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How Elliot Rodger Became the Archetypal ‘Incel’ Rampage Killer

As some of you might know, today (May 23rd) is the fourth anniversary of Elliot Rodger’s killing spree in Isla Vista. Elliot was the inspiration for Alek Minassian’s recent infamous drive through Toronto- something I have written about recently (link 1, link 2). Those of you who frequent 4chan, 8chan and certain other parts of the internet must also be aware that Elliot Rodger has a pretty large and still growing name recognition in those regions- which is odd considering he killed himself immediately after committing that rampage killing. So how does a guy whose final body count did not even touch double digits become such a major cultural icon after his death? To make matters more interesting, Elliot Rodger was hardly the only ‘incel’ rampage killer in USA within the last decade.

As I have pointed out in a previous post, the majority of men who go on killing sprees in USA are either completely or functionally incel. And yes, I know about the few prominent exceptions such as Stephen Paddock and Omar Mateen. The vast majority of rampage killers in USA such as Seung-Hui Cho, Adam Lanza, Nikolas Cruz, James Holmes, Jared Loughner and Dimitrios Pagourtzis had abysmal luck with finding female companionship for years prior to their rampage. In fact, with the possible exception of men who went on killing rampages for religious reasons, almost every one had a history of sexual rejection from women. Yet for some reason, Elliot Rodger has had a far bigger cultural impact than men with many times his body count. But why?

Part of answer to that mystery is alluded to in the picture posted above. To refresh your memory, it is a screen shot from one of the YouTube videos he uploaded before his rampage in which he talks about the many reasons he was angry with women of his age and wanted to kill them. To make a long story short, he was a half-white/half-asian who was born into a rich family who was extremely unlucky with women through a combination of his shyness, his perceived non-white status and a family that pretty much ignored his emotional needs. But those videos were only a small part of what assured his posthumous and still growing fame.

The single biggest factor which has made Elliot Rodger famous, and the archetype for ‘incel’ rampage killer, was his long and very well written manifesto. In it, he describes in great detail the conditions and circumstances of his upbringing and environment that led him to do what he finally did. Do read it, if you have not done so already. It is that manifesto, more than any other thing, which made Elliot Rodger the cultural icon he has become since his death. And one more thing.. Elliot Rodger was perhaps the first rampage killer to methodically and explicitly make the connection between being consistently rejected by women and forced to be incel with his actions.

Elliot Rodger was the first self-identified incel rampage killer in our era, though Marc Lepine sorta said something similar in 1989. Of course, Marc Lepine suicide statement was much shorter than Elliot Rodger’s one hundred and eight thousand word production and the public internet did not exist in 1989. Furthermore, incel-dom was far less common in North America in 1989 than in 2014 or 2018. To put it another way, Elliot Rodger’ cultural impact is a combination of what he did and when he did it. And yes, I have written a few posts about him in the past (link 3, link 4, link 5). Curiously, most normies dismissed his manifesto at that time. The course of events, however, had other plans and his manifesto quickly became a staple of internet culture.

And that is the short version of how Elliot Rodger became a cultural icon of our era. You can try to mock him, ignore him, defame him.. and it won’t matter. The fact of the matter is that he has become far more famous and influential in death than he was in life. If it sounds like something one might say about a saint or religious figure, you are half-right because Elliot Rodger has sorta become the patron saint of incels. And just like other religious figures and martyrs from the past, those who have read his manifesto harbor a very different image of him from those who have not done so. To be clear, I am not suggesting that we will see a church of Elliot Rodger anytime soon, but the magnitude of cultural effect he has had is equally undeniable.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. May 23, 2018 at 5:15 pm

    When ER first went on his rampage, some said it was a false flag because his videos were “so well produced.” Maybe that was because he had a film maker father. Even though he was said to be autistic, he seems to be very self aware. He doesn’t fit into the femanazi stereotype of “dateless loser” because he forgot to brush his teeth and comb his hair. And his videos have better production values than most MGTOW garbage or Dickie Spencer’s garbage…

    All that being said, he has a very punchable face. I would’ve really liked to punch that fucker. (Has nothing to do with being a white knight.) And, y’know I’d really like to punch Dickie Spencer and Jordan Peterson in the face. If we lived in an equitable society, I should be allowed to punch odious individuals who hate me because I am a low status halfbreed without any consequence. And then I should be allowed to walk into a hipster bar and get a free craft beer for punching them in the face. But alas the weasels on the left and the snakes on the right would consider me “entitled.”

  2. P Ray
    May 23, 2018 at 9:20 pm

    ER is iconic because he put paid to the lie that women want men who are rich. Plus it helps that he documented his life and didn’t have the “hurr durr” Chad Thundercock lack of vocabulary (women want intelligent men, amirite?).

    It turns out that women want men rich enough to keep spending on them BUT not talk about a return on investment …
    and intelligent enough to show off to their friends BUT not to win arguments against her.

    With the quick way they’ve wiped off his “Day of Retribution” video (I managed to save it, whew), Youtube and Google are now creating the culture that is mentioned in Warhammer 40,000, http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Edict_of_Obliteration
    An Edict of Obliteration, also known as a Damnatio Memoriae, a High Gothic phrase meaning “condemnation of memory,” is the policy of the deliberate destruction of icons and other symbols or monuments pertaining to an individual, usually of the Imperial elite, who has been declared Excommunicate Traitoris by the Emperor of Mankind (before he was interred within the Golden Throne), the High Lords of Terra or the Inquisition. An Edict of Obliteration is a frequent component of major political or religious changes within the Imperium. The term encompasses the more specific destruction of images of a member of the Imperial elite after his death or overthrow. The result of an Edict of Obliteration is to have the offending individual effectively erased from Imperial history.

    The purpose of an Edict of Obliteration is to preserve the honour of the Emperor by removing every trace of the person from the life of the Imperium, as if he or she had never existed. In a galaxy-spanning empire that stresses fealty and loyalty to the Emperor in return for advancement, acclaim and spiritual salvation for its elites, this is perhaps one of the most severe punishments. This is especially true for those Imperial Adepta that directly serve the Emperor, such as the Ecclesiarchy, the Inquisition, and the members of the Imperial military forces like the Space Marines and the Imperial Guard.

    Where in this case, substitute “Feminism” for “Emperor”.

  3. Craig
    May 24, 2018 at 4:18 am

    @P Ray; also Year Zero and 1984’s Memory Hole.

  4. Conscience constituent
    May 24, 2018 at 4:19 am

    I will leave this here.

  5. Shiningtime
    May 24, 2018 at 5:35 am

    Elliot was an incel only because he’d been fed a bunch of lies his whole life. I’d imagine he was also a heavy porn user. His beta white father probably had no game and little success with women, hence his mating with a colorstruck asian female.

    Elliot was young, handsome and wealthy. Nothing on the surface would make women be repulsed by him. His extreme narcissism is clearly evident in his videos. He believed men of color we’re inferior to him and therefore should not have the type of women he desired. That’s the rub. He didn’t understand women and he lived in a make believe world that a lot of white supremacists live in.

    Him being half asian would not have been an issue for the blondes he desired. The issue was his attitude and the way he looked at the world.

    • P Ray
      May 24, 2018 at 8:06 am

      Elliot was an incel only because he’d been fed a bunch of lies his whole life.
      Ya, that one being women like good men and nice guys
      … the lie being one of omission … the next part is … after they’ve spent their youth and beauty on Chad – you get to be chosen last! What a vote of confidence, lel.

      I’d imagine he was also a heavy porn user.
      Only a “down side” if women find him unattractive. Remember, dissention has pointed out in the past his “competition” were men who liked little children … and the women liked that guy.

      His beta white father probably had no game and little success with women, hence his mating with a colorstruck asian female.
      True, but here’s the rub – fertility is dropping worldwide – proving that women, when the government subsidises them – only want the man who is attractive.

      Elliot was young, handsome and wealthy. Nothing on the surface would make women be repulsed by him.
      Racist women would be repulsed …

      His extreme narcissism is clearly evident in his videos.
      Why is narcissism ok in women but not men?

      He believed men of color we’re inferior to him and therefore should not have the type of women he desired.
      Hatred of Chad can emerge looking like that.

      He didn’t understand women and he lived in a make believe world that a lot of white supremacists live in.
      Lel, women don’t mind being with the guy who beats them up as long as other women want him.

      Him being half asian would not have been an issue for the blondes he desired. The issue was his attitude and the way he looked at the world.
      The ole “muh personality” excuse.

      You sure you’re not desperately trying to ignore the reality that the woman you’re with … is choosing you last?

      P.S. And even if you breed, you’d better hope women don’t turn your son into the next ER … or will you abort the boy and hope for a girl? You know, that type of person who has “self-esteem” issues, but has no problems telling ugly guys to “eff-off”?

    • P Ray
      May 24, 2018 at 8:42 am

      Another blackpill for you:

    • May 25, 2018 at 5:45 pm

      Shiningtime, 100. Yes, you are correct. Most beta males (especially spoiled, middle class suburbanites) have been lied to all of their lives. They get their ideas from their mothers, grandmothers, public education, holy books, video games, Hollywood — society tells them white lies, Disney Myths and fairy tales to “protect” them, when all of this is a blasphemy against human nature. Not to justify what he did, but he – like most betas turned mass murderers – have been had and fucked by the system. He lived in a make-believe world that not only white supremacist live in. But certain parts of the black community (black respectability negroes) live in this make-believe world also. Then they go into “red pill rage”. NOT “red pill awareness”. Prostitution is illegal in the USA and while that MAY have saved his ass, it probably would not have. For some beta males, it’s about power and control. Not getting what you truly want.

  6. (((They))) Live
    May 24, 2018 at 2:58 pm

    You all seem to be missing a big factor in ER being an incel, the guy was autistic or suffering from aspergers, thats the main reason he was never getting any pussy

    • P Ray
      May 24, 2018 at 4:56 pm

      Got that covered for ya fam.

      “Snapshots of living with severe autism”
      Sammy Martin2 years ago
      he has really beautiful eyes
      Reply 32
      Babypinkpinetree4 years ago
      His eyes! wow he’s so handsome and sweet too!
      Reply 29

      Ya, aspergers and autism make it tough for you to get a girl … as someone else has said, even if you are severely retarded or mute, as long as you are good looking the girl will take the lead.

      Also, this:
      Courtship Signaling and Adolescents:
      “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”?
      Monica M. Moore, Ph.D.
      Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Webster University
      Cary (1976) discovered that the woman, through eye contact, controlled the course of interaction with a male stranger, both in the laboratory and in singles’ bars. Perper (1985) gave a detailed description of courtship, stressing an escalation-response process in which women play a key role in escalation or deescalation. The steps in this process are approach, turn, first touch, and steady development of body synchronization.
      Although these reports are clearly valuable, most researchers addressed courtship very generally, and some failed to recognize the importance of the female role in the courtship process .What was needed was a more complete ethogram of women’s nonverbal courtship signals. To compile such a catalog of flirting behavior exhibited by women involved in initial heterosexual interaction, more than 200 adults were observed (Moore, 1985) in field settings such as singles’ bars, restaurants, and parties.
      Research has shown, therefore, that the cultural myth that the man is always the sexual aggressor, pressing himself on a reluctant woman, is incorrect.

      As an example, male popstars and actors rarely actively hunt for girls, the women present themselves to them.

      Looking forward to your rebuttal with sources, that is … if you have any.

  7. A.B. Prosper
    May 24, 2018 at 4:30 pm

    Mateen and Paddock were not really rampage killers anyway

    Mateen was killing for Islam and its probably Paddock was as well though he could have been a Leftist political killer

    Pretty much all the traditional rampage killers have been Incels though its sketchy with high school age kids, many kids that age (16 and up) aren’t getting any. That was the norm in the past and might be these days as well. Not sure

    One thing all of them had in common though was SSRI’s

  8. (((They))) Live
    May 25, 2018 at 3:48 am

    Do you want a rebuttal from me P Ray, I don’t think you understand autism/aspergers, as your post shows its very true that woman often make the first move but men have to be able to spot and read the body language, someone like ER could never see flirting or hints of sexual interest, thats why he’s never getting any

    thats the key point about autism they always miss a large % of human interaction

    So IMO ER isn’t a true incel, his main failure with women is because of his autism

    • P Ray
      May 25, 2018 at 4:57 am

      Do you want a rebuttal from me?
      Women AREN’T shy about expressing themselves towards a guy they like.

      ER wasn’t a dummy, and one thing women do very slyly around people they are friends with … is to maintain their reputation. That means for women, if the guy you are attracted to is in the OUT group … you don’t show interest.

      I bet many rock stars or actors don’t personally know the girls they’re fucking … meaning, the “rules” are only there to help a girl maintain her social position and reputation, by making sure guys in the OUT group … never get IN.

      That’s why many guys go overseas to become other people, because the society they exist in, doesn’t see them as anything worthwhile.

      The whole “people who have autism don’t know nothing hurr durr” is a funny copout.

    • May 26, 2018 at 8:05 am

      ER didn’t have autism… at all….. but yes, he was neurodiverse, mostly combination of narcissism eating his brain + low intelligence, just like his father

  9. P Ray
    May 25, 2018 at 7:18 am

    Another interesting tidbit here:

    The dude fucked over quite a few women, and his wife – the one he tried to murder – wanted to get back with him!
    Plus his previous wife – who KNEW he was married – wanted to have sex with him again.

    Look carefully at that fella, powerfully built, symmetrical face, hunter eyes and 0 morals. Lack of impulse control, owes money to people, never gonna pay it back. I figure somewhere down the road he has a few bastards too with his genetic legacy.

    The world is simply going to get more violent with people like him around, and growing in number as more women, with the rise of liberalism and feminism, demand that regular/ugly men accept they fuck the alpha stud, and raise the child as his own, while hoping and praying the child isn’t a psychopath.

    • Shiningtime
      May 25, 2018 at 4:00 pm

      You’re so negative. Geez. I’ve read a bunch of your posts, and you’re full of of negativity about women. I’d even say you sound like an actual misogynist. Women are what they are. They are half the human population. I see no point in hating them. They are the way they due to evolution and society.

      • May 25, 2018 at 5:36 pm

        (hmmmm) Yes, women are the way they are. Just like anyone else. And they have the rights to pick and choose whom they want and what lifestyle they want (as long as they aren’t shitting on anyone else in the process). Relationships are a choice, not a right.

      • P Ray
        May 25, 2018 at 6:24 pm

        The last refuge of a bluepiller is to call someone abusive, when they don’t like what they hear.

      • P Ray
        May 25, 2018 at 6:29 pm

        @Mr. Odessa, just to show men have choices,

        will be around forever, as
        In response to r/niceguys, this sub is dedicated to exposing all the women who complain about being single and wanting a “Good Man”, when they consistently reject or friendzone these men for jerks and bad boys who pump and dump them

        The amount of “bitter losers” is expanding, so women can either change their behaviour, be alone, or go singlemom and hope the government will pay for their bad choices (remember, the world consists of more than the USA) 🙂

      • P Ray
        May 26, 2018 at 5:29 pm

        ‘I still can’t believe he tried to murder me’: Tearful wife of Lothario army sergeant refuses to accept his conviction for cutting her parachute, says she has NO plans to divorce him and reveals she’s told their kids ‘he’s at work’

        @shiningtime, do you think you’ll ever get this treatment, about any mistake, nevermind crime, that you commit against someone you love?

        Even if you can ignore the double standards, can you accept you belong to the “B-side men”, the fallback position, and are always considered last or expected to be paired with women who are clearly not relationship material or going to be very expensive to fix her screw-ups?

      • P Ray
        May 29, 2018 at 2:53 pm

        Woman makes up excuses to “fight for her relationship with husband to continue”. Husband said previously he’s “in an unhappy marriage”.

        Ya, husband is a handsome guy that other women are attracted to. Hmmm …

        It’s almost as if being attractive to other women means a woman wants to stick with you through the rough patches of your life.

        Jacqueline Jossa wants to ‘fight’ for her relationship with Dan Osborne… as the pair are spotted together at charity football match after his ‘unhappy marriage’ claims
        By Julia Pritchard for MailOnline
        PUBLISHED: 19:53 BST, 29 May 2018 | UPDATED: 20:12 BST, 29 May 2018
        View comments
        He shocked fans earlier this month by claiming the pair were ‘unhappy’ together, due to their constant arguing.

        And while she was upset by his comments, Jacqueline Jossa is reportedly still willing to ‘fight’ for her relationship with Dan Osborne.

        On Tuesday a source revealed that the actress, who is expecting her second child with Dan, still loves him despite the ‘confusing’ comments, and is ‘hopeful they can be a family again’ after the baby arrives.

      • P Ray
        May 29, 2018 at 3:01 pm

        Another blackpill for you, @shiningtime … remember, women have a lot of energy to “fight for a relationship with a guy other women are attracted to”:
        Scarlett Moffatt declares her LOVE for ‘pathological cheating liar’ Lee Wilkinson with post confirming they’re back on… just a month after split
        Scarlett disabled the comments on the Instagram post where she professed her love for her beau after they rekindled their romance
        By Eve Buckland and Becky Freeth for MailOnline
        PUBLISHED: 11:15 BST, 29 May 2018 | UPDATED: 12:20 BST, 29 May 2018
        View comments
        Their acrimonious break-up last month saw her brand him a ‘cheating pathological liar.’

        But Scarlett Moffatt proved her rekindled romance with Lee Wilkinson was going from strength to strength as she posted a public declaration of love to him, along with a sweet photo of the pair to Instagram on Tuesday.

        The former Gogglebox star, 28, could be seen cracking a broad smile as she posed in a black top and leopard print trousers while cosying up to her hunky beau.

      • P Ray
        May 31, 2018 at 2:11 pm

        A good retort to people who say men have all the advantages, from https://www.reddit.com/r/WhereAreAllTheGoodMen/comments/8n7nal/women_are_entitled_to_your_time_effort_and/
        Mod with Extreme Prejudice
        19 points
        1 day ago
        edited 1 day ago
        That’s pretty much it. When men complain about women flaking or women deciding after one date that she’s just “not feeling it”, out come the long knives:
        –You’re not entitled to anything from women!
        –You’re not entitled to sex!
        –She has a right to change her mind.
        –She has a right to date you or not date you, for any reason, or for no reason at all.
        –You aren’t entitled to any explanations or justifications for why she does what she does, or doesn’t do something you think she should do.
        –She can do whatever she wants, for any reason or no reason at all, and she has the right not to tell you why.
        –You just must not be very attractive.
        Something I’ve learned from being in and around the manosphere: There is very little audience for men talking about things they don’t like about dating, mating, sex, marriage, etc. No one cares that there are things that disadvantage men in this situation.
        EDIT: Flip that script. Men, when you end it with a woman or you just shut one down, remember:
        –She’s not entitled to anything from you
        –She’s not entitled to your time, money, labor, attention or resources
        –You have the right to change your mind
        –You have the right to date her or not, for any reason, or for no reason at all
        –She’s not entitled to any explanations or justifications for why you did what you did, or why you won’t do something she wants you to do
        –You can do what you want, or not, for any reason or for no reason, and you have the right not to tell her why
        –You have the right to decide she’s not attractive to you. You have the right to decide that pursuing it further just isn’t worth it to you

      • P Ray
        June 19, 2018 at 5:03 pm

        Yay, another blackpill:
        http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5862825/XXXTentacions-alleged-abuse-victim-devastated-death.html> – ‘I didn’t lose my life. He did’: The woman XXXTentacion ‘beat and choked’ while she was pregnant with his child says she is ‘devastated’ by his death and is ‘disgusted’ people are speaking for her

        How many guys who beat up their girlfriend, get to see tears of sadness from her when they die?

      • P Ray
        August 17, 2018 at 6:15 am

        Another blackpill, courtesy of New Zealand (as they like to tell you, first country to give women the vote!)
        Mother puts money into prison bank account of man who raped her daughter
        16:29, Aug 17 2018
        Mother turned a blind eye to her husbands offending against her daughter. (File photo)
        Mother turned a blind eye to her husbands offending against her daughter. (File photo)
        A mother who knew her husband was sexually abusing her daughter for years and did nothing about it has been given a dressing down by a judge before being jailed.
        The 43-year-old Napier woman, whose name is suppressed to protect her daughter, was sentenced by Judge Geoff Rea in Napier District Court on Friday.
        The woman pleaded guilty to two charges of failing to protect her daughter and one charge of wilful neglect of the girl who was aged between nine and 14 at the time of the offending.
        MORE FROM

        The offending occurred in Masterton and Napier between December 2010 and February last year.
        READ MORE:
        * Mother knew her husband was sexually abusing her daughter police say
        * Mother jailed for silence on rape
        * Tougher law to protect children hailed
        The woman was sentenced at Napier District Court on Friday.
        The woman was sentenced at Napier District Court on Friday.
        The man, who was not the girl’s father, was sentenced to eight years and five months’ jail last year after admitting sexually abusing the woman’s daughter for six years.
        When the woman appeared in court her lawyer Matt Dixon told the judge that she was remorseful and she accepted she had not done enough to safeguard her daughter and that had led to “catastrophic outcomes”, and he sought a sentence of home detention.
        The judge said he was not impressed with the woman’s behaviour since the charges were laid and told Dixon that the “almost insuperable hurdle” he faced was “the total intransigence in your client”.
        “Right throughout everything I’ve read she is counting the days until this guy gets back under her roof with the kids,” the judge said.
        She was even depositing $40 a week into his prison bank account, “for the guy who raped her daughter”, he said.

        Sweet as! As usual, women love in this way, only a very few guys.
        Everyone else gets #Metoo, False Rape Accusation, and “creepy”.
        Women in New Zealand are very combative as well … of course with the disclaimer “to the guys they’re not attracted to” …

        I removed the duplicate comment.

      • P Ray
        November 4, 2018 at 12:13 pm

        And another one
        Wife, 21, whose cheating husband stabbed her 46 times vows to stand by him as he is jailed for 20 years for attempting to murder her and says they will start a family when he is freed

        @Shiningtime: The hoes you got as a military man, surely don’t compare to these women …

  10. P Ray
    June 27, 2018 at 3:03 am

    Remember, girls women will never be interested in a guy who is a pedophile, since they have morals*
    *unless he’s hot.

    Yes, they all read his profile BEFORE continuing to speak with him

  11. November 4, 2018 at 8:57 am


    Get a load of this piece of sh*t. Another whiny punk beta incel who couldn’t get laid, made YouTube videos about his hatred for promiscuous “sluts”, black men, women choosing black men, how black men wearing dreadlocks turned him off from watching the NFL, feminism, blah blah blah – His YouTube channel got deleted after this massacre he created in Florida. Tallahassee, FL. Went to a yoga class and killed/injured several women before taking himself out. Had a habit of touching females without their permission and stalking them to where he was banned from a college campus.

    These wankers are multiplying like bugs. I just laugh at them. I know they all have one thing in common – and not just their hatred of women, but their hatred of women choosing black men (hence the term “mudshark” that seems so prevalent in “game” blogs by Chauteau Horseshit and the likes)…

    • P Ray
      November 4, 2018 at 12:16 pm

      Just to get your opinion of things, where does

      stand regarding your idea about how “women should be respected”?

      At which point does having an opinion about how they conduct their lives, become “hatred”?

      • November 4, 2018 at 12:39 pm

        I’m not one of those pandering mangina types who say “women should be treated with respect no matter what.” But I have zero interest in disrespecting anyone unless they have a huge possibility of doing so to me or have already done so. I let whomever throw the first punch and then, I hit hard.

        I personally don’t give a damn about how others conduct their personal lives. But these kinds of boys aforementioned are too obsessed with trivial things to where they spew hatred against the people whom they envy or even desire. Like Tony Montana in SCARFACE said, “You need people like me so you can point your fuckin fingers and say that’s the bad.”

        I just laugh at this epidemic of incels trying to inflict their misery on others. While it’s funny, it’s really dangerous.

        P.S., I’m far from a “good man” or a “good black man”. Being good don’t get you shit, unless you’re someone’s dog, slave or child.

      • P Ray
        November 7, 2018 at 3:19 am

        On the one hand, you point out how much and how easily you get sex (from strippers and working girls) …
        and on the other hand, you say people who can’t achieve your level of success and lash out are petty.
        If they don’t see things your way, at some point you or someone you know will pay the price.

        Just want to refer to something else Advocatus has written:
        “Heavily Monetized Societies are Fragile”
        The points of failure in societies that monetize every human interaction and exchange rise from two sets of linked problems.

        1. Who sets the price for any item, service, interaction etc and how?

        2. Can you avoid future retaliation from people who cannot afford something they desire?

      • November 7, 2018 at 4:17 pm

        I admit I don’t have problems attracting “civilian” women. My sex life doesn’t revolve strictly around escorts and overseas flings, though it plays a part in it. I’m not against people lashing out when they realize they’ve been had and lied to by society all their lives and I mentioned before that those people who really SHOULD lash out in western society is people of color and I quoted something along the lines Patrice O’Neal said. But to lash out on the count of pussy? To me, that’s weak. These “incel” shootings will only worsen.


        I just wrote that last night.

    • November 5, 2018 at 9:44 am

      Ever wonder what type of woman Trump would have if he was just a UPS guy?

      • P Ray
        November 5, 2018 at 11:43 am

        Women always say they are interested in personality first.
        It’s an amazing coincidence how so many men with great personalities happen to be rich.

    • November 6, 2018 at 2:11 pm

      Chauteau Horseshit Hahahaha. That’s a good one!

  12. P Ray
    February 17, 2019 at 10:32 pm

    Helpful reminder of the sequence that Elliot probably went through approaching for a date:
    As Deme said “You won’t find the story I’m going to tell you in the history books. That makes you disbelieve my words. But remember: Not everything that is written down is true, and not everything true is written.”

    1.He approaches while man-breathing air that I, as a woman, could have breathed. This is a major Ooof if ever there was one.

    2.He man-speaks with his man-mouth to assault my ears with with his sonic phallus and I am reminded that according to the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics that there is probably a parallel universe where he is raping me right now. This is very threatening and a complete yikes.

    3.After non-consensually man-existing long enough for me to reject him he leaves and for a moment I feel a sense of relief, but then I cry and cry and cry. I know he is out there making other women go through the same horrible ordeal I did and this is a 100% unadulterated I can’t even.

  13. P Ray
    March 11, 2020 at 6:41 pm

    Someone distilled the essence of blackpill, and I thought such truth should be preserved here:
    1)It’s honestly more important to women how a man looks, how tall he is and how big his dick is than anything else.
    2)Women seek out mind blowing experiences with these sexually ideal men, regardless of their lack of compatibility personality wise, then usually end up settling with a guy that can’t measure up to him in bed but is a more stable, controllable provider.
    3)They lie to this guy about their past. This is part of why open relationships are becoming more common.
    4)Men don’t want to believe women are like this (AF/BB) because of the women are wonderful effect.

    Remember the blessing of coronavirus, it has allowed a lot of ethnic women to get treated the same way as ethnic men,
    Financially precarious businesses have gone bust
    Attention-whoring is now tougher
    Women have to become e-thots
    Men save their money by not going out.

    Every bad thing … has some good consequences.

  14. P Ray
    May 29, 2020 at 7:28 am

    This is a good quote, reminds me of the saying: “A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining, but wants it back the minute it begins to rain.”–Mark Twain.
    In the same vein, a lot of people give advice about “how to make a better personailty” but forget that other people have to accept your better personality – it is a two way street.

    And here’s the comment:
    TLDR for this post: “just work on your social skills” is virtually meaningless and is relevant for at most 2% of the population. Read on for detailed analysis as to why.

    From tons of anecdotal evidence, it seems like women want men to have some of these 4 traits:

    – Be in the top 10% of height (i.e. 6 feet or taller)
    – Be in the top 10% of wealth (i.e. roughly 1 million dollars or more in total wealth and/or annual income exceeding $120k or so – but Stacies prefer the former over the latter, which is why I’m hopeless)
    – Be in the top 20% of looks (this is shooting upwards as time goes on and as hypergamy becomes more widespread)
    – Be in the top 20% of social skills (“social skills” can be helpful but only if you’re born incredibly good at them or you work on them to the extent that you are better at them than most other men – ie top comedians, etc)

    To simplify things, let’s assume all of these traits have no correlation (i.e. men who are above 6 feet aren’t more likely to be wealthy, good looking people aren’t more likely to have good social skills). This is an oversimplification – there are studies showing taller men make more $, but let’s just pretend that isn’t true to make the math easier.

    Men who have all 4 of the above traits make up 0.1*0.1*0.2*0.2 = 0.04% of the population, or 1 in 2500 men. These men are the “Slayers”. Stacies would murder their own blood relatives to get a chance to be on their cock.

    Men who have 3 of the above 4 traits make up 2*(0.1*0.2*0.1 + 0.2*0.1*0.2) = 1.2% of the population. These men are “Chads”. Stacies will fuck them on the first date, no questions asked, will just get on their knees and suck their dick.

    Men who have only 2 of each of the above 4 traits are Chad-lites. They make up (0.1*0.2)*2+(0.1*0.1)+(0.2*0.2) – (the 1.2% who are chads)=~8% of the population. Stacies will fuck them, but they’ll at least wait until the second or third date to maintain some small semblance of propriety. Let me go into a bit of detail on Chadlites.

    Remember when Aziz Ansari got in trouble for making moves on a Stacy that he was on a date with? His mistake was that he’s only a Chadlite, but he was going for first date sex like a Chad. Think about it: Aziz clearly has only 2 of the 4 traits: wealth (from being a successful comedian) and social skills (he’s clearly comfortable talking to people as a comedian, and he hangs out with lots of celebrity friends). He obviously doesn’t have height or looks. So he’s a mere Chadlite – the Stacy was pissed that he was going for first date sex like a Chad. In her mind Aziz didn’t have the status for that as a mere Chadlite. In her mind, a Chadlite would have to wine and dine her for 2 or 3 dates before she slept with him, whereas if Aziz was a true Chad (i.e. if he was over 6 feet or if he didn’t have a goblin face) she absolutely would’ve been all over his dick on date number 1.

    You have different types of Chadlites too – the looksonly Chadlite (i.e. top 10% height + top 20% looks) who ends up divorced multiple times from Stacies who only wanted him for the tingles and got upset with his lack of income potential later, the smalltime Romeo Chadlite (top 20% social skills + either height or looks) who is usually some small town gym teacher or something who all the single moms want to fuck and who cheats on his wife with them, or the Silicon Valley entrepreneur / Wall Street Chadlite (learned top 20% social skills from the networking with investors, plus top 10% wealth).

    This last type, the Silicon Valley / Wall Street Chadlite, is the only type who benefits from working on their social skills. If you have a wealthy normie who is making good money, and he works on his social skills, then he can ascend from normie to Chadlite. That’s pretty much the only people who benefit from working on their social skills. For other people it totally isn’t relevant:
    People who already have 2 out of 4 traits without social skills are already Chadlites, and often aren’t interested in putting in the work to ascend to true Chad-dom (they can already have sex once a month or every other month with a different Stacy if they want, they don’t care to get to a level of having sex with a new Stacy every week and may be into other interests at that point). That said, the small percentage of people who are already Chadlite but are missing the social skills aspect are the ones who PUA companies tout as “huge success stories” when in reality, those people were doing decently with women as Chadlites even before PUA.
    A normie who has only height or looks can move into Chadlite territory by working on his social skills – but let’s not forget that normie already had height or looks! So saying “just work on your social skills” is irrelevant unless you had the height or looks in the first place – which only confirms the blackpill!
    That leaves only the normies with wealth and nothing else – no looks or height. For a normie like that who has top 10% wealth but no looks or social skills, yes, working on his social skills can make him go from a normie to a Chadlite – especially if that normie decides to run “big city moneybags game” and leaves his expensive area to look for easy pussy in economically depressed parts of the country. When guys like this learn some social skills, they run an evolved UberBetaBuxx game – they start to build up a small rotation of Stacies they fuck regularly, and sometimes they even have the Stacies sign contracts promising that they’re on birth control so they don’t have to be responsible for kids, etc. It’s like a BetaBuxx game w/ less betaness because they’re learning the social skills to sleep around with multiple Stacies.
    In other words, for all intensive purposes, working on your social skills is only relevant if you ALREADY have top 10% wealth and DON’T have looks or height. Then it’s worth working on your social skills to make the giant leap from normie to Chadlite.

    As for men who have only one of the 4 traits (height, looks, wealth, or social skills), they are your average cucked husband. Stacy finds these guys attractive enough to sleep with only after a month or so of dating.

    For the normies with only wealth, they end up betabuxxing.
    The normies with only looks or height end up marrying their high school sweetheart who cucks him with Tyrone or Chaddam or Chang or Chadpreet as soon as he gets a beer belly or puts on a little bit too much weight (because she “needs excitement and to feel sexy”). In the case of Chang or Chaddam or Chadpreet, there’s a decent chance he runs big city moneybags game on her (I’ve seen corporate tech job Stacies talking about this more than you might think – secretary Stacy who married her high school sweetheart starts sugaring on the side for a wealthy Chang/Chaddam/Chadpreet she met at some bullshit tech conference in order to have some “excitement” and to experience “the life she deserves”).
    The normie with only social skills gets cucked the worst – he usually ends up with Stacies who are bipolar or have other mental issues, and she cheats on him mere weeks after meeting him. The worst mentally unstable cock carousel Stacies go for the social skills only normies – and it makes sense. The Stacy who goes for Mr. Betabuxx is making a sane, exceedingly logical and rational (though incredibly cold hearted decision). The Stacy who goes for Mr. Looks or Mr. Height is responding to her biological impulses, which are their own form of fucked up rationality. But the Stacy who goes for social skills is going for neither, and is making a decision based on a completely irrational, unnatural form of status. How fucked up must that Stacy be?
    Men who have only one of the 4 traits and are normies make up (0.1+0.2+0.1+0.2)-(the 9% that are Chads or Chadlites)=roughly 51% of the general population. They end up living typical cucked normie lives.

    The remaining 40% of the population is incel. Many of them don’t know they are incels but they are. They think they are normies. They think they just haven’t “found the right girl”. Or that they just need to “work on their social skills”. They delude themselves into believing that when they work on their social skills, they will ascend to Chadlitedom (they’re not so crazy as to think they can become Chad). But the reality is, even after working their ass off on social skills, they just end up a cucked normie at best. I can already see IncelTears types saying “a-ha! but what if you get wealthy and get good social skills. then you can ascend to chadlite-dom. silly inkwell, don’t you see there is a way?”

    To which the obvious response is, “Borderline delusional inceltears soyboy, do you not realize how hard it is for an average person to build wealth in the current economy? It takes years of dedicated focused study to get a high paying white collar job, and even then, it takes a roughly above average intelligence which many people don’t have. Even if they do have the intelligence, many people in this country don’t have the opportunities to pursue the education needed for these jobs. You expect someone to do all of that, AND work on their social skills, which can be incredibly hard to develop, particularly for people with certain social anxieties and mental health challenges? Forget what I said about borderline delusional, you are completely off the deep end if you think everyone can just up and accomplish that in a year or so.”

    When someone tells an incel to work on their social skills, they’re telling him to work his ass off, facing rejection and social humiliation, all so that he can become an average cucked normie. You would think that no sane incel would be willing to take that proposition…

    But it’s shocking to me how many do, working their asses off to get just wealthy enough to betabux or just socially skilled enough to date the most awful unstable Stacies.

    When I swallowed the blackpill, at least I recognized these truths.
    Spread the blackpill. 40% of the country is incel, but so many of them don’t know it yet.

    Remember, MIT economist Peter Temin has said “Escaping Poverty Requires Almost 20 Years With Nearly Nothing Going Wrong.”

  15. P Ray
    June 8, 2020 at 9:17 am

    Another blackpill (remember, the “normies” who like to pile on “incels”, many of these “normies” are actually … “incels-in-denial” … so they sacrifice their hopes and dreams to conform, with some starfish sex once a year from the “wife who says she loves them”, but the reason is “she is not a sexual person(except if you are Chad)”:
    1)Peeps are being told more & more to use dating apps to screen out undesirables. Dating apps give robotic like information about you aka digital speed dating. If you don’t have the stats you’re fucked. If you don’t have the money for the endless subscriptions they hock off you’re finished. There is no room for the mythical personality on there. If your face don’t fit & you’re under height it’s virtually nigh on impossible to court & date.

    2)The work load at work is becoming alot more more complicated & stressful due to increased competition through the lack of jobs available so employers are squeezing whatever is left out of their employees & then discarding them when they’re burnt out since they’re afraid of losing their cash flow & employers know this. Than they restart it all again.

    3)The instant gratification culture that has been spawned by prole feed media giving fanciful delusions via tokenism & staged stakhnovite success stories albeit fraudulently might I add & comparing that to your own shit life based on lookism is adding to the mental & psychological turmoil that one goes through.

    4)Misandrist feminism aka radical feminism has derailed the traditional courtship & dating rituals of actually being funnily enough personality matters since any courtship signal unless done by a chad or dyke will deliberately be told to be construed as “rape” so in effect cold approaches are out unless the woman approaches you & that’s hit & miss since they’ll have their own problems.

    5)9-5:30 jobs are the norm now where you’re expected to work through your 1 hour or half hour lunch so in effect working a 40-50 hour week since you’ll have to stay late unpaid no less aka slave labour due to the inflated work load they’re piling on you.

    6)You then go to the gym & try & exercise but too tired. You then try your luck with woman at the gym but she’s not there for you. She’s there for chad or her girlfriends or to get validation & admiration from sycophantic orbiters. So you get depressed even more & your cortisol levels rise increasing your fat levels & weakening your body further.

    7)You go on further educational courses or college courses online or in the evening to improve your lot but that is too tiring although you keep up with it to improve your chances in the ever cannibalistic work place. No chance for dating.

    8)You go to meet ups but they’re not there for dating or mating since they’re getting ploughed on the side by their play partners or fuck buddies or friends with benefits whilst you just get a pat on the shoulder whilst being friend zoned. Ps. How long does it take you to build up to that realisation that you’re not physically attractive enough to have sex freely as any woman? Ps. That’s time lost & time is the most precious commodity we have.

    9)After having the media flaunt these aesthetically physically desirable peeps in your faces & seeing their happy lives & comparing it to your own. You than build up envy & jealousy & rage seeing the French aristocrats flaunt their food in your starving faces all the while getting false validation due to the halo effect so all their propaganda about personality mattering is false & you build up resentment at their inducing of false guilt into you when you’re trying your best & giving it your all & still getting nowhere. All the while seeing these peeps getting free passes based on their looks a feature which is out of your control to improve at great cost to yourself as well as getting further depressed due to the fear of missing out. How many here would want to go out knowing this fact. Not many. How many Incel tears copers would want to accept this fact. None as they’d rope asap since they’re not as strong as us.

    Remember that the people telling you the world is fair, and everybody gets what they work for … are basically those who are either lucky, connected or rich.
    And they don’t want anyone pointing to those advantages since “We live in a meritocratic society. Only the good people get ahead.”

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