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Aerial Drone Views of the Two Dracula Castles – Bran and Poenari

I recently came across decent amateur drone footage for the two castles most associated with Vlad the Impaler aka your historical Dracula. The first one is known as Poenari Castle and is situated on the top of a fairly steep mountain. Though it is small (10-15 metres wide by about 80 meters long), it does possess both the remoteness and relative inaccessibility mentioned in the Bram Stoker’s 1897 gothic-horror novel ‘Dracula‘. Regrettably, it over 200 km away from where the novel places it. Also, repeated earthquakes in that area have reduced it to little more than a ruin. Historical records do, however, suggest that the castle in question once had three floors.

The second one, known as Bran Castle, is far more associated in the public imagination with Dracula- largely because it looks like a “real” castle and is relatively well-preserved. However this castle, unlike the one at Poenari, is highly accessible and near population centres such as Brașov- so it is unlike the one described in Bram Stoker’s novel. Curiously, there is evidence that Bram Stoker deliberately chose the top of an uninhabited peak in the Carpathian mountains known as Mount Izvorul Călimanului for the location of his fictional castle. Sadly, I could not find similar drone footage for Mount Izvorul Călimanului.

Poenari Castle

Bran Castle

Enjoy! Comments?

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  1. GenesisSerpentWasEnki
    February 3, 2017 at 6:33 pm

    This is interesting to see the possible house of one of the probable relatives in their Bloodline. Many people have heard of the Bloodline. It is said that all U.S. presidents have been related to the Bloodline in someway. During the election some mentioned that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are related (cousins) through John of Gaunt/King Edward III. A Wikipedia “Ancestry Charts of Diana Spencer and Catherine Middleton” upon scrolling down to the Ancestry Chart from Edward III shows in the year 1732 George Washington 1st President of the U.S.A.. Others such as, Thomas Jefferson were from the House of Plantagenet (Anjou). It’s known that the Donation of Constantine was a forgery. Some say Sigismund forged his genealogy, so that could be an uncertainty with the Merovingians. It appears they believe the Bloodline goes back through the Roman Empire (Roman Emperors), and Egypt, and even to Mesopotamia/Sumeria around 5000 years ago possibly involving the Anunnaki (well at least the early rulers/kings there in Mesopotamia, and some speculate those rulers/kings of Sumeria were from further north to begin with, possibly up where Vlad’s castle is). Drinking Blood appears to be a very ancient ritual (though not done in the way many might think of as they possibly believed it was from the Anunnaki “gods”) and that might not be done much anymore. Some say the red “cross” symbol represents the Bloodline. This appears where they believe they got their so-called “divine right to rule” from, and why they inter-marry HALF relatives to maintain the Bloodline.

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