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On the Current Promotion of Anti-Russian Hysteria by Establishment: 1

April 3, 2017 10 comments

When I started to write this post it was going to be something about MGTOW, especially about how various people interpret that term in 2017. Just to be clear, I still intend to write about my most current thoughts about MGTOW in the next post. However as I was trying to write today, my mind kept moving to another issue which I have been thinking about for some time.

As many of you know, establishment types and their MSM lapdogs are still busy trying to find new ways to associate Trump with ‘Russia’ and ‘Putin’. Not a day goes by without MSM shills trying to hype some new lead that is supposed to reveal how Russia “influenced” the 2016 presidential election in USA. It goes without saying that every single hyped story about some sort of collusion between Trump and Russia or Trump and Putin has so far led to nowhere.

In fact, Michael Tracey has a very good medium post about the basic formula for every shocking russia/trump revelation. I should also point out a couple of his other recent posts about why russia hysteria makes conflagration in syria more likely and on the long-term consequences of russia hysteria. It goes without saying that the current wave of russia hysteria, in addition being a top-down phenomenon pushed by establishment types, carries some serious downsides.

And this brings us to the question: Why are establishment types, especially on the democratic side, working so hard to push something that has not been able to gain worthwhile traction with most voters in USA for almost a year by now? What makes them think that pushing something that almost nobody, beyond a percentage of hyper-partisan voters, give a fuck about is a good idea in the first place? Don’t they realize that attacking Trump on such a flimsy point while ignoring his many problems and policy about-turns is not conducive to winning anything in 2018 or beyond?

Now, there are those who see the continued willingness of establishment types and their presstitutes to push this line of “attack” as evidence of 3 or 11 dimensional chess. Some see it as part of a strategy to associate opposing establishment democrats with treason. Others see it as a way to destroy the Trump brand. While there might be some truth, if unintentional, to these complex explanations- I believe that there is a simpler (if far more unpleasant) explanation for the continued enthusiasm of establishment democrats to metaphorically flog the dead horse.

They simply don’t have a better plan to oppose Trump AND also don’t want to rock the boat by proposing populist policies which might “hurt” their corporate benefactors.

The behavior of establishment democrats (and republicans) can be best understood by seeing them for what they really are.. parasites. And as some of you know, parasites while often very good at finding niches and simple hacks to survive in their host are often incapable of adjusting to a changed host environment. In other words, they are literally incapable of functioning in a political environment that is even moderately different from the one in which they came of political age (1980s-2000s).

That is also why they blindly lined up to support a presidential candidate who was the most unpopular and distrusted professional politician who ever ran for president (as a nominee of either major party). That is why they sabotaged the democratic primary run of one of most popular and beloved politicians in the previous two decades. That is why they cannot stop talking about their support for “diversity”, “immigration” and a host of other enlightened sounding ideas but are able to simultaneously ignore widespread inequality, poverty and desperation in the general population.

The problem then, you see, is that the democratic (and republican) establishment has been unable to come up with a better way to oppose and discredit Trump. They are literally unable to think about ways to oppose Trump on ideas and policies which might be popular and succeed. Their gameplan, if you can call it that, is the hope that Trump loses popularity through some combination of his fuckups and bad publicity so that they can come back into power and behave as if it was all a bad dream.

Yes.. their comeback strategy is largely based on hope and luck, which in my opinion is not a good basis for any important plan. And this brings me where I think all of this nonsense will most likely lead. If we somehow manage to avoid a direct military confrontation with Russia, this farcical witch-hunt will likely destroy whatever shreds of credibility the democratic establishment have left with voters who are not explicit partisan- you know, the majority. While I have no doubt that Trump, left to his own machinations, will end up destroying both himself and the republican party by 2020- I am not so sure that the democrats will be able to fill the void.

Based on the way things are going, it is not inconceivable that the USA will visibly come apart by 2024- if not earlier. I mean.. the current system in USA is already failing in an obvious manner on important issues such as the ability to deliver healthcare and maintain its infrastructure to its ability to effectively project military power outside its borders. It is also now become hyper-partisan and well.. basically ungovernable (as far as most people are concerned) by means other than force- not unlike USSR in the 1980s. I just don’t see all of this turning out well. Do any of you?

What do you think? Comments?