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On the Jingoistic Delusions of Arstechnica Fanboys about SpaceX: 1

As regular readers know, my longer posts are usually about large-scale trends, systemic issues and other ‘meta’ phenomena. This one is about something far more specific and kinda obscure. However, as you will see, it does eventually connect with a few meta- trends. So what is it about, anyway? Well.. I am going to cast the harsh light of reality onto absurd and delusional fanboy-ism displayed by “journalists” at technology oriented websites (especially ArsTechnica) towards SpaceX and Elon Musk.

In case you require a quick refresher, here are a couple of links to my previous posts on SpaceX (link 1, link 2). Also, as many of you know, my cynicism about Elon Musk is largely due to the outrageous claims mabe by him about future of his enterprises as well as his P.T. Barnum-esque PR efforts. As I have said before, the dreams of endless profits, market monopolization and “disruption” which he is selling to rubes are also darkly funny. But enough about him, let us talk about his fanboys (paid or otherwise) in american “journalism”.

To understand what I am talking about, have a look at some of the fanboy-type articles posted on ArsTechnica about SpaceX. While I am no stranger to the concept of “journalists” promoting and pimping whatever product or ideology their corporate masters require of them, the sheer amount and degree of magical thinking, fake positivity and informercial-level promotion of SpaceX by alleged “journalists” working at ArsTechnica is reminiscent of supermarket tabloids (the ones only old people seem to read nowadays).

Some of this “journalistic” booster-ism is extreme enough to become unintentional parody (example 1, example 2). The articles which pissed me off, and were the reason for writing this post, concern their willingness to lie about the space programs of other countries- often displaying no understanding of the geo-political and historical considerations underlying the funding of national space programs. While ArsTechnica “journalists” (metaphorically) sucking Elon Musk’s dick might be “normal”, lying and making up bullshit to massage the delusions of its more jingoistic readers is a bit too much.

A few recent articles such as ones about the “inevitable collapse” of the Russian space program and its future prospects are particularly illustrative of what passes for “journalism at ArsTechnica. Let us first talk about their “journalistic” posts about the Proton launcher- which for many years was a cheap, if inherently problematic, commercial launcher. For example- if you read this piece of propagandist bullshit without knowing enough of the background, you might be led to believe that there was something newly wrong with the Proton launcher system. Unfortunately for the presstitutes at ArsTechnica, the reality is quite different. On a side note, feel free to browse some of their other recycled jingoistic posts which pass for “journalism” at ArsTechnica.

The Proton launcher family was always the red-headed stepchild of Russian space program. To make a long story short- the fact that it used hypergolic fuels and was promoted by Vladimir Chelomei, made it particular unpopular with Sergei Korolev and his faithful proteges. In fact, it would never have been developed if Korolev had not died in 1968. Well.. he died unexpectedly and Chelomei ensured that it got developed. And yes, it had tons of teething problems and failures in its early years. Eventually they were able to make it work reliably. But there is more..

The two main reasons USSR did not develop a RP-1/LOX equivalent of the Proton was because the later was cheap to manufacture and quite reliable after 1972. So there was no point in spending more money to develop, test and validate yet another new launcher system which was not significantly better or cheaper than the Proton. It also helped that the launch sites used by the Proton were situated in regions where an occasional catastrophic failure was not a big deal. Why fix something that is not broken?

Anyway.. after the dissolution of USSR and commercialization of space launch facilities by Russia, it became a fairly popular launcher because it was reliable enough and cheaper than equivalent Ariane launchers. FYI- Commercial launches by Boeing and others in USA had been almost dead since mid-1980s because of their exorbitant prices. So Russia just kept on cranking out more launchers inspite of many looming problems, especially Kazakhstan’s increasing reluctance to let them keep using the Baikonur launch site.

To make matters worse, they made the decision to transition from Proton to Angara launchers without first properly developing and validating the later system. To make a long story short, poor management (and graft) by those in charge of the Angara program in combination with mismanagement (and graft) of those in charge of the now deprecated Proton program predictably caused issues with reliability and costs of the later. Furthermore, Chinese rockets were already competing with the Proton for low-end of the launch market. The entry of SpaceX in the launch market merely sped up the process.

To quickly summarize this part, the Proton launcher family is Russia’s equivalent of the Titan III rocket family. In other words, good and important enough to last far beyond when it was meant to be replaced, but always fundamentally problematic. To claim that issues relating to half-hearted attempts at winding down its production and replacing it with Angara are somehow different from similar delays and screw-ups experienced by USA while transitioning from Delta-2 and Titan III to Delta-4 and Atlas-5 is intellectually dishonest.

And this brings me to another bullshit story being peddled by the presstitues at Arstechnica. As I briefly mentioned earlier, they are trying to push the claim that Russia somehow lacks the money and will to keep funding its space program. I see this one as an index example of how many jingoistic americans are incapable of thinking in addition to being severely deficient in their knowledge of history. The development and funding of pace launch systems, you see, have always been primarily about strategic prerogatives- not “free market” bullshit.

The development of space launchers by USSR (now Russia), USA, EU, China and India is largely driven by considerations such as maintaining and developing technological capabilities, employing their own people, developing related industrial sectors and nationalistic pride. I cannot think of any space program which has consistently turned a “profit”. And for good reason.. capability in projects and programs related to national security and strategic capability is far more valuable that any arbitrary monetary value.

To put it another way, no large country with any degree of strategic independence is going to shut down its space program and outsource it to SpaceX. And they all have far deeper pockets and infinitely more staying power that SpaceX. It is also worth mentioning that almost everything developed by Russian space program in the past has been about strategic considerations and national pride. I should also mention that in the 1990s, many “respectable” western news outlets were full of endless stories about how Russia would lose ability to make nuclear weapons, ICBMs, nuclear submarines, would be invaded from east by China etc.

So what happened since then in the real world? Well.. it turns out that it was USA which got involved in and lost wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Syria. It was USA that got de-industrialized through “free trade agreements” and now has serious problems fielding reliable next-generation military aircraft and aircraft carriers. It is people in USA who keep on getting screwed over by rapidly rising costs in the education, health and housing sector. It is USA that is now experiencing record low fertility rates in native-born women and a rapidly increasing number of deaths from drug overdoses, alcoholism and deferred medical care. It is cops in USA who now behave like their power-crazed versions in other countries were supposed to behave.

To put it another way, it is the USA (not the rest of the world) which is now in terminal decline. And this brings us to the issue of who is the real audience for this laughable propaganda and fanboy-ism from american technology “journalism”. Spoiler: It is meant for an American (and perhaps British) audience, who might be delusional and desperate enough to believe that ‘their team is still winning’. The thing is.. most people in countries which matter haven’t believed in anything coming from western (mostly american) “news” outlets for over a couple of decades- at the very least.

In the next post of this short series, I will focus on how “journalists” at ArsTechnica and other american “news” outlets write about other countries.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. 99 Percent Libertarians Are Blue Collar Chumps
    July 11, 2018 at 1:33 pm

    The anglos are and have always been subhumans,especially the british.

  2. (((They))) Live
    July 11, 2018 at 3:21 pm

    I have never heard of these Arstechnica fools before, from reading the links you posted I agree they are idiots who don’t really understand the space launch industry, Russia, China, India, Japan, Europe ect all want independent access to space for defence and industrial reasons, so none of their space programs will collapse or end anytime soon.

    But that said there are already signs that China is heading in the SpaceX/Blue Origin direction of reuse, the Russians and everyone else will do the same its just a matter of time

  3. One more reader
    July 11, 2018 at 5:50 pm

    I wasn’t very amused to see the elaborate defenses of his “submarine”, and even worse, his knocking of the rescue chief, who was head of regional government, and an engineer, and a geologist.

    • One more reader
      July 11, 2018 at 5:50 pm

      That is, concerning the rescue in Thailand.

  4. July 12, 2018 at 3:41 pm

    Arstechnica is part of a wave of website-blogs that were initially written in more of an enthusiast type of way (e.g. “John Siracusa discusses nerdy details of Apple’s OS X internals”), and were later bought up by vile, faceless media conglomerates that hollowed out all of the enthusiasm and turned them into a mouthpiece.

    Another thing that issues from Arstechnica now is regular screeds foaming at the mouth how all homeopaths are vile heretics who should be burned at the steak. (Likewise anti-vaxxers, and so forth.) I’m not big on homeopathy, but those screeds have consistently been amusing, and were my first alert that they are now the mainstreamest of mainstream publications. Consider: on the one hand, we have all the institutionalized fraud and malpractice of the officially approved American medical establishment to the tune of billions upon billions of dollars and countless of lives ruined by drug dependence, random side effects, and screwy accounting. On the other hand, we have some purveyors of inexpensive sugar pills who failed to dilute some mercury cough syrup for babies that one time. The fact that every time someone screeds against homeopathy they trot out the same damn story about the mercury cough syrup, is in itself rather telling regarding how harmless alternative medicine is in the grand scheme of things.

  5. Sam J.
    July 22, 2018 at 10:42 pm

    I really don’t understand the hatred of Musk. Boeing and Lockheed have been ripping us off in the most grandiose way with their paper launch system. We’ve spent over ten billion and they have nothing. Musk is doing great work for next to nothing compared to the usual suspects that just eat defense dollars. We also need electric cars for long term security interest. Congress gave financial incentives to these for good reasons. If he can make a few bucks or even billions giving us what we need for a cut rate price compared to the rapey defense contractors more power to him.

    That he has started a electric car race now is great. By the time oil becomes problematic, (no time soon, I don’t believe. We’re no where near peak oil), we will have a back up in electric cars. I also like electrics from a personal liberty aspect. You can charge your car from solar in a decentralized manner. This is worth a lot. Way more than we’ve paid.

  6. P Ray
    November 1, 2018 at 11:36 pm

    Elon Musk is not only a certified pedophile-detector, he can also do the work of seven senior engineers. He’s like Doctor Manhattan, minus the ability to dimension travel, make multiple copies of himself, walk around with his penis dangling freely, and having sex with female superheroes.

    SpaceX crisis as Elon Musk fires ‘at least seven’ of the senior management team working on his plan to create a network of satellites to beam the internet to Earth
    Musk flew to Seattle in June to fire at least seven of the firm’s ‘senior management team’ working on his Starlink project to build a constellation of satellites to beam the internet to Earth.

  7. P Ray
    January 18, 2019 at 4:41 pm


    Apparently even a $50,000 car is too difficult to sell in amounts that would have kept the people in their jobs. Looks like the American lifestyle people aspire to, is only a reality for the 1%, everyone else is mostly either renting or has stolen the status symbols they show off …

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