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Timeline of Stefan Halper’s Insertion into Trump Presidential Campaign

Over the past two-three weeks, corporate MSM outlets have been shouting from the rooftops that the Obama administration and deep state did not spy on Trump’s presidential campaign- even when it is clearly obvious that they did so. Even worse, the guy involved has a history of being involved in such “unofficial” intelligence operations. To be more specific, Stefan Halper was a central character in a long-forgotten spying scandal involving the 1980 election, in which the Ronald Reagan campaign – using CIA officials managed by Halper, reportedly under the direction of former CIA Director and then-Vice-Presidential candidate George H.W. Bush. And yes, he got caught that time too.

So we have a spy of mediocre ability with strong ties to the Bush family was miraculously sent to “investigate” the Trump presidential campaign after it became that Jeb Bush was unlikely to win the republican presidential ticket. What an amazing coincidence! And yes, he got involved in spying on the Trump campaign at least a few weeks before George Papadopoulos drunkenly boasted to an Australian diplomat about Russian dirt on Hillary Clinton. And this brings us the question of who was involved in giving him the order to start spying? and why? I was going to write a medium length post about it. Then I came across a recent clip on The Jimmy Dore ShowYouTube channel which pretty much says what I was going to write anyway.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. MikeCA
    May 31, 2018 at 7:41 am

    Oh my god, the FBI lied trying to keep the identity of an informant secret and then the informant turned out to be a former CIA official who spied on the Carter administration to help the Reagan campaign in 1980. The whole deep state is just all those evil Democrats. Oh wait, Carter was the Democrat. Is Reagan now a Democrat too?

    You are unwilling to accept that the optics of all this looks really bad.

    The CIA and the FBI are both very suspicious of Trump. In March 2016 Trump named Carter Page as a foreign policy adviser. The FBI and CIA suspect Carter Page is a Russian operative. He had been a subject of previous investigation including FISA warrants. I would be surprised if the FBI/CIA did not do something to find out what Carter Page was up to with the Trump campaign. Note that they did get another FISA warrant for him, but only after he resigned from the Trump campaign.

    Carter Page was a low-level shill for anybody who paid him enough money. Also, if they really wanted to infiltrate his campaign the use of a known bush-family toady with a public record of doing such crap was a bad idea.

    The real reason the FBI & CIA are suspicious of Trump goes much deeper. You have perhaps seen the Washington Post articles on how Trump changed his real estate business model from using borrowed money to fund projects to all cash purchases starting in around 2006. At the height of the financial crises Trump poured at least $400 million in cash into projects. Where did he get that money?

    The FBI & CIA suspect that the Trump org is a money laundering operation for Russian and Eastern European organized crime. Some of that money may even belong to Putin himself. The only bank that will still loan to Trump is Deutsche Bank. They continue to make loans to Trump in spite of his record of Trump suing them to avoid paying on some of those loans. The FBI & CIA suspect that those loans are in fact backed by Russian money and this is just another piece of the money laundering operation.

    Right.. and that is different from people from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States doing the same because? Or what about the support for Trump by extreme Zionist republican party supporting billionaires (Mercer, Adelson etc) ? Who are you trying to kid?

    Now of course the FBI and CIA cannot prove any of this or you would have heard about it, but many people in the FBI and CIA basically view Trump as a Russian operative.

    If Clinton supporters in any of those three letter agencies had any real evidence of such “collusion” we would have heard about many months ago. The sad fact is that they do not, largely because Trump is not intelligent enough to do something like that.

    On another note- the probability that Democrats will take back the house in Nov 2018 looks increasingly slim, largely because they have focused on something that is a non-issue for most voters. Nobody outside partisan Democrats and incestuous establishment types believes the narrative of “collusion”.

  2. MikeCA
    May 31, 2018 at 10:00 am

    “You are unwilling to accept that the optics of all this looks really bad.”

    The whole spygate meme is already collapsing in the real world.


    The optics of this only look bad if you’re wearing a tinfoil hat or you are a Russian troll. The FBI sent a long time Republican operative to get information on some suspicious people who had joined the Trump campaign. The FBI was treating the Trump campaign with kid gloves.

    Do you remember how that reality show clown got elected in November 2016? Do you remember the part where almost every corporate media outlet and government officials in the Obama administration were running hit stories on him on every single day? Do you also remember the part where “respectable” journalists ran almost daily articles about his his campaign was collapsing, in chaos or already defeated?

    Have you ever considered that the optics of these daily hits by the establishment actually energized his voter base? Idiots, like you, seem to not learned a single thing from the presidential campaign of 2016. Going after Trump because he is a bad.. bad man is not a winning strategy! Nor is conducting coordinated media and establishment hit-jobs or “investigations”.

    If you want to defeat Trump and republicans in future elections, you have to offer voters something to vote for such as universal health coverage, better job and career security, breaking up large corporations to increase employee bargaining power, less expensive university education, decent maternity leave benefits. You know.. stuff that voters actually care about!

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