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Trump’s NeoCon Foreign Policy Will End Badly for USA: Apr 13, 2017

During his presidential campaign, Trump repeatedly told potential voters that he was against empire-building by USA and spending trillions of dollars in faraway wars with little consequence for USA. However as I had predicted in previous posts, he has reneged on this campaign promise and fully embraced the neoconservative warmongering establishment in Washington DC. Whether it is conducting an ineffectual “strike” on Syrian Airforce bases in Syria, dropping a very expensive (but worthless) firecracker on an alleged network of caves in Afghanistan or trying to intimidate N. Korea by sending a carrier battle group in that area- he is doing everything that his neocon puppet masters wanted him (or HRC) to do for furthering their cause and making them richer.

Now there are any retards in flyover states who still want to believe that his actions are somehow part of “making america great again” or something along those lines. Others believe that he is playing multi-dimensional chess or is using his “skills” as a “successful businessman” to negotiate “good deals”. Other his real-life cuckold Scott Adams (read a bit about his personal life in past) who accidentally regained some fame in 2016 by pretending to predict Trump’s upset win are trying to pretend that he is “winning”. In short, many people in USA are busy deluding themselves that Trump is somehow doing the “right” thing by pursuing a set of policies which have failed in a pretty spectacular fashion for the last two decades- In Iraq, Afghanistan Libya, Syria and many other countries.

Here is why I think, and predict, that Trump’s newfound willingness to pursue a neoconservative foreign policy will end very badly for USA- especially his supporters.

1] Trump may have tried to impress and intimidate Chinese premier, Xi Jinping, by ordering that ineffectual and farcical cruise missile strike on a Syrian airbase during his visit. The only problem with that approach is that Chinese premiers, especially somebody with Xi Jinping’s history, are made of far stronger material than western leaders. To put it another way, people who rise up through the party system in China are far more cold-blooded and objective than their western counterparts. Consequently, Xi Jinping probably said all the right and polite (but ambiguous) stuff expected of somebody in his position. He may even have made some positive but meaningless gestures towards Trump.

However none of what Xi pretended to say to Trump has any bearing on what he or the rest of Chinese government will do in real life. For example- in spite of all the empty promises to reign in N. Korea, the objective reality is that China has no interest in deposing Kim Jong-Un. And why would they? Do you think they want to share a border with an american puppet state in Korea? Incidentally that is also why China intervened in the Korean War during the early 1950s and pushed the american forces back upto the 38th parallel. To make a long story short, China simply has no interest in replacing Kim Jong-Un or eliminating the N. Korean nuclear weapon program because both suit their interests.

Furthermore, Xi knows that Trump has no ability to punish China economically since most of Trump’s advisers and stooges benefit greatly from the unbalanced trade of USA with that country. All the noises Trump is still making about trade imbalances with China must be seen in the light of people hired by his administration to date. It does not take a genius to figure out that an administration full of executives from Goldman-Sachs and other financial institutions or other large corporations who have made a killing by facilitating trade with China are unlikely to cut their own proverbial throats. Even the bullshit about China buying coal from USA instead of closer and more reliable suppliers such as Australia, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa is farcical.

2] While I have briefly touched on some of the medium-term effects of Trump’s decision to bomb Syria in a previous post, there a couple of points that need to be restated and explored in a bit more detail. Firstly, the Trump dysfunction.. I mean administration.. seems to lack a clear set policy with regards to Syria. While a few in the administration want to let the conflict resolve on its own accord, as long as it is contained in that region, others want to put tens of thousands of soldiers on the ground. We all know how the later course of action turned out in Iraq. It is worthwhile to note that the american occupation of Iraq failed even though the government of Saddam Hussein had virtually no external support and was not popular in most of that country.

Contrast that with Syria where Assad has control over most populous parts of the country, the support of most people living in those regions plus the explicit support or a large nuclear power like Russia. Russia in 2017 is rather unlikely to back down from supporting Assad despite any assurances or sops from USA- largely because Russian leaders do not trust a single word coming out of mouth of american leaders. It is also obvious that threatening a country with more nukes and delivery systems than yourself plus the ability to destabilize many other parts of the world is a stupid idea. In other words, the USA is not in a position to cut a deal with or threaten Russia over Syria or any other issue of importance to Russia. I should also point that Russia will support Assad, regardless of what they pretend to say, largely because the other options are not in their best interests.

Exploding one large and expensive firecracker to allegedly damage a few little-used mountain tunnels in Afghanistan will have no impact on that war. Heck, they could explode a 100 more of them over there and they still won’t be able to cause more damage than the cost of one expensive firecracker. Extremist groups in Afghanistan now control more territory than they used to before the american invasion of that country in 2001 (15-16 years ago). The simple fact is the USA lost the Afghanistan war many year ago, in spite of pouring over a trillion USD. It is however clear to me that the establishment types in USA still do not see it that way and have chosen to willingly live in a dream world.

To summarize this post- my prediction that Trump45’s first term would make Bush43’s second term look like a relative success is slowly, but very surely, coming true. While there is always a slim possibility that Trump might successfully pull of an 180 turn, it appears highly unlikely with each passing day. On the bright side, overt failure and global humiliation of USA as it gets involved in multiple unwinnable and expensive conflicts will speed up the implosion of its global empire- or whatever is still left of it.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. Genius
    April 13, 2017 at 6:28 pm

    Looks like a weak US dollar will be beneficial to China, since rmb is pegged to usd, but will be very damaging to Japan.

  2. P Ray
    April 13, 2017 at 10:55 pm

    With the erosion and loss of effectiveness of “hard power” the US will probably double down on nationalism and “coloured people must be thoroughly vetted”(as if they weren’t previously) along with their entertainment becoming more racist.

    Looking forward to seeing a lot more Asian “Uncle Toms” and especially more Asian women Social Justice Warriors to come out of the woodwork.

  3. Libertarian on welfare(Not actually on welfare or a libertarian)
    April 14, 2017 at 5:03 am

    Hi Advocatus,if possible i would like to hear your thoughts on this poste i made a while ago.

    Just give me another day or two.. too much unexpected news about Trump derailed the schedule of that article.

    Hi mate,i’m the guy that asked you to write on the current state of MGTOW,before you finish your article,i would like you to check out two of the MGTOW channels that are actually good



    Even though it went to shit in the last year the insight and phylosophy developed by the best members of the MGTOW community(yeah,you can count them on the fingers of one hand) has been extremely beneficial to men and it has prevented them from throwing their lives into a ditch.

    I live in a very traditional south european country and i heard from my parents the kind of lives my grandfathers used to live,one had a very good job,but he married a secretary and lived the life of a doting husband,had very little fun and died ten years before his wife despite the fact that she was his age,the other worked in a trade and ended up dying at age sixty,while his wife and older sister died at age 84 and 91 respectively,also despite the fact that he had to leave highschool to work and support his older sister he put his 2 daughters throgh university,one of them didn’t finish it,due to being dumb and overall a shitty human being and the other got her masters degree with excellent scores but still wasted a lot of years in university….

    Oh and i neglected to mention that when he started working he worked 2 jobs because he was embarassed that he didn’t earn enough,also when he gave money to his older sister he kept for himself less than he told her to make it look that he was earning more.

    Another more recent tale is that of the butcher where my father gets his meat.

    Basically the butcher where my father gets his meat is very rich,he has a brother and a wife but no sons or daughters and he’s old.
    Guess who will inherit all his cash after he dies?
    His wife of course and if his wife dies before him then the family of his wife will still inherit all of his wealth,this is of course due to the fact that his wife demanded for things to be this way and he did as she wanted,despite the fact that he and his brother work in the store together and the brother has a son and a daughter that would be more deserving of that inheritance.

    I’ve heard of something like this happening to several people including a relative of mine so it’s a pretty common occurrence in my country.

    Also it should be noted that my country is a rather traditional one and it’s not nearly as hostile to men when compared to anglosaxon shitholes.

  4. webej
    April 15, 2017 at 7:39 am

    Trump is not playing 4D chess. The simplest explanation is the best. Trump has surrounded himself with Goldman Sachs guys and cold-warrior type generals and oil company executives. Why? Because he looks up to them as representatives of cold hard reality. The advisers a president selects are tantamount to what policy will look like.
    Trump has made a lot of promises (many which are mutually at odds, illustrating his basic lack of acumen). His premise is that the useless pussies before him couldn’t get anything done, but that with his bluster, bravado, brinkmanship, and pinache he will get things done. He is being schooled in reality one day at a time. In the meantime, he is making the world very dangerous place. Tensions with Russia are at historic heights (including the cold war, when there were a lot of sane people attempted to de-escalate instead of ratcheting up the pressure), the US has no regard for international law, and Trump’s economic agenda will also run afoul of the realities in place.
    Trump’s advisers from Wall Street and the Pentagon tend to harbor the most delusions about the real state of affairs in the world. Although self-annointed guardians of the cold hard truth, they inhabit the most ritualized and insulated little islands of society. Only real pain can make them change their minds, but they are unfortunately on the cush side of the divide between perpetrators and victims. And they are cynical and ruthless.

  1. April 16, 2017 at 2:28 pm

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