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Some Thoughts on the Ongoing Epidemic of ‘Cuckface’ aka ‘Soyface’

June 13, 2018 16 comments

This is one of those delayed posts which I started writing a few weeks ago but never managed to finish at that time. So I guess you will have to wait for more of my thoughts on Jordan Peterson and Incels for a day or two. Anyway.. I first thought writing a post about this phenomena about a year ago, when I noticed that a lot of young and mostly white men appeared to be posing for the camera with almost identical and highly unnatural expressions. Have a look at the attached graphic (below) based on a collage found on twitter to understand what I am talking about.

Initially, I found such photos and selfies to be darkly humorous. I mean.. what kind of idiot would deliberately pose with such a ridiculous facial expression? To be clear, I am not suggesting that posing with a dour and humorless expression is a mark of self-respect or even desirable. But the cartoonish facial expression uniformly displayed by men in a large percentage of photos posed on social media is clearly at (or beyond) the other end. In many ways, this expression is way more cringe-worthy than the fake smile commonly seen in photos from anglo-american societies.

The fake smile is, at least, a shitty simulacra of a real emotional response. Could anyone tell me what this open mouth, bulging eyes, looking straight at camera “expression” is supposed to a simulacra of? Is it surprise? Being held at gunpoint? T human version of chimpanzee fear-face? Stretching their mouth before giving head to an extra-large penis? What exactly are these “men” signalling with that expression? Are they are happy, sad, angry, surprised, ready to suck off another guy? Also why are multiple “men” in these photos adopting the same facial expression?

Over the last few months, I have increasingly seen this peculiar facial expression referred to as “cuckface” or “soyface”. And you what.. those who given these nicknames to this expression have a point, since it is most commonly seen in photos of beta-orbiters of women, male “feminists” and basically men who will go along with whatever women say- regardless of how irrational, stupid or dangerous it might be. To put it another way, this facial expression does exhibit a very high correlation with the subject being a spineless man who will say and do anything to please some woman who does not care for this abject act of submission.

Some say this forced facial expression indicates low testosterone levels. I think that it exhibits a far better correlation with having zero self-respect and ability for introspection. Think about it.. how often do you see this ridiculous facial expression in posed photos of women? Why not? Could it be because most women have higher levels of self-respect and capability for introspective thought than these “men”? And this brings us to the question of what is going on inside the minds of those who adopt pose this facial expression in photos.

Short answer- not that much, because they would not be posing like that if there was much going on there. The somewhat longer answer is these are truly mediocre and spineless men, who might have gotten a bit lucky by being born white in USA. They clearly lack a normal sense of self or personality and fill that void by enthusiastically adopting whatever opinions and mannerisms are allegedly in fashion. To summarize- these men are truly pathetic and beta-en specimens of humanity whose photos and selfies do, however, have some entertainment value and offer a cautionary note about the horrors of being a person without self-respect or capability for introspective thinking.

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