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One of My Many Twitter Handles, in Case Some of You are Interested

January 15, 2017 3 comments

I have been thinking about giving out this piece of information for a couple of months now. Here is the thing.. like some of you, I have multiple profiles on various social media platforms. They are usually keep them separate from each other- for a number of reasons that will not be discussed at this moment. Also, I don’t like to openly connect accounts on one platform to those on others.

However, I have now come to the realization that more engagement on one of Twitter handles with readers of this blog might be a good idea. IMHO, Twitter is by far the less echo-chambery of major social media sites.. at least as far as N. America is concerned.

So here it my preferred Twitter Handle: PharmaHeretic (@Pharmaheretic).

You might realize that I have had that particular handle for over 6 years now. So feel free to follow that handle to find out what I think and read in-between my posts on this blog.


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