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Why do Supposedly Mighty Hollywood Men Jerk Off in Front of Women?

November 11, 2017 17 comments

One peculiar detail common to the many recent claims of sexual harassment by supposedly powerful men in the entertainment industry aka ‘Hollywood’ concerns the unusual prominence of an otherwise uncommon sexual act, namely masturbating in front of a woman. It seems that others have also noticed the unusual prominence of this act in the seemingly endless flow of accusations against supposedly powerful men in that industry.

The current favored explanation by “credentialed experts” is that masturbation in front of an unwilling woman is some sort of dominance move, like a dog pissing on some tree down the street. But there is a small problem with that explanation. It is.. you see.. totally made up bullshit without any connection to reality. If the “expert” explanation was true, this act would be far more common- especially in a country as full of dysfunctional relationships as USA.

So why is this otherwise uncommon sexual act so common for supposedly powerful men in Hollywood? I mean.. what sexual pleasure can you get out of jerking off in front of an unwilling woman? More curiously, why are there so few accounts of white or non-white sport-stars, actors or musicians jerking off in front of unwilling women? Why don’t they have to jerk off in front of women to establish dominance?

Part of the answer is obvious once you look at photos of those accused of that sexual act. Harvey Weinstein, Louis CK, Mark Halperin, Brett Ratner, James Tobback etc are not what you would call handsome or physically desirable to most women. They are just plain middle-management types who happened to get lucky and become powerful in that industry. Their social status and alleged importance is linked to the position they have come to occupy in the hierarchy of late capitalism.

In other words, they have virtually no intrinsic sexual appeal to women. If it were not for a lucky break or two, these men would have been the semi-castrated money earning “yes, dear” slaves found within stucco suburban shitboxes and office parks all across USA and pretty much every other ‘developed’ country. In an older post about why women prefer “bad boys” over “responsible men”, I talked about why men who display autonomous agency are far more attractive to women than those who are, for all practical purposes, well-paid slaves.

All these supposedly powerful men in Hollywood derive that power from working within a matrix of rules, regulations and conventions. For all their alleged power, they are completely subservient to the system. In that respect, they are comparable to powerful eunuchs who served in Chinese imperial courts over the centuries. Between that and their rather mediocre physical appearance, it is no surprise that most women do not find them sexually attractive.

Readers can now see why uncompensated sexual advances from such men might cause outright revulsion within most women. In contrast to this, most women would be quite happy to receive such attention from men who are either good-looking, display some degree of autonomous agency or both. That is why sport stars, music stars, physically attractive actors, “criminals”, drug dealers and narcissistic sociopaths do not have to jerk off in front of unwilling women.

But we are still left with the question about why these mediocre middle-management types jerk off in front of women rather than physically threaten them to have sex or have sex with them by force? What stops them from pointing a gun at the head of some woman and asking her to suck their cock or take it in the ass? Why do almost none of the women allegedly harassed or assaulted by these men report feeling afraid of being killed? Also, why didn’t these men just hire escorts to act out their fantasies?

The answer to that set of questions requires us to first confront an unpleasant fact about living in decaying societies full of institutions. The thing is.. large and hierarchical institutions of any type are full of spineless men (and women) because only they will willingly take stupid orders and endure humiliation from their immediate superiors who have to endure if from somebody above them, ad infinitum. It is therefore not surprising that such spineless behavior manifests itself in other aspects of their life.

That is why physical assaults are far more common in dysfunctional blue-collar marriages than their white-collar equivalents. That is why most people living in suburbs and working in office parks threaten legal action than beat the crap out of someone offensive. Now, we can certainly argue if this is good thing or bad thing. My point is that this type of systematic passive-aggressive behavior is not natural to human beings. Anyway, the consequence of living in such a society is that the most supposedly powerful people in it are almost always the biggest pussies.

To make a long story short, all these supposedly powerful men in Hollywood were jerking off in front of unwilling women because they were mediocre men without intrinsic sexual appeal who were also too chicken to actually physically force themselves on those women. Personally, I find all of this darkly comic and absurdist rather than tragic.

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