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On the Obsession of Corporate Media with “Trump-Russia” Fairy Tales

Almost eleven months ago, I wrote a post about how the then new obsession of establishment democrats and mainstream corporate media with alleged “Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election” was a sign of intellectual bankruptcy. Sharp-eyed readers will notice that it was the first in what was supposed to be a short series on how this manufactured “scandal” was another symptom of the general disconnect between establishment types and everybody else. At that time, I had hoped that this particular establishment brainfart would be temporary and most people in it would eventually regain their tenuous connection with reality.

Of course, even then I knew that this manufactured “scandal” was going to last for a long time- largely because establishment democrats and their neoliberal media allies and donors had no interest in a genuinely populist counter-platform to Trump and the republicans. To make a long story short, I could not find enough motivation to write the next part of that series because Russia-hysteria by establishment democrats kept reaching increasingly ridiculous levels with each passing day. A couple of months after that, I tried writing another series on the reasons behind the promotion of anti-Russian hysteria by the establishment. Once again, I could not get myself to write a second part because.. the hysteria kept on getting worse, if that is even possible.

I did, however, write a standalone article later that month about why establishment democrats are desperate to believe in the myth of Russian interference in 2016 elections. To make a long story short, democrats are still unable to accept that their 30-year old neoliberalism-lite formula has no realistic future. They can’t believe that paid endorsements by various celebrities and “intellectuals”, lots of advertisements on old mass media platforms, carefully written but utterly dishonest speeches and party platforms and tons of ivy-league consultants could not defeat a mediocre reality-TV star.

So where do establishment democrats and their mainstream corporate media operatives go from here? Or are we stuck in an endless stream of ineffectual “leaks” and “scoops” about ongoing investigations (real or imagined) into the ‘Trump-Putin’ or ‘Trump-Russia’ connection until Hell freezes over for them?

While I try to be optimistic, past experience has shown that my pessimistic.. I mean realistic.. assumptions are usually correct. IMHO, we have gone past the point where establishment types could make a graceful exit from this carnival freak-show. Expressing steadfast belief in the validity of a ‘Trump-Putin’ or ‘Trump-Russia’ scandal is now a required part of the democratic party belief system, not unlike how devout Christians are expected to believe in the resurrection of Christ or devout Muslims are supposed to believe that their Prophet ascended to heaven on a winged horse.

Now, you might ask, how can I be so certain about this particular outcome? Let us start by talking about Louise Mensch. In case you wondering what I referring to, here is a little primer on her. To make another long and convoluted story short, this woman is a life-long attention whore with a talent for inserting herself into controversies. Let latest vehicle to fame (or infamy) has been a constant stream of increasingly laughable confabulations about Trump being in imminent danger of being arrested and impeachment through some fanciful ‘double secret’ investigation.

But why talk about a two-bit attention-whore with no real understanding or insight into whatever she is tweeting about? Well.. as it turns out, there is a huge market for her laughably ridiculous tweets, and not just from partisan democratic party supporters or brain-damaged rubes. This serial confabulator has been enthusiastically retweeted by supposedly respectable establishment types such as Laurence Tribe, a bunch of famous journalists, many senior democratic party operatives and many more supposedly “serious” and “intelligent” people. Her scam even got her published in the NYT and she appeared on multiple allegedly respectable talk shows.

And this brings us the inevitable question: Why were so many supposedly “intelligent” people so willing and eager to believe such utter bullshit? Why were they so enthusiastic about trying to get rid of Donald Trump through such highly questionable legal maneuvers than by simply pointing out his numerous and massive shortcomings while offering a plausible and comprehensive counter-platform? I think it comes down the simple fact that neoliberal establishment types cannot even bear the thought of offering a true populist alternative to Trump.

They still believe that Trump’s victory is a temporary aberration and they can go back to their old neoliberal ways once he steps down or is impeached. They still believe that the world hasn’t changed since 2006-2007 and that the neoliberal consensus can go on till the end of time. While this might seem highly delusional to people with some connection to reality, establishment types (democrat and republican) and their media stooges live in a world where they nobody they interact with contradicts their belief system. They literally cannot imagine a world different from the one responsible for their ill-gotten wealth and position in society.

To give you an idea about the depth of wishful thinking prevalent in democratic establishment types, let us talk about the Steele dossier. I am sure that many of you might about that secret report containing information about an older incident in a Russian hotel involving Trump, local escorts and ‘golden showers’. Have you ever wondered by the democratic establishment and their media operatives were so willing to uncritically believe the veracity of an incident so odd and contrary to Trump’s persona?

I mean.. most people would totally believe a story that Trump had a thing for escorts who looked like his oldest daughter, Ivanka. They would even believe a story about him demanding beauty pageant participants give him oral sex in exchange for promotion deals. And yet the dimwitted confabulator who wrote that dossier, paid in part by the democratic party establishment, came up with a story that was so obviously and laughably improbable. But the bigger issue here is that the democratic establishment and their media operatives were very enthusiastic and willing to propagate something that was poorly researched and hard to believe.

So.. why could establishment types and their media flunkies not come up with better material for smear jobs aimed at Trump? Why have all their attempts, to date, been so laughably ineffective and amateurish. Aren’t these people supposed to the cream of american intelligentsia, educated at ivy-league universities and apparently “succeeding” a series of important-sounding and highly paid careers. Or maybe, they are not. Maybe, they are just mediocre parasites who were born to the rich parents or got a few random lucky breaks. Maybe, they are helpless and incompetent in an environment which is different from the one that facilitated their parasitism.

And that is why the title of this post suggests that corporate media flunkies of the democratic party are obsessed with fairy tales about Trump. As all of you know, people above a certain age and commensurate mental faculties are incapable of believing in such stories even if they tell them to entertain younger children. The democratic party establishment and their media flunkies appear to be so out of touch with reality and how other people view them that they are relentlessly peddling ludicrous stories to discredit Trump while totally ignoring his many broken electoral promises and highly unpopular decisions he made since he assuming office.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. Yusef
    December 11, 2017 at 5:19 pm

    I think your arguments are weaker now than they were then. You were asking: where’s the evidence? It was as if you thought because we’d seen none so far emerged, there was none. At this later date, as more and more of the investigations into allegations and accusations proceed, evidence is accumulating. Evidence is emerging.

    If the establishment had real evidence about the type of accusations they are making, Trump would be sitting in a maximum security jail right now.

    I also think you’re being proven wrong about Trump being able to survive impeachment and removal from office. He fired Comey– big mistake, but not deadly. Allowing a special prosecutor to be appointed– especially someone like Mueller– that’s the fatal mistake.

    The special prosecutor will probe and probe and probe for the rest of the time Trump is in office and there’s nothing Trump can do about it. Eventually something will come up… Trump is dirty. Trump is going down.

    • Yusef
      December 13, 2017 at 5:52 pm

      “If the establishment had real evidence about the type of accusations they are making, Trump would be sitting in a maximum security jail right now.”

      See, in spite of everything, in spite of all your protestations and ministrations, you continue to believe there’s something called the “rule of law” and that it is the active, effective, and governing principle.

      What’s really going on at most uses the “rule of law” as a shield, a veil, a distraction, a diversion. What’s really going on is behind the scenes meat and muscle “might is right” fight for power and the winner is the biggest and baddest. It has nothing to do with “real evidence” or Trump going to jail because he’s genuinely a bad boy. They’d all be in jail if they went to jail for being bad boys.

      There’s these three forces: the Italian mafia, the Jewish mafia, and the Russian mafia. The Italian mafia and the Jewish mafia more or less made peace some time ago and apportioned power accordingly. In my opinion the Jews came out on top, but it doesn’t matter all that much. The Russian mafia has been up and coming and antagonistic to both. The Russian mafia is threatening to the J-I organization, and it could well take over. It already is coming close.

      Hilary fronts the J-I mafia; Trump fronts the Russians. One way or the other, Trump came out on top. The J-I can’t just come out with everything it has on Trump because Trump can counter attack. Trump may even have the upper hand– he probably does. The J-I has to wait for Trump to miss a move or slip. They have to maneuver to take advantage of his weaknesses and mistakes rather than be direct. Also, there’s the “sex scandal” tactic which works extraordinarily well in American politics, don’t ask me why.

      Have you asked yourself: why would Trump, seemingly out of nowhere come up with the idea of supporting the move of Israel’s capitol to Jerusalem? He and his advisors would have to know this will cause discord. My guess is he’s saying to the J-I: I’m not your boy the way Hilary is your girl, but I’m a practical man and I am capable of serving your interests where they do not harm my real masters. It is better for both of us we work together. You’re going to have to share more than you would like, but I’ve already proved that’s better than what you’ll get in more fighting with me.

  2. December 11, 2017 at 5:20 pm

    we are in a new paradigm…

    I used to comment at a quasi-men’s right’s site called feminist critics…


    They had some significant blind spots. You were not allowed to question progressive politics or the LGBTQ+_!piesquared coalition. It’s funny because even though they are still on the net, it’s just tumbleweeds whereas a few years back, they had threads with nearly a thousand comments. I think the world has realized that their approach, trying to “play nice” with those that hate you (in their case feminists) is not a winning strategy.

    Now that you mention it, I remember coming across that site a couple of years ago. My quick initial assessment was that it was too focused on criticizing certain types of feminism rather than exploring what was driving a whole range of linked social changes.

  3. Yusef
    December 12, 2017 at 4:23 pm

    I think the strategy is to create a climate where any kind of illicit and yet legal sexual activity is seen as unacceptable, and if detected used to incite contempt and “voluntary” resignation from office. Exactly as in the case of Al Franken. Nothing he did was illegal or revolting or unacceptable, yet there he went, down, down, down and out. Why? Number one, in Minnesota his replacement will be appointed by someone sure to choose in such a way there
    s no net loss to the democratic party. Number two, he’s setting a precedent. He was accused, he resigned. As if he had to do so. And what’s the next step? Trump was a rich NYC playboy in the 70s and 80s, the era of Studio 54, where everything went, was out in the open, if you got in at all, you did it, too. Trump got in. I would bet with enough money and effort– plenty of effort is at hand if there’s plenty of money,too, and there is plenty of money for this– some of it will be on film, and it will be recovered. It’ll show Trump doing things acceptable then and always legal, but in the present political climate, damnable. There will be calls for resignation, and no one has Trump’s back; Trump has seen to that. I don’t even think his wife– what is she, his third or fourth?– has his back. It’ll be a cheap and easy way to get rid of him in part because the real creepy beltway crap, the stuff that really matters and is bad, and in which they are all a part, won’t need to be exposed. It’s the only way I can understand what’s going on now; it is a plausible “end game” for it.

    • hoipolloi
      December 13, 2017 at 3:09 am

      Sounds like a plausible explanation. This also presupposes that the Democrats have a dossier on Trump with necessary dates, names, places, photos etc. They may choose to use it for shaming him to resign or to start impeach proceedings. Once the low level of threshold is established for public outrage to such conduct, they can use it against him during reelection time.

  4. December 13, 2017 at 1:12 pm

    Excellent discernment Diaboli.

    Wishful thinking by neoliberal Koolaid drinking “Yousef”?….or is “Yousef” clairvoyant? HA! If so, then his or her (whichever the case may be…or pretended) clairvoyance is extremely popular, NO! it is universally conscripted into the gullibly supple vacuum of neoliberal lemmings and their mindless ether. This is because most DO NOT want to think or live, but only want to be subject to whatever form of fraud is selling a false (impossible) universal guaranteed security. Most do not want to live. Having a soul, for most like “Yousef” is the primary fear. Their souls are like hot potatoes to them. They are extremely anxious to give it up. Having a soul, means that you also think autonomously, that you live autonomously in the primal sense, that you experience reality and the consequences of your own actions in regard to your own success or not. All this, while operating, negotiation your life on your own terms while using social reigning constructs, to your advantage as much as possible without being impeached rather than existing as a scum slurping thoughtless impotent mindless imbecile like “Yousef” who is merely parroting exactly what he or she (whichever the case may be…or pretended) sees and hears ten thousand time a day. Yes, there are those who believe their own lies after telling them over and over and over. Those we call pathological. What do we call those like “Yousef” who believe the lies told by another over and over and over? What are those kind of people? Followers? NO! They aren’t even functional enough to follow. Following requires SOME autonomy even if that autonomy is expressed by nothing more than the decision to follow. But “Yousef” doesn’t even fit this. He or she (whichever the case may be…or pretended) is merely an empty receptacle of garbage with no brain to filter or discern anything about the battle of smoking mirrors, lies and Machiavellianism. There is no guard at his or her (whichever the case may be…or pretended) mental door. There is in fact no mental at all! but only a shimmering blob of functionless protoplasm supplanted for an intellect.

  5. December 13, 2017 at 1:26 pm

    So “Yousef”, based on what you have written, obviously in your “mind” Trump will not or should not preserver. Tell us, is that apparent fact based on YOUR “thoughts”?

    What if he preservers? What if, not he, but something much larger than him and very unwanted by the current (but not so unusual) neoliberal ilk perseveres as it ultimately always has?

    History does not repeat itself, but it damn well rhymes and the song is the same.

  6. December 13, 2017 at 1:41 pm

    “He fired Comey– big mistake, but not deadly. Allowing a special prosecutor to be appointed– especially someone like Mueller– that’s the fatal mistake.”

    Yousef is swimming in the punch bowl. Regardless if he or she likes the taste of the punch, it is undeniable that Yousef is swimming in it. Yousef is pissing and shitting the punch. Yousef’s entire perception is exactly the narrow frame that the elite concocted and the MSM presents for all to drink and swim in. Totally ignored are all other possibilities. “Big” mistake, “Fatal” mistake. where did these thoughts come from? Could it be from the MSM that is incessantly spewing them out ten thousand times a day after the MSM has been very effectively exposed for what and who they are, their lies and false reporting, as their innuendoes, insinuations reveal their real intentions?

    Get out of the fucking punch bowl Yousef.

    • Yusef
      December 13, 2017 at 5:29 pm

      The reason I see the appointment of special prosecutor Mueller as a fatal mistake is because I’ve been paying attention to what has historically happened to a president when a special prosecutor has been appointed. Take two examples:

      1) President Nixon appointed special prosecutor Archibald Cox as special prosecutor in the early days of the Watergate Investigation. Cox, acting independently of Nixon’s orders took the investigation directions Nixon didn’t want and couldn’t control and so Nixon fired him. Have you heard about this? Immediately after the firing, there was a firestorm of public indignation because the public took it as confirmation Nixon was hiding something. (Which may or may not have been true, but what was true or not true didn’t matter, ultimately.) “The Saturday Night Massacre.” This was the beginning of the end. Nixon had no choice but to appoint another special prosecutor, Leon Jaworksi, who also proceeded with the investigation independently, and couldn’t be fired based on the reaction to the first firing.

      2) Special prosecutor Kenneth Starr. Appointed initially to investigate the suicide death of Vince Foster and Bill Clinton’s White Water scandal, but expanded into a multi-year multi-headed look into any kind of dirt which could be dug up, and ended with Clinton being impeached on what seemed to me then and now the completely unrelated charge of Clinton lying about the nature of his relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

      In other words, if a president was smart he/she would do anything to prevent a special prosecutor from being appointed because the assignment is basically open-ended and politically charged– your prosecutor is likely to be out to get you and probably can. ( I don’t doubt Archibald Cox, Leon Jaworski, and Kenneth Starr were the political and intellectual enemies of Nixon and Clinton, respectively. It is in that sense I actually sympathize with Nixon and Clinton.) Trump isn’t stupid, but he must be a neophyte to have fallen into this trap…He must not understand the full implications of what he’s done. Some of my thoughts on these matters I attribute to Bernard Nussbaum, who worked in the Watergate investigations and served as White House counsel under Clinton. He advised Clinton not to appoint a special prosecutor because the special prosecutor is capable of violating the President’s constitutionally guaranteed rights, exactly as happened to Clinton.

      You watch. You think what I’m saying is just plain ridiculous, but this Mueller is going to be relentless. He’s going to chip away, chip away, and chip away. It’s going to be like a drum beat of death in the background, a ticking time bomb. One by one people will fall, as we’ve already seen Flynn fall. (That was a major event, by the way.) Flynn falls, they make him a deal to lighten his fall, he gives them something in return, they pick up some bargaining chips, they gain some power, and then another one will fall, more bargaining chips, more momentum. Really you think I get these ideas from the MSM? Is this the way the MSM is reporting this? Please explain that, and if possible, provide some links.

    • Yusef
      December 13, 2017 at 5:33 pm

      I spell my name the way I spell my name. Get with the program.

  7. December 13, 2017 at 5:59 pm

    OT, someone sent me a link and this made me think of you and Eurasian Tiger…

  8. MikeCA
    December 18, 2017 at 2:06 pm

    It is obvious that the Russians tried to interfere in the 2016 election. Their main goal appears to have been to discredit the US elections. It is unclear if their attempts to interfere had any effect on the outcome of the election.

    Even if the Russian interference in 2016 had no effect on the outcome of the election, what is the US going to do to protect the integrity of US elections in 2018 and 2020 against the kind of disinformation campaign the Russians used in 2016.

    The Trump administration just denies that the Russians tried to interfere in the elections and has no plans to do anything to protect future elections from Russian or any other countries interference. Instead he has appointed a committee to prove that there were 3 million illegal aliens that voted for Hillary in California. (Fact check: there were 14 million votes in California 2016 presidential election. If 3 million were illegals, then 1 in 5 voters in California is an illegal. Voter fraud on this scale would be very easy to prove, if it existed. Also, by most estimates there are only 2.5 million illegals in California, so even if every last one of them voted, you could not get 3 million illegal votes.)

    On the Steele dossier., Democrats and members of the main stream corporate media had this information before the election. The Clinton campaign and the main stream media did not publish this information until well after the election. The golden shower item is only one item in the dossier and it was probably fabricated by the Russian intelligence service and leaked to the investigator who put the dossier together in order to discredit the other accurate information in the dossier.

    It is doubtful Trump’s businesses could stand up to an in depth legal investigation. That is what Trump is most afraid of from these investigations. There are some serious unanswered questions. Trump claims he has no loans from Russian banks or business. Trump has hundreds of millions of dollars of loans from Deutsche Bank, which is the only big bank operating in the US that will still do business with Trump after his casinos failed and left the banks with hundreds of millions in bad loans. Why is Deutsche Bank still willing to make loans to Trump? Deutsche Bank plead guilty in New York to engaging in illegal Russian money laundering and paid a $400 million fine to New York state. There was a federal investigation of the same case, but after Trump became president, this investigation seems to have disappeared. There are people who suggest that the Deutsche Bank loans to Trump are backed by Russians or are a Russian money laundering scheme.

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