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Some Initial Thoughts on the Likely Trajectory of a Trump Presidency: 3

I had written the previous two post of this series (link 1, link 2) in the 2-3 weeks after Trump’s election on November 8. While it was tempting to write more parts of this series at that time, observing his actions immediately after assuming the presidency before writing the next part seemed to be a better idea. As many of you know, Trump has taken multiple and often conflicting positions on a variety of important issues over the years. Perhaps even more unusually for a politician, he has often done a 180 on his previous position on some issues- without even acknowledging that he took conflicting positions in the past.

For example- he is on record as supporting the right to abortion, being agnostic about it and opposing it depending on the personal benefit of taking one of those three position at a given time. Similarly, he is on record as supporting single-payer healthcare systems, supporting mixed private-public healthcare systems or defending complete privatization of the healthcare system- depending on the personal benefits of taking one of those three positions. In other words, it appears that Trump has few (if any) fixed beliefs about a large number of issues. More worryingly, especially since he is now the president, Trump seems to believe that his public perceptions about his past position on issues have no effect on his current position on them.

And all of this brings us to what Trump has been doing since he was formerly sworn in as the president on Jan 20, 2016. As many of you must have heard by now, Trump has been signing a shitload of controversial executive orders since he assumed office last week. They range from the hilarious (national day of patriotism), somewhat populist (withdrawing from the TPP), expected (mexico city policy on funding NGOs, approving new oil pipelines), plutocrat enriching (eliminating some rebates on mortgage payments), dangerous (starting repeal of ACA without an alternative plan, OK-ing the construction of a wall between Mexico and USA) to the batshit insane (banning entry of people from some Muslim countries, even legal permanent residents, into the USA).

Now, it is certainly possible to imagine that his executive orders are more theater than substance and might not survive legal challenges. However a lot of the concomitant rhetoric coming out of Trump’s mouth and tweets suggest that he is more than a bit serious about actually implementing those orders- especially the dangerous and batshit insane ones. I had briefly mentioned (in a previous post) that his positions on Mexican .. well.. actually all non-white immigrants and citizens has special potential to cause severe disruptions and unrest in the country. Events of the previous two days have added another issue to the list of those which have similar or even higher potential for disruption and unrest- albeit for different reasons than the “mexican” issue.

You might have heard that Trump has signed an executive order banning people from 7 predominantly Muslim countries from entering the USA- even if they happen to permanent legal residents. Curiously, people from these seven countries (Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen) have never ever been implicated in a terrorist act within USA. Furthermore, people from the two Muslim countries (Saudi Arabia and Pakistan) whose residents have been implicated in almost every single Islam-inspired terrorist attack in USA are still free to enter USA.

To be fair, establishment democrats and their supporters had no problems in the past when Obama tried to overthrow the government in two of these countries + expanded “war on terror in the other five on that list. It is also no secret that the rise of organisations such as ISIL was aided and abetted by the overt and indirect policies of the Obama administration. In other words, there is more than a bit of hypocrisy when establishment democrats who were perfectly OK with bombing people in these countries and funding organisations bent on overthrowing their governments pretend to be shocked and angry at Trump taking their stupid policies to the next level.

Having said that, this latest move by the Trump administration is especially problematic- and not just in the immediate and widespread popular response against its implementation. As many of you realize, such executive orders and their implementation creates a new set of bad precedents. If you can ban the entry of people from countries accused of terrorism by the government, in spite of evidence to contrary, what is there to stop this (or a future) president from banning people of other religious, ethnic or racial groups from entering the country legally? Now some old and decaying american racists.. I mean jingoists.. might think that such actions have no consequence in international relations with other important and supposedly white countries.

As it turn out.. a lot! many of the supposedly important and white countries are no longer as white or important as they used to be in the past. Consider, for example that many west-european countries such as the UK, France, Belgium, Sweden and Switzerland have a fairly significant minority that is not white or christian. Do you really think that Trump won’t sign future executive orders to ban Muslims (often second or third generation) from west-European countries from entering USA? Do you really think that implementing such orders would not cause serious problems in those countries? Do you really think that many countries in that position would not reevaluate their relationship with USA? Do you really think that there would no financial consequences (for both sides) of such actions?

The problem with Trump and people who think like him is that they live in world which does not and cannot exist now. There was a brief period (between 1945-1949.. perhaps until the early 1960s) when the relative power differential between the USA and the rest of the world (especially non-white countries) was large enough for the USA to get away with some stupid shit. But that was a long time ago and things have changed a lot since the early 1960s. In 2016, the USA simply lacks the power differential to pull that type of shit without screwing itself in the process. Today everyone knows that the USA is not an exceptional country. Today everyone has seen the USA lose against insurgencies in even poor medium-sized nations and lacks the ability to win a war against any other nuclear power of consequence.

I think it is likely that this particular move by Trump will turn into his first real public relations disaster, very likely to due to internal protests and legal challenges. However, this “Muslim ban” also provides an interesting window into how Trump and people around him see the world. It is now fairly certain that Trump and his advisers inhabit a mental world where the USA is far more powerful than it is in reality. Therefore, I expect Trump (and his associates) to make similar moves in a number of other areas- from trade and immigration to internal issues such as “law enforcement”. Needless to say, it won’t end well for Trump, his associates, the republican party, average Americans and to a far lesser extent- the rest of the world.

In the next post of this series, I shall try to write about the panoply of problems (both obvious and not so obvious) consequent to Trump’s policies wrt to people of Mexican descent in USA- citizens, immigrants and undocumented. That is.. unless his recent Muslim ban causes even more unrest and problems which I then have to write about.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. Wilson
    January 28, 2017 at 7:47 pm

    The Democrats have set up a network of hundreds of salaried operatives to distribute jihadis across the nation and support them while they establish terror cells: any means necessary to disrupt it are justified. Of course Trump may not be relying on this effort to succeed, since when Americans are inevitably murdered by Muslims, his margin of victory for reelection will be huge

    Doesn’t that statement imply that you believe USA will still be a functional country (as opposed to a failed state) in 2020?

  2. webej
    January 28, 2017 at 8:20 pm

    Your comment on Saudi and Pakistan as source of terrorists probably illustrates the fact that you know more than Trump. Trump seems kind of ignorant of a lot of things, and is simply not a well-read person, and is also unaware of how much information he is missing — he has already judged that to be unimportant.
    Trump and his ilk do indeed live in a fantasy world, having little sense of the fact that there is a real material world out there in which all these simplified projections about how things are percieved to work ultimately need to be anchored.

  3. spacemoose
    January 28, 2017 at 9:05 pm

    I’ve seen an article that says that google is researching a way to give human beings eternal youth,do you think it’s feasible considering that some animals do not age?
    If that’s the case,how long it would take them to develope such technology?

    Funny thing you mention that..

    Here are three short articles I write about it years ago..




    • P Ray
      January 28, 2017 at 9:32 pm

      What’s the bet that only a few selected, rich, famous, and very likely old people are going to be the recipients of that technology?
      The only hitch in that plan is that poor people will be operating those machines to get the rich old people their immortality.
      How to ensure their loyalty and that the process is properly followed?

      • spacemoose
        January 28, 2017 at 11:19 pm

        Many thanks for you feel like writing more on this topic be my guest lol.
        Also let me ask you: why do you keep on your page links to the sites of trump supporting morons like roosh,someone affiliated with avfm and a guy with the word “libertarian” in the name of his site?
        Your writing is very good but those guys are scum.

        Because they are entertaining.. in an odd way.

  4. P Ray
    January 28, 2017 at 9:33 pm

    Trump has finally exposed the reality that many people in the US still think that blind CONservatism can save them, and that they live in a bubble – stupidly believing that they don’t require the cooperation of nonwhites.

  5. spacemoose
    January 28, 2017 at 9:38 pm

    Well,i realize that my comment had no relation to this article,but i wanted to ask you that question and so i decided to post it in your latest article,in hopes that you’ll a post on the subject.

    Regarding Trump,the man is a subhuman moron with lots of cash he got thanks only to luck,as everyone knows,his wealth is inherited from his father,also he was bailed by the us government repeatedly and despite that he has the hubris to talk as if he’s a genius businessman.

    Hopefully the damage he’ll cause will teach the american people to stop being CONservative morons and indirectly contribute to a reform of the system.

  6. Anonymous
    January 29, 2017 at 6:15 am

    I doubt that Trump’s measures will seriously affect US relations with Western Europe. In fact these measures will be wildly popular among the public of most of Europe. Most Europeans fear and mistrust Muslims. They will want similar measures in there own countries.
    Certainly the vocal left will protest, and politicians will make statements, but this is totally different from what the European public feels. For the European governments, the USA is far too important to alienate. See the desperation the European countries have to maintain NATO. They are terrified of US withdrawal from Europe.
    As for Muslim countries, Trump has cleverly picked the list of countries for the ban. He hasn’t touched the GCC countries because they are rich and the USA benefits from relationships with them.
    Furthermore, the Muslim countries maintained good and even servile relations with the USA even when the USA was massacring Iraqis and Afghans. Compared to that, Trumps measures are insignificant. So international relations will continue as normal except where Trump wants to change things, and not vice versa.
    As for the unrest in the USA, this was bound to happen and has to be faced. All the hostility that Muslims and their leftist supporters throw at Trump will only make him more popular.

    • Jim
      January 29, 2017 at 7:36 am

      Yep. Seems some here want the USA to fail because of their hatred of whites. Yet don’t fathom that many browns sure as hell do everything possible to come to a white country.

  7. January 29, 2017 at 11:48 am

    The irony is strong in this one.. LOL.

  8. January 29, 2017 at 1:51 pm
  9. A.B. Prosper
    January 29, 2017 at 1:52 pm

    A.D. the US will not be a failed state in 3 years despite the Lefts attempt to destabilize it. It might basically fail in a decade or two, maybe a few years after Trump but not in three years

    I have one acronym for you -USSR

    The Feds have enough power , guns, fiat money and willing soldiers and cops to have their way for some time so long as the well armed Right wants it or the Left currently fragmented and liable to stay that way can’t find some means to cooperate

    So did the USSR, GDR and every other state communist regime in the late 1980s..

    Its dimly possible Trump could be impeached provoking a civil war or find an excuse to declare martial law and make it stick but neither is a high probability event

    Anyway Trump is closest to Andrew Jackson I’d say and the Union easily survived him

    Because the USA was not really a country at that time. Don’t believe me? Look at maps of North America from the 1830s.

    • A.B. Prosper
      January 30, 2017 at 10:41 pm

      AD, The US is not in as bad a shape as the USSR economically or functionally. Food is plentiful , good are plentiful and most areas are basically still safe and functional. Its getting worse especially in California but power. water and Internet are working just fine and we have the people and equipment needed to keep it that way for some time.

      The USSR was also pretty OK in the mid-1980s. Nobody was starving or homeless or without reasonably good medical care.

      Also, there is no “We” in USA. In fact that is what makes USA of 2017 more brittle than USSR of 1987.

      Still I do agree that a collapse or civil war can come on quite suddenly and in the US is probably inevitable but I’m saying 2 decades not 3 years.

      There is a third option.. it will come apart. It is also the most likely option.

  10. Cato_Walked_Barefoot
    January 29, 2017 at 2:10 pm

    Most of you will not be intelligent enough to follow me down this path. This is fine. I will provide mile markers. This will require you to do some research. No, not Wikipedia. In the least it will mean ordering a few books on Amazon, but it should mean you begin to correct your lack of a formal education.

    Where did you cut and paste this from? Seriously?

    Also it is 2016 AD, not 50 BC or even the 1990s.

    The oligarchy in power understands that the people are no threat to them. Forget about those sad militia men who stock up to make a stand against the government. If they wanted to they could wipe out any rebel with one cruise missle. But they also understand that 87% of you are stupid. You hold a scant understanding of history and science. Hence “alternative facts.”

    This country was built with the blood of Patriots. But more importantly it was shaped by the minds of the landed gentry of the Enlightenment. Yes, even though the British Empire was formidable the scales were not that imbalanced. The tools of war were not that difficult for the Insurgents to aquire. I don’t care how great a shot you are or how many rifles you have until you can aquire the fissle material, steel, dry doc and countless other items to build an Ohio Class Sub the people will never be able to stand against a Tyrant in any type of armed conflict.

    Patriots = slave-owners who wanted to keep more of the profit to themselves.

    But the Founders possessd something our current crop of American patricians and plebeians have lost…education.

    There would be no way for Britain to have floated the notion of Alternative Facts to even the most ardent Loyalist. These were people who aquited the soldiers who killed the 5 men during the Boston Massacre. Yes, you can keep clinging to your identity as a Conservative because your life has no other meaning. You simply exist. You hold a device that could bring you the complete works of Plutarch or Cicero–translated for you–in a few seconds. Unlike the Founders you were not instructed in the Latin language and did not grow up reading about Sulla in the source language. But this very second you could begin such an education.

    But you will not do this.

    You will do that which an automaton, a pixel pawn on a screen does–you will fall back into your pattern. Go back to twitter, post another Trump meme. Go to Reddit, dive into thedonald. Argue with a libtard on Facebook. Use your alt to tweet at some black celebrity that they look like a monkey. Order a pizza online. Call some actor a dirty Jew, delete because you forgot Emperor Trump has a daughter (the Princess/Second Empress Ivanka the Great) who converted to Judaism. Rinse and Repeat.

    Perhaps you will thank a God you are not sure you really believe in that there are many people far more intelligent then you can comprehend. Those that become ill with the notion of alternative facts. The phone/tablet/computer you are using now was created because people are nothing like you.

    Go grab a piece of bark. Get a can of soup. Now make that one of those cool drones you can try to find a reason to film something with…maybe take a cool shot of your house–then let it live in your coat closet for a decade.

    The Founders risked their lives–knew if they failed they would hang for treason–because they were filled with a hubris unique to their time and social strata. You could never get close to passing the entry exam that the Founders had to pass in order to get into college. Many of you claim to be patriots, claim to have some sort of understanding of the constitution. This is false for 98% of you. The Founders had to translate the works of Cicero from Latin into Greek.

    92.45% of those who voted for Trump do not know who Cicero was. 99.09% of this sample could not write a brief description of Cicero’s life from memory. .000023% of Trump Voters have ever read Cicero in Latin.

    Now–what percentage of the Founders read Cicero in Latin? Do you know? How many not only read Cicero, but loved the man, talked amongst their peers of him the same way you talk to your friends about men who kick or throw a ball to each other in a sporting event.

    The Founders felt they understood why the Roman Republic fell. Why it devolved into a battle between the Populares and Optimates. Why one man, Clodius Pulcher was so pathetic and lustfull for power he abandoned his Patrician status (think nobility) in order to run as Tribune of the Plebs. But the people of Rome, the vast unwashed masses would never accept such a rich and noble person to lead them? Right? Would they allow such a person to represent them, believe he could ever truly fight for their cause.

    Oh yes. They believed Pulcher. They fought and died for him on the streets of Rome. Afternoon all. He gave them free shit and promised them the world.

    The wheel in the sky keeps spinning.

    Still here?

    Blues vs Greens in Byzantium (Nika!Nika!)
    Populares vs Optimates in Rome–stop imagining the Empire when you read the word Rome. The men that gave you this country did not suffer that malady. Rome was a Republic for 400 years before Octavian finally amassed the power that Sulla abandoned and Caesar was gutted over.

    You are nothing but a worker ant. But you do not have to be. You have a knowledge base far superior to the men who shaped this country. The British did not have the superior arms a modern state has over its people–they had a great Navy but the war was decided on the land. Boots on the ground. As it always will be. But the British did not have another vastly unequal balance of power that modern states do–the Insurgents of the Colonies were as educated as they were….these combantants, friend and foe, were men of the Enlightenment.

    At no point would the Crown ever suffer the delusion that they could post a notice in any colonial port that said,” The sky is Green, not Blue. Some may claim clear evidence refutes this statement…but the Crown has the authority of Alternative Facts behind it and once again….the sky is green, not blue.”

    Is there a modern Cato the Younger in our current government? I doubt it. I doubt there is anyone alive that lived what they believed as that man did..,for even with his lofty status, a man who actually held Sulla’s favor–Cato was disgusted when he sat in the tyrant’s home and watched the severed heads of Rome’s great men carried away, heard the frowns of this earth being tortured. So much so–at the age of 14–he asked the man who had brought him there to wait on Sulla (you kind of wanted to firm up any positive feeling Sulla had for you at the time. Sulla like Cato. The kid was famous for his conviction even at a younger age) his tutor Sarpedon why nobody killed the man who had brought such death to Rome’s elite.

    Sarpedon answered, “Becuase they fear them more then they hate him.”

    What did Cato reply? If you have read this meandering diatribe this far, then please…go find out.

    Burn this into your mind–Rome in Spirit, Rome in Fate.

    Know that our Founders explained they examined the ancient Republics like a corpse and felt they knew what the cause of death was. They felt they could shape a Republic that would rival Rome not in Power (in no way could they imagine how powerful we would be) but in conviction.

    For what is a Republic but this….a nation where no person, rich or poor, is above a fair and succinct set of laws. A nation where merit matters most, open to New Men, fluid not rigid. A place where justice matters most to every citizen.

    They feared a two party system, feared populism (it destroyed Rome from the Gracchi brothers to Caesar) and felt they had found the right path.

    They were wrong.

    But that doesn’t have to be something that will always be true.

  11. Ludedwolf
    January 29, 2017 at 5:28 pm

    Hey Diablo you want to watch this clip? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQEqducB7z4

    There has never been a shortage of conmen and rubes who want to believe them in USA..

    • Ludedwolf
      January 29, 2017 at 11:02 pm

      You have a point. What ever Trump win or not didn’t matter. There always someone around the corner selling dreams. Can’t wait to read your next article.

  12. HippyfromtheSixties
    January 30, 2017 at 5:13 am

    Journalists get trolled again.

    One of the untold stories of this past election is how a bunch of basement dwelling unemployed neckbeards trolled the MSM, the politicians, and perhaps even the CIA.


  13. P Ray
    January 31, 2017 at 4:58 am

    Just putting this here, life will soon imitate art one way or another, methinks

    2005 Microsoft XBOX “Shattered Union” Trailer

  14. Lab Guy
    January 31, 2017 at 5:41 am

    So for you trash here who disparage ‘whites’, which black run country will you be moving to? Why can’t Brazil operate better? Or India with its inheritance of British government institutions? Or maybe you could move into a ghetto black neighborhood in Chiraq.

    Why don’t you find another clinic in your area to renew your opiate “prescription”.

    • P Ray
      January 31, 2017 at 9:37 am

      I’m sure you keep that big yap closed when people stronger than you are around, and maybe you can’t even find a way to retaliate without them finding out 🙂

  1. January 30, 2017 at 7:33 pm
  2. February 3, 2017 at 10:44 pm

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