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Some More Newer Facts about Stephen Paddock: Oct 7, 2017

October 7, 2017 10 comments

My original plan, for today, was to finish another post about the situation with regards to North Korea’s nuclear and ICBM program. Then I felt a bit lazy and decided to write something about Stephen Paddock– specifically about newer bits of information relevant to his personality and motivations for the 2017 Mandalay Bay shooting. In any case, if things go the way I think they will- we might have some very interesting news about North Korean ICBM tests sometime late tomorrow afternoon (Eastern Time). If not tomorrow, sometime in the next few days..

Anyway, back to the topic of this post. As many of you are doubtlessly aware of, local police and other national investigative agencies have so far been unable to assign a motivation for Paddock’s decision to commit the largest mass shooting by a single person in american history. Of course, it is very likely that his record will be broken by somebody else within the next few years- but that is a topic for another post. In the absence of an official assignment of motive (and likely inspite of one) there are tons of overtly complex theories, about what led him to do it, floating around the internet.

There are the obvious ones such as him being a secret Muslim convert, secret CIA asset, secret patsy and well.. secret [insert your hobbyhorse here]. You get the point. Then there are others who believe he was a political ideologue who either loved Trump or worshiped HRC and wanted to champion gun control. We cannot forger the ones about him being mentally ill (whatever that means) to having a brain tumor (not totally implausible) to being recently diagnosed with a terminal disease (again within realm of possibility).

However, none of the above mentioned theories provide an internally coherent explanation of facts- defined as stuff we know with very high degrees of certainty. For example, there are multiple lines of evidence that he was a pretty boring person with no history of criminal behavior– at least as defined by law. All of his successful real-estate ventures were fully legal and by all accounts he seems to have been a good landlord, astute businessman and successful self-made entrepreneur. There is also no evidence that he was in any financial trouble, either from his recreational gambling or from real estate deals.

His interest in guns also seemed to be quite mature as he first started acquiring them in 1982. While it is true that he buy a bit over 30 guns and lots of ammo within the last year, many hundreds of thousands of Americans did the same during Obama’s two presidential terms. Nor was his semi-nomadic lifestyle especially unusual given his considerable wealth and lack of children and grandchildren. I mean.. would you not travel around the world, stay at expensive hotels and go to expensive restaurants if you could afford it?

Perhaps most tellingly, he did not leave behind any suicide note, manifesto or anything else (found so far) that would provide his version of what motivated him to shoot up all those people. The note found on a table in his room seems to contain ballistic calculations for improve his aiming. Even the alleged mystery person in his room in the days before that shooting appear to have been one (or more) of the prostitutes he hired during that stay. On other words, it is almost certain that he did it by himself and for reasons which we may never know for sure.

Perhaps the most realistic and plausible reason for his actions was suggested by a commentator on one of my previous posts about him. I have quoted the relevant part below.

He probably was a misanthrope/clinical psychopath who got bored with life and decided to go for a “high score” just to see if he could. – by TAKEmuhMONEYZ

In my opinion, this particular explanation makes the most sense largely because it fits known facts very well. While some of you might find it hard to imagine a person shooting up lots of others just to go for the “highest score” because he was bored, it makes a lot of sense given his apparent boredom with an otherwise materially comfortable life.

Maybe he had no desire to live anymore but wanted to go out with the highest score. This also explains why he appears to have been casing multiple large music festivals for the last few months. It was really about getting the highest score and to his credit- he did achieve that in the end.

What do you think? Comments?