article a few months ago. However, I decided against doing so at that time because its conclusions would have been seen as controversial- even by the standards of what I usually write about. The social media environment at that time was, also, especially toxic for posts like this one. Since then, things have gotten a bit more normal and the major controversial prediction in the current post is starting to come true.

So what series of events inspired me to consider writing this post in the first place? Well.. there have been many over the years, but one set stand out. Many of you might recall that in 2016, a then largely unknown senator from Vermont known as Bernie Sanders came very close to becoming the democratic party’s candidate for president. Were it not for the democratic party establishment (especially the DNC) rigging the democratic primary in favor of HRC, he would have been the democratic nominee and almost certainly won the 2016 presidential election.

The subsequent mistreatment of Bernie supporters by the democratic party establishment combined with Wikileaks exposing the democratic establishment conspiracy against him almost certainly made enough potential democratic voters stay home (especially in the Midwest) resulting in Trump winning those states and the electoral college in the presidential election. Now many partisan democratic voters, especially of the astroturf type, still maintain that Bernie would have lost against Trump in the general election. While I would like to destroy the many versions of that particular myth, doing so is best left for another day and post.

This post shall instead focus on the identity and motivations of one specific subset of media personalities pushing various versions of that argument. I am talking about black media personalities- both in traditional media as well as “new” media. To be clear- the loudest pushers of this myth have always been white establishment democratic operatives. Having said that, it is also fair to point out that many black media personalities were also very active in pushing this myth- and some are still busy doing so.

It is no secret that some of the most public critics of Bernie Sander’s candidacy were black. Most of you have heard names such as Joy-Ann Reid, Jamelle Bouie and Don Lemon or pseudo-journalists such as Donna Brazile. But perhaps more interesting was the unusual prominence of certain black print journalists and new “media” types such as Yamiche Alcindor, Imani Gandy, Marcus H. Johnson and a number of black bloggers who wrote anti-Bernie sanders hit pieces for a wide variety of online media outlets.

I initially considered the possibility that all of this negative reaction to Bernie’s candidacy by black media personalities was due to latent antisemitism with certain parts of that community. I have heard more than a couple black comedians remark that Bernie reminded them of their (Jewish) landlord. However reading the contents of these increasingly numerous hit pieces made me consider a different possibility- namely that is was due to greed rather than simple antisemitism. Here is why..

Firstly, almost every single black media personality who criticized the Sanders candidacy was also full of effusive praise and unconditional support for HRC. It is well-known that the ‘get-tough-on-crime’ policies of her husband (Bill Clinton) resulted in the single largest increase in rates of incarceration for the black community. His other trademark policies, from ‘welfare reform’ to ‘free trade’ also caused disproportionate damage to the black community. Moreover, all of this occurred during the 1990s- less than 20 years ago. So you can see why all of that praise and support for HRC by black media personalities (who criticized Sanders) sounded so.. odd.

Secondly, the general themes for criticism of Sanders by different black media personalities (at any given time) were almost identical. Even more telling, the shift in themes for such critiques changed almost simultaneously across multiple media platforms. It was as if they were on the same mailing lists. The criticisms leveled against Sanders were also peculiar. They ranged from outright lies and misrepresentations to saying that he only represented the white working class to a lot of academic sounding bullshit talk about ‘intersectionality’. It was almost as if all these black media personalities were parroting talking points written up by people working from a certain office in Brooklyn.

But why were they doing that? Why were so many black media personalities (especially of the ‘new media’ kind) so enthusiastic about supporting a candidate as untrustworthy and reviled as HRC?

Now.. I am sure that a few well-known black media personalities were financially (and otherwise) compensated for their efforts by the HRC campaign. However it appears that the vast majority of ‘new media’ types did not receive any worthwhile financial compensation for their efforts. So why did they do it? What was their motivation? Some of you might think they did so due to group-think or personal stupidity. I think otherwise. While the willingness of people to work for free might seem irrational to most people- it is not so to those who actually believe in neo-liberalism.

Neo-liberal ideology, you see, is like a religion- albeit a secular one. And like all other religions and ideologies, it is a pyramid scheme requiring an endless supply of suckers willing to slave for others so that they may, one day, have the chance to do the same to other newer suckers. Isn’t that why so many white university-educated “millennials” slave away in long and unpaid internships at otherwise profitable corporations? Or consider the number of young, and largely white, people who try their luck in the entertainment industry each year. My point is that actions of black media personalities who dissed Sanders and cheered on HRC during the democratic primary make sense if you assume that they are true believers in the neoliberal way.

Some of you might say.. So what? Aren’t all these black media personalities just doing what their white counterparts have been doing for much longer?

Well.. it is true that black media personalities who shill for rich white oligarchs are just following the footsteps of their white counterparts. Also, I am not suggesting that members of one ethnic group should hold itself to higher standards than those of another ethic group. My critique is that black media personalities who shill for rich white oligarchs are not getting remunerated for their work at rates approaching their white counterparts. Furthermore- white media shills.. I mean media personalities, seem to be far more successful at turning their poorly paid shill gigs into reasonably OK, if mediocre, careers. Black media personalities, on the other hand, can seldom transform their sucking up to the elite into decent careers.

To be clear, this has nothing to do with their relative competence. But it has everything to do with how the democratic establishment sees black people- even those who help them win elections. As far as the democratic establishment is concerned, blacks exist largely to vote for them in elections and thereby make them look better than republicans- at least to themselves. Once the elections are over, they see blacks as a group to be aggressively policed, heavily incarcerated and otherwise ignored. There is a reason that cops legally murder as many black men in states and cities governed by the democratic party as its republican equivalent. That is also why democrats talk a lot suppression of black voters by republicans but do precious little to fix it.

I am guessing that the rise of Obama during the previous eight years might have provided some false hope to aspiring social climbers in the black community. It is likely that many of them believed that towing the establishment neoliberal line would translate into a decent chance at getting the kinds of gigs and careers that their white counterparts used to get. Well.. that is definitely not going to happen now as HRC lost the election. But I think it would not have occurred even if she had won the election as throwing average black supporters under the bus after the elections is second nature to the Clinton family and the democratic party establishment.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. January 9, 2017 at 11:31 pm

    …cough… Colin Kaepernick …cough…


    jesus fucking christ, the closest you are gonna get to integrity/intellectual honesty is a millionaire football player…

  2. January 10, 2017 at 3:52 pm

    And will Trump effect anything different?

    He asked blacks, “What do you have to loose?”


    The answer is the same as always, votes. A vote cast for a candidate who does nothing for the constituent is a vote lost. A vote is an investment in power. The real losers in any election are the constituents who vote for somthing promised and do not receive it. This is what blacks have to lose and it is what they always have had to lose in all elections. No other race has been so exploited in this way in USA. Votes in this context (the only real context regarding votes) are lost when they are wasted or thrown away on candidates who provide nothing of value to the constituents who voted for them. Blacks who voted for Trump likely lost their votes to him just as blacks have been loosing their votes to most democrat politicians (white and black polititions) for the past four or five decades at least. Blacks have been throwing away (loosing) their votes, losing the only power they have to one lying politition after another, after another for decades. It is apparent to the entire populace that blacks seem gullible. Trump is not stupid and certainly recognized the fact that blacks have provided a solid base of suckers consistently. Although they are not a majority, they are a significant minority and provided a numerically small but very significant difference in getting Trump elected.

    There are two real reasons why I believe blacks aren’t climbing the ego masturbation ladder of social power and materialistic self indulgence in USA as much as whites.

    The first reason is that they seem to me to be better instilled with a real sense of community and cooperation than whites. This is counter intuitive to what the media constantly portrays about blacks both on screen and in literature, especially to the majority, main stream mass culture of imbeciles. I think blacks are innately more cooperative and community oriented for two reasons. One, I am white and my experiences working with blacks and having black friends made me realize this. I worked at a Boys Club in a poverty stricken neighborhood for several years in my twenties. I was the only white there for many days on campus. My experiences there changed my perceptions of blacks significantly. Before those experiences my perceptions were formed by what others said, the media and general cultural conditioning, brainwashing. I was not brought up in a white supremacist or redneck household and my parents made special efforts to make certain my siblings and I kept racial bias in perspective. However my perceptions of blacks prior to being immersed in a “black neighborhood” for years were still misformed by mainstream culture. It is the general populace perception of blacks that is more damaging rather than the atypical obviously idiotic white supremist mentality.

    Two, I’ve listened to the perceptions of friends who have traveled and lived in other cultures, particularly a couple who lived in Kenya for two years in a tribal village. They experienced culture shock and severe depression UPON RETURNING TO USA, not upon arriving in Kenya. They attributed this to the loss of a strong sense of community they experienced with their Kenyan friends vs the intense incessant competitive ego masturbation contest of USA. I believe the higher incidence of broken black families is a result of slave families having been intentionally torn apart by slave trade. Separating individuals of the strongest human group, the family, helped slave masters control the slave population. The effects certainly are passed down generationally as all effects are, regardless of race or conditions.

    The second reason, I believe blacks aren’t climbing the ego masturbation ladder of social power and materialistic self indulgence as much as whites is because the general population of USA still limits options for blacks, regardless of the high volume high flow of lies and scam artistry rhetoric coming from some media. This limiting is due to the fact that blacks litterally still are not as socially accepted. Almost no one is really honest about this. And the ones who are honest about it are almost without exception exploiting the situation for personal gain. The fact is, blacks are still presented consistently and incessantly in negative ways. Blacks are constantly presented in the media in primarily negative contexts, crime, victims of racism, poverty, broken homes, who’s your daddy, reparations, inequalities, etc. etc. etc. Men like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson have made fortunes exploiting this. They promote the continuance of it to their gain. I own a business that requires my interaction with a large number of many different people. Of all the blacks I know, none are criminals, none are on food stamps, they all know their parents, none are claiming racial inequality. It is as if I am living in a different world than presstitutes. Why is my personal experience so different than what the media portrays?

    More blacks need to understand that the role of victimhood cannot be played without simultaneously instilling at least a subconcious suspicion of inferiority, even within themselves. We can only be a victim of that which is more powerful than us or of that which we allow ourselves to be victimized by.

    USA culture is not conducive to cooperation and mutual reciprocal respect as it facilitates and encourages competitiveness to the extent of letting your neighbor live in poverty. We compete for excess resources produced by higher “civilization”. Racism is primarily a tenant of human competition. Although some progress has been made concerning the mitigation of the negative effects of racism, and there is some hope for continued improvement, I do not think anything will ultimately “level the playing field” other than interbreeding.

    • blackdude
      January 11, 2017 at 1:29 pm


      EXACTLY, you hit the nail on the head, and this is why we (I am black) will NEVER be able to integrate into this country, because THAT IS WHAT TRUE INTEGRATION RESULTS IN!!!! You are the only white person who I have seen openly understand this, without 1- being racist and trying to denounce it, or 2- making it a “black people” thing. That shit is human nature, and without interbreeding there cannot be equality.

      There will NEVER be a level playing field in this country (or planet) and it all comes down to so called, “white genocide” ie black parent + white parent = black child. This is central to ALL ISSUES OF RACE ON THIS PLANET imo and I do believe that…. unfortunately, at some point….. whites will exterminate black people off of this planet (and remember I AM BLACK). Too many of yall SEE US AS A VIRUS THAT NEEDS TO BE ERADICATED.

      I have nothing against white people, and you seem cool, im really serious, you probably have nothing against race mixing , and i respect you for bringing that up but LOOK AMONG YOUR PEERS/FAMILY/FRIENDS AND ASK YOURSELF IS THAT FEELING TRUE OF THEM?

      The reason we don’t climb the ladder is multifaceted, the reasons you mentioned are true, but it really boils down to a few things (at least for black MEN, i cant speak for women i am a man)


      Have you seen Planet of the Apes? Do you remember the newest one where the fucking ape hugged a guard and then grabbed his fucking Ak47 and shot him?? Yeah thats how yall make me feel around most white people, and I GREW UP AROUND WHITE PEOPLE IN SCHOOL (but I lived in the hood, i have seen BOTH ANGLES). IM NOT FUCKIN CEASER! ……rant over

      2- You can only tolerate so many of us, and in VERY SPECIFIC CONDITIONS

      We get to fill quotas basically, and as males (this is even true for a lotta white guys nowadays) we have to act like FAGS JUST TO WORK! FUCK THAT HOMIE!! A white manager can just hire a sexy black woman and knock out two quotas at once…… right??? AND SINCE HE HAS AN EGO HE CAN HIT ON HER ALL DAY AND PLAY SLAVE MASTER IN PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE WAYS……. a lot of this shit extends beyond just black folk…. working nowadays is garbage in general tbh its an employers (SLAVE MASTERS) market!!

      3- Everyone cant be brilliant…

      Again this goes beyond race, but nowadays you have to be GODLIKE just to not be broke in america! Everyone cant be an engineer with 5.3 years of experience and a PhD! RIDICULOUS!


      We fall into one (POSSIBLE OVERLAP) of 3 categories

      1- SLAVES
      Working some shit job with no respect. This too extends beyond race but since we are, “inferior” or whatever we deserve it apparently…. something, something BOOTSTRAPS….. right

      2- THE COON
      These are the people AD mentioned in this blog post HOWEVER, many famous black folk of recent years (20-30) fall into this group ESPECIALLY RAPPERS. Rappers = black people doing black face, thats all it really is. Perpetuate negative shit to trap young black males into destroying themselves… more fodder for the prison system! Or the GRAVE! At the end of the day, the coons motto is.. .IF ITS ALL WHITE, ITS ALLLL RIGHT! And there can only be but so many in one place at a time. Introduce other black people and they will begin to attack each other to maintain status…. This goes back to slavery imo…

      This guy is rich as FUCK but you would never know it! Probably owns the rib joint you see him dining at but he’ll never tell! BUT HE’S ISOLATED! He has an entourage of business men/women, people who can help him make money and move forward, but he couldnt trust those fuckers if the chips fell! And why would he? They would eat him alive if given the chance to! This person only trusts himself and a few other people at thats it. This also extends beyond race, as you will see many high level people who are like this HOWEVER, because of the racial caste system that exists in this country, we as black people really cant just “network” as easily, so the isolation is that much more. ALSO we are expected to fail, and expected to be, “happy with what we get,” so I a black person dares try to negotiate MORE….. well how dare he!!

      WE ARE SEEN AS A VIRUS AND FEELING THAT CONSTANTLY WILL EAT A PERSON ALIVE! This is the crux of why so much negativity is happening within black America (and it is prefaced with the earlier mention of INTERBREEDING). Because at the end of the day… it all comes down to those innocent, “pure” *cough* white women!…..

      • January 12, 2017 at 10:11 am

        A lot of what you say is accurate, bro. However, I did write a blog topic about how I feel “Rap Music Sends the Right Message”, with the exception of stupid lullabies that glorify drug use, drug dealing and black-on-black crime. I feel rap went downhill within the past 10-15 years. A lot of these “coons” are these fake “respectability” negros who go on TV (Stephen A. Smith, Sheriff David Clarke, etc), YouTube and degrade other blacks for some moral, sexual or spiritual issue – when we’re really just seeing eachother on a very fucked up day.

        As AD mentioned in an earlier topic, lots of black comedians and actors made millions trying to influence whitey that “we’re not like all those other n*ggas”, since the 1970s. This, to me, is much worse than even the worst rap artists who promotes “popping molly” and similar yet assorted BS. I’d rather look up to them than look up to the most emasculated character played in Hollywood trash.

        As far as the “Island/Lone Survivor”, I know a guy like him. Assumes he’s better than other black men because he had a government job that pays him enough money to travel overseas and have sex with escorts. However, he has no luck with women in the USA, degrades western women (including black women) and chases after white women who engages in the same sexual behaviors he condemns in black women. This token negro made some of the ugliest, self-hating comments about Freddie Grey, Alton Sterling and the likes. A token negro… I can’t STAND these SOBs. Go on YouTube and these shitty manosphere blogs, all they care about is who women choose and women choosing so-called “thugs and bad boys”. And say that’s ruining the black community. This is how feeble these jackasses are.

        Aside from a specific group of white women who enjoy black sexual prowess and whom have no issues with race-mixing (particularly those in the liberal, social-butterfly variety), I have no doubt in my mind many of them are asking themselves “What are we gonna do about this n*gger problem?” I see it every day on Facebook and social media, via comments they make on statuses about police murderers, by Shaun King and the likes.

        – And yes, at the end of the day, it’s about protecting white womanhood from those “sex-mad negroes” (which is the real reason behind the so-called “war on drugs” also).

      • January 17, 2017 at 4:02 pm

        “There will NEVER be a level playing field in this country (or planet) and it all comes down to so called, “white genocide” ie black parent + white parent = black child.”

        That’s probably a good indicator as to why intermarriage rates between blacks and whites are fairly low, compared to other groups. But whites hate themselves and for a growing number, “white genocide” looks attractive. That’s what they learn in college.

  3. Shaw
    January 10, 2017 at 7:29 pm

    Hey, as someone who used to write about using escorts actively, would you comment on the recent censorship(aka shut-down) of the “adult entertainment” section of backpage?

    Well.. it is another example of stupid censorship meant to look like they are doing something. However it has not had any worthwhile effect on the industry. The specialized bulletin boards and sites which advertise such services now simply register as overseas corporate entities and often host these sites from outside the USA.

  4. neoconned
    January 12, 2017 at 11:39 am

    To pick up where Not Born This Morning left off, the one thing this Bernie supporter heard Trump say which I couldn’t disagree with was when he chided the black community for blindly supporting the Clinton candidacy. [ http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3461997/posts ]

    I work with black people who fit that stereotype to a T. They could only see the good Obama represented and could say nothing wrong about him even when he was blatantly so. It was thus with these same people with regard to Hillary. They would recite the urban legends about how Hillary cared about them while ignoring the criticisms which involved Clinton support for increased incarceration for non-whites among other things.

    I have read accounts of “plantation mentality” in the black community. This is a real thing in 2015 Mississippi, where black Democrats came out in support of the Republican candidate for governor Phil Bryant in the primary election rather than back an admittedly weak Democratic candidate. Their reasoning included gratitude for the things this candidate had done for the black community in Mississippi, and they “didn’t want to see a good man lose”. They are so easily bought, aren’t they?

    There is also the huge influence black religious leaders have over their flocks. [ http://www.christianpost.com/news/black-pastors-lay-down-gauntlet-to-obama-over-same-sex-marriage-77596/ ] I have personally heard commentary that had to have come from some preacher, but when I asked them to explain what this means, or to ask how they were personally harmed by the issue being raged against by said preacher, about all I got in return was between a blank stare and “Well, in the Bible it says…”

    Spare me the Bronze Age superstition!

    There have been movies which touched upon the “plantation mentality” and how it affects a few blacks. The Paper Boy [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Paperboy_(2012_film) ] is one such, where the main black character reveals that his British accent may be fake, but it was his key to acceptance and financial success. A Soldier’s Story [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Soldier%27s_Story ] (spoiler alert!) reveals that the murderer was a black soldier seeking acceptance from the white soldiers on his base.

    I doubt anyone would dispute that it’s harder for blacks to be a success in this society outside of sports. We as a society just don’t yet see black people as real or successful. It wasn’t that long ago that a black female doctor tried to assist a passenger in distress and was prevented by the Delta flight crew because they didn’t believe she was a doctor [http://time.com/4531496/black-doctor-delta-discrimination-flight/]

    It has to be the same for black media professionals. How many blacks write for the New York Times compared to the number of whites? Might Larry Wilmore have a realistic gripe against The Comedy Channel for dropping his show which dealt with racial issues via heavy-handed humor [ https://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/16/business/media/comedy-central-cancels-larry-wilmores-late-night-show.html?_r=0 ]?

    Now that Trump has been elected “to Make America White Again”, such travails are only going to become more common. Those who benefited from certain social, educational, and political policies now at risk aren’t about to abandon those who provided them. These blacks who have risen above the averages of their demographics have become incredibly conservative in the traditional sense of wanting to keep what they have even if it costs someone else in the long run. They will do or say whatever they feel necessary to defend such privileges just like the white conservatives who feel they are losing power and status over racial issues – even cling to political candidates whose records don’t merit such loyalty.

    I admit that Larry Wilmore lost me as a viewer, because so little of what he presented I considered humorous. The white demographic is gold to all media, and he wasn’t delivering. But what he had to say should be better known by those of us who aren’t black. As Rev. Niemoller once lamented, when they came for me, there was no one there to defend me.

    • Not Born This Morning
      January 13, 2017 at 5:50 am

      Whites are “bought” just as easily as blacks. The sociological difference between blacks and whites is primarily established by one thing…bigotry.

  5. Not Born This Morning
    January 13, 2017 at 7:15 am

    “These blacks who have risen above the averages of their demographics have become incredibly conservative in the traditional sense of wanting to keep what they have even if it costs someone else in the long run.”

    Here is why.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petite_bourgeoisie. Basically a lot of very mediocre small businessmen and aspirational upper middle-class types imagine themselves to be just one big break away from becoming rich.

    The forgoing sentence reminds me of a real-estate law professor who taught one of my college classes. He was an older man, WWII army veteran. One of his arms had been blown mostly off and it was severely crippled.

    He stood in front of the class the first day staring us down with penetrating eyes until everyone came in, sat down and got quiet. The room was dead silent before he spoke his fist words… “I used to be a liberal!”, He almost yelled, as he stared each of us in the eye. I thought… well…this is going to be interesting… His next words came out with almost a whisper, “That was before I owned any property”. At that point a couple of glamour whore sorority bitches got up and walked out, they dropped the class. An Mrs. degree doesn’t require much learning or tolerating some professors.

    Since then, I have often wondered about the dynamics involving property, liberalism and conservativism. Specifically, it seems that, conservativism helps enable acquisition of, and protects established control of, property and resources, ostensibly at least. This seems to be confirmed by the fact that liberal ideals are more easily sold to large numbers who have less control of property and resources. The same constituents are voting for the same ideals repeatedly although their circumstances are not really changing. The liberal democratic grass root power base is historically comprised of the same lower income individuals. Although, considerable numbers of liberal democratic supporters are upper middle class, it is important to note that most are females who do not win or earn their control as it is typically mandated by law. Marriage law, including common law, does not apportion property rights based on merit of earning performance. In most middle class white households where there is a political disagreement between spouses, it is the working man who is conservative and the stay at home-soccer-shopper-yoga-leisure lunch-gossip-whore-mommy who is liberal. There are other laws that enforce unearned or unmerited control in other contexts such as real-estate sales, the details of which would be best explained in a separate comment post. The liberal democratic political recruitment strategy is historically and consistently a shotgun effect as they target all minority groups and all groups who are poor or socially marginalized in various ways. However, those liberal democrats who wield power with high status and lots of money and do the targeting, consistently tout liberal ideals. But do they really practice what they preach in their personal lives and decision making? Do their actions really match their words? Do the ideals they sell to their targets facilitate the targets acquisition of power over property, or does it only reinforce the power of the established liberal democratic elite? Or, does acting conservatively help acquire and maintain established control of property?

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