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Some Thoughts on the Congressional Baseball Shooting: 15 Jun, 2017

As almost all of you must have heard by now, a guy opened fire on some republican members of congress and lobbyists at a practice session for a “charity” baseball match yesterday. The shooter, named James Hodgkinson, was a 66-year man from Belleville in Illinois. While we do not yet know about the combination of circumstances which led him to shoot up republican members yesterday, it is very obvious that Hodgkinson had a long-term dislike for republican policies and ideologies. Idiots from both parties and their media surrogates are trying to paint him as some sort of violent leftist radical, even though there is not much to suggest that he was any more violent than tens of millions of other men in USA.

Some of you might wonder.. were his actions justified? My answer to that question is as follows: What you, or I, think about a particular action does not matter to someone who is determined to carry out that action. Hodgkinson had come there to shoot and kill as many republican lawmakers as possible regardless of whether he would survive such a course of action- which he did not. He was not seeking external justification or validation, so what we think about his actions is irrelevant to his carrying out those actions. It is therefore best to see this event, and other like it, as an example of one person finally going through a series of actions which they they had almost certainly contemplated in private for many years before acting on them.

I can almost hear some of you say.. but, aren’t you dodging the question of whether what he did was morally “right” or “wrong”? To which I say- morality is highly subjective. Consider the fact that one of the severely injured, a republican lawmaker named Steve Scalise, was involved in the recent vote to repeal “Obamacare” in the lower chamber of congress. As you know, repealing even something as shitty as “Obamacare” will result in the loss of medical insurance coverage for over 20 million people in USA- resulting in tens of thousands of excess deaths per year due to lack of timely and adequate medical care. He also voted against a bill to apologize for slavery in 1996 in addition to having a following among some of most regressive parts of the Louisiana electorate.

In other words, Hodgkinson is not a hero and Scalise is no MLK Jr. Incidentally, Scalise has in the past voted against making MLK Jr Day a national holiday, which is now ironic since both the cops who intervened to save him yesterday from a white guy shooting him were black. But enough of talk about an event which has already occurred. Let us now consider the likely future effects of the congressional baseball shooting on 2017.

1] As far as Steve Scalise is concerned, he is likely to be in a world of hurt for a long time to come. Though he was hit by only one bullet (most likely a 5.56×45mm), it went through his pelvis- from left to right. Given the wounding characteristics of that cartridge, it is safe to say that organs and tissues in that part of his anatomy have likely suffered severe damage- even if the projectile was a FMJ. To put it in simpler language, he likely has suffered considerable damage to his urinary bladder, rectum, prostate and a host of blood vessels and nerves in that area.

It is therefore a matter of speculation if he will ever experience normal functioning of organs in that region of his anatomy, or those connected to them. While medical technology, including the treatment of projectile injuries, has seen considerable advances over the last few decades- there are limits to what can be done- especially for injuries in certain regions of the body.

2] While Scalise is not the first congress person to be shot or even killed (in living memory), every single one of the prior attacks were perpetrated by people who were either in religious cults or not mentally stable. Congress critters at federal level in USA have, until now, not been shot or killed for their professed ideologies, voting record or policy positions. Such accidental immunity from facing the consequences of their actions, combined with an unnaturally high rates of incumbency, have allowed them to believe that they can get away with anything. The Scalise shooting is the first in what I suspect is a trend of “elected” officials in USA having the face the consequences of their beliefs and actions.

I am sure that some of you have seen YouTube clips depicting extreme levels of hostility towards politicians at recent townhall meetings across the country as well as the conditions which allowed Trump to defeat all of his numerous and far better funded professional politician opponents in the republican presidential primary. My point is that the era of apparent immunity of elected politicians in USA to popular outrage for their actions is now drawing to a close. In the future, it is likely that we will see more republican and democratic politicians at the wrong end of a gun wielded by a pissed off voter. Of course, congress critters will try to increase security levels for them, but that might prove less than effective and result in a further backlash against them.

3] Many of you might also have noticed that most of the MSM, alternative media and a lot of people on multiple social networks have not expressed any real concern about that event. In fact the prevailing sentiment seems to be almost one of surprise that it took so long to occur. Moreover, unlike previous incidents including the one in 2011 there are far fewer people expressing any real sympathy for the congress critter who got shot up. You can interpret this apparently odd public reaction in many ways. My personal favorite interpretation is that this apparently anomalous public reaction is based in the simple reality that USA has ceased to be a united and functional society.

While there are many reasons and much blame to go around for this current state of affairs, it is nonetheless clear that it mostly comes down to the system being unable to provide a decent life and environment for most people in USA. People simply don’t care about beliefs or systems which do not, or are unlikely, to improve the lives of those who care about them. Overt patriotism and the somewhat civilized politics in USA was predicated on the system delivering a decent life (or a realistic promise thereof) for most of its citizens. This also means that the outcome I alluded to in the previous point (2) is more likely than most people realize or are willing to accept.

To summarize, the shooting of Steve Scalise is a far more consequential event than most people realize right now. It is also an indicator of a pretty major shift in how many people in USA relate to the system of governance they live under. I also think that this event is likely to first of a new class rather than an unfortunate anomaly. While nobody really knows where all this will ultimately lead to, it is equally clear that the post-WW2 system/ consensus/ order in USA is on its way out- one way or the other.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. 99% libertarians are working poor
    June 16, 2017 at 3:44 am

    Can you make a post about the horrible behaviour that mothers,aunts and older sisters subject their young male blood relatives of all degrees?

  2. P Ray
    June 16, 2017 at 6:16 am

    I have to ask though:
    Wuz Hodgkinson a terrorist? The newspapers seem to be gently dancing around that definition, lol

    • Anon1
      June 16, 2017 at 6:28 am

      Trump himself seems to be treading carefully. But I’ve noticed he’s been very careful to never criticize Bernie’s supporters. Probably a big part of why he won.

    • webej
      June 16, 2017 at 3:34 pm

      No. He is not using violence and terror to achieve political goals.
      The most important party in terrorist incidents is the press. If the incident remained completely local, its possible effect on politics would be zero.
      The great conquerors of times gone by relied completely on their reputation (everybody spared if they surrendered and promised fealty and tribute; everybody flayed, burnt, or put into mines if the city resisted) to conquor new land — they certainly did not have the means to take every piece of property bit by bit).

    • A.B. Prosper
      June 16, 2017 at 5:47 pm

      I though Trump’s reaction was interesting in that he assumed this could be used to leverage greater unity.

      I highly doubt this myself as AD noted, the US is probably done not because of this but because of all the other problems

      Long and short, well built a society that can’t function as a developed nation because it lacks the social capital such societies need to function . Its going down

      The kind of grift we pulled in the past , not paying the bills worked a bit when everyone was a farmer but once a society becomes industrial it gets expensive and a lot more socialized, it has too. Automation creates instability

      The stupidity of allowing significant immigration , being unable to deal with the non white Americans already here in a sane manner and deciding the reduce wages all at once is the behavior of crazy people

      The real mayhem starts though when the Right gets Black Pilled enough to realize that money doesn’t matter and that most of the institutions are expendable and downright unnecessary.

      A Right wing society can do better with poverty we become Yemen more or less and build up from there if we can . Hell its not a surprise there is a White Sharia meme that has nothing to down the Islam

      You could end up with a really nasty war, think 30 years war here where one side (Left) wants everyone but them dead and the other side (Right) is in a war of reduction with the Neo Cons and Neo Liberals and regular folk between hammer and anvil

      Big chanced of a lot of causalities there.

  3. June 16, 2017 at 11:45 am

    I’ve always told people, you gotta watch out for those crazy libtards…

  4. Atlanta Man
    June 16, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    Hodgkinson had real shitty aim, his body count should have been higher considering he had a rifle. I honestly do not give a fuck about this shooting, the people shot, or the United States politicians-and they do not give a fuck about me. I find it amusing that one of the people that politicians do care about was also shot on that field-a fucking lobbyist, was shot on that field along with those politicians.

    I care about those politicians getting shot about as much as they care when police kill us unarmed black people. I actually had a giggle watching shell-shocked rich white men (who fuck us normal tax paying Americans regularly for special interests and lobbyist money) recount their traumatic experience- if only they had crippling medical expenses to accompany their PTSD of the event. They get no sympathy from me, none at all. Fuck them, each and every one (including the Democrats).

    And that was one of the points I was making. People in USA no longer care about what “looks right”. One consequence of this change is that what was previously “unthinkable” is now more than acceptable.

  5. webej
    June 16, 2017 at 3:38 pm

    People no longer look to a congressman as one of their own. They know these people have the opposite interests, are subject to different rules and dynamics. In addition, Scalise isn’t the type of guy that evokes sympathy to begin with. People don’t identify with the congress crowd.

  6. June 16, 2017 at 7:19 pm

    a funny cartoon about everyone’s fav chickenhawk…

    and that is why the only good CONservative is a dead one.

  7. A.B. Prosper
    June 16, 2017 at 9:48 pm


    Difference is no one on the Right took Nugent or any of the other loud mouthed dumb fuckers seriously or shot anyone and many disavowed his rhetoric. Better amygdalas on RepubliCONS I guess

    I’m hearing crickets on the Left and you kind of horseshit.

    That said CONsevrvatives are just LIEberals from twenty years ago with an even bigger obsession with money. Looter-Cucks mostly except for the .Alt Right who like it or not stand for something. Feel free to insert a big Lebowski joke if you like.

    In any case other than federal gun rights the CONservatives haven’t conserved jack shit and are mostly as useless as tits on a male dog. State CONs are a bit better but aren’t exactly great though

    I will say though Red states have mostly much less inequality and an average person in say Texas or Utah can afford a house whereas in California, well a crap-box in a dope filled areas costs more than a huge house in Texas with not much more in wages and massivly higher taxes

    Still the Elephants got all three houses and a majority of States and I guess are too busy sucking up to the media and looting to do anything much else.

    whether that’s good or bad is up to policy but given the US hasn’t passed a clean highway bill since Clinton no reason to expect higher functioning

    • June 18, 2017 at 10:49 am

      yeah, I don’t think the alt-reich stands for anything worth fighting for…

  8. Yusef
    June 17, 2017 at 11:09 am

    I’m surprised no one has commented on the possibility of even further, restrictive, more oppressive police-state, surveillance state tactics. I mean– I doubt there was “open door” policy– come one come all–everyone invited, come if you like– atmosphere at the gate. They probably had scads of security, screening, etc. and this guy somehow slipped through. Who knows? Where I live we recently had a big conference attended by both U.S. senators and Rex Tillerson, U.S. Suk-o-State. I was walking along a bike path near the convention center oblivious to the goings on. I saw two black unmarked police cars with their red-white lights flashing and so made a big detour. I didn’t want any part of that. Nevertheless, I was apprehended by a big geek with a bullet-proof vest. “Where are your credentials?” “I don’t have any, and I had no idea I needed any. I’m on my way out of here and won’t come back until later.” The guy said, “That’s fine.” When I got out of range, I looked back at the parking lot, at the police dogs, the black vans, the roaming guards, etc., etc. Wow, I thought. My little town. Nothing about this in the papers, either. It’s normal. How exactly it will go up from here, I’m not sure. Just that for these measures to be increased is the most likely consequence. And that’s very bad. The idiot who did this deserves no support. It doesn’t work.

  9. June 17, 2017 at 5:19 pm

    have you seen this???

  10. June 17, 2017 at 5:19 pm

  11. neoconned
    June 17, 2017 at 5:38 pm

    Congress critters at federal level in USA have, until now, not been shot or killed for their professed ideologies, voting record or policy positions.

    How quickly you forgot Gabrielle Giffords, whose assailant appears to have selected her to represent his fetid fever dream of what the government is. He mentioned the decline of Anglo majorities and other immigration related issues, along with complaints that private property ownership was under attack in rants published by the media afterwards.

  1. June 17, 2017 at 10:22 pm

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